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Annals of Pediatric Cardiology

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2016| May-August  | Volume 9 | Issue 2  

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Screening for congenital heart disease in India: Rationale, practical challenges, and pragmatic strategies p. 111
Raman Krishna Kumar
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Procalcitonin as a biomarker of bacterial infection in pediatric patients after congenital heart surgery p. 115
Sujata B Chakravarti, Diane A Reformina, Timothy M Lee, Sunil P Malhotra, Ralph S Mosca, Puneet Bhatla
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Amino-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide in children with latent rheumatic heart disease p. 120
Justin P Zachariah, Twalib Aliku, Amy Scheel, Babar S Hasan, Peter Lwabi, Craig Sable, Andrea Z Beaton
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Association between vitamin D levels and left ventricular function and NT-proBNP levels among thalassemia major children with iron overload p. 126
Leny Ambarwati, Sri Endah Rahayuningsih, Budi Setiabudiawan
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Fetal left ventricular myocardial performance index: Defining normal values for Indian population and a review of literature p. 132
Anupama Nair, Sitaraman Radhakrishnan
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Catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia: An exciting new era p. 137
Shashank P Behere, Steven N Weindling
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Pulmonary venous hypertension may allow delayed palliation of single ventricle physiology with pulmonary hypertension p. 147
Atul Kalantre, Gopalraj S Sunil, Raman Krishna Kumar
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Percutaneous recanalization of totally occluded coarctation of the aorta in children using Brockenbrough needle and covered stents p. 153
Endale Tefera, Mohamed Leye, Yilkal Chanie, Marie-Josee Raboisson, Joaquim Miro
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Coronary artery spasm after ingestion of Imodium (loperamide) in a 14-year-old boy p. 158
Tayyaba Sehar, Masood Sadiq
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Successful retrieval of a Figulla Occlutech septal occluder - embolized device stability and potential solutions p. 161
Masood Sadiq, Asif Ur Rehman, Amjad Mehmood
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Atypical arthritis revisited: Acute rheumatic fever p. 164
Binoy Shankar, Euden Bhutia, Dinesh Kumar
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Complex aortopulmonary window in a single ventricle setting: Technical considerations for staged palliation p. 167
Gananjay G Salve, Shreepal A Jain, Sandip S Katkade, Krishnanaik Shivaprakash
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Anomalous origin of the left innominate (brachiocephalic) artery in the right aortic arch: How can it be anomalous when the left innominate artery is absent? p. 170
Francesca Raimondi, Damien Bonnet, Tal Geva, Stephen P Sanders
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Scimitar syndrome: Surgical approach to an unusual anatomy of the scimitar vein p. 173
Roy Varghese, Benjamin Omoregbee, Sanni Saheed
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Clinical and genetic challenges in a family with history of childhood polyp, aortopathy, and clinical diagnosis of hereditary hemorrhagic teleangiectasia (HHT) p. 176
Tanya Kadiyska, Alexander Nossikoff, Pencho Kratunkov, Mary Hachmerian, Ludmila Angelova
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Creating a Fontan fenestration in a child with dextrocardia and interrupted inferior vena cava p. 179
Pradeepkumar Charlagorla, John P Breinholt
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Stenting of vertical vein in an infant with obstructed supracardiac total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage p. 183
WK Lim, MC Leong, H Samion
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Juxtaposed atrial appendages: A curiosity with some clinical relevance p. 186
Anil Kumar Singhi, Priya Pradhan, Ravi Agarwal, Kothandum Sivakumar
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Unique pattern of late gadolinium enhancement on cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in Duchenne muscular dystrophy p. 190
Madhusudan Ganigara, Bharti Sharma, Ravi Babu Komalla, Suman Y Vyas, Gopichand Mannam, Nitin Krishna Rao
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Color Doppler and pulse wave assessment of flow in anomalous origin of left coronary artery from pulmonary artery: Pre- and post-surgery p. 192
Parag S Bhalgat, Abhijeet V Naik, Prasanna R Salvi, Suresh V Joshi
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Isolated congenital cardiac diverticulum originating from the left ventricular apex: Report of a pediatric case p. 195
Fahrettin Uysal, Ozlem Mehtap Bostan, Muhammed Hamza Halil Toprak, Isik Senkaya Signak, Ergun Cil
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Combined percutaneous and surgical treatment of a large coronary artery fistula connecting the left anterior descending artery to the right ventricle in an 8-year-old child p. 197
Tomasa Centella, Ana Coca, Raquel Collado
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Sensorineural hearing loss in Kawasaki disease p. 198
Mahmood Dhahir Al-Mendalawi
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Amiodarone toxicity: An underdiagnosed entity p. 199
Joseph Xavier, Maruti Yamanappa Haranal, Shashidhar Ranga Reddy, Sridhar Melagiriyappa
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Extensive aortic aneurysm associated with neonatal lupus erythematosus p. 201
Parvin Akbariasbagh, Mahdi Sheikh, Nassereddin Akbariasbagh, Mamak Shariat
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