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Annals of Pediatric Cardiology

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2016| January-April  | Volume 9 | Issue 1  

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Comprehensive training for the future pediatric cardiologist p. 1
Raghavan Subramanyan
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Successful use of levosimendan as a primary inotrope in pediatric cardiac surgery: An observational study in 110 patients p. 9
Reena Khantwal Joshi, Neeraj Aggarwal, Mridul Aggarwal, Rakesh Pandey, Veronique Dinand, Raja Joshi
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Radiation dosage during pediatric diagnostic or interventional cardiac catheterizations using the "air gap technique" and an aggressive "as low as reasonably achievable" radiation reduction protocol in patients weighing < 20 kg p. 16
Frank A Osei, Joshua Hayman, Nicole J Sutton, Robert H Pass
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Evaluation of cardiac functions of cirrhotic children using serum brain natriuretic peptide and tissue Doppler imaging p. 22
Aya M Fattouh, Mortada H El-Shabrawi, Enas H Mahmoud, Wafaa O Ahmed
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Relationship of body mass index and other life style factors with hypertension in adolescents p. 29
Manjusha Goel, Pankaj Pal, Amit Agrawal, Chandrasekaran Ashok
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Arterial desaturation due to pulmonary arteriovenous malformations after the Kawashima Operation p. 35
Rohit S Loomba
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A simple and fast technique for radiofrequency-assisted perforation of the atrial septum in congenital heart disease p. 39
Juan Pablo Sandoval, Rajiv R Chaturvedi
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Aortic complications following pediatric heart transplantation: A case series and review p. 42
Sean M Lang, Elizabeth A Frazier, R Thomas Collins
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Cor triatriatum dexter: A rare cause of cyanosis during neonatal period p. 46
Mohammed Hussien Alghamdi
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Native atrial septal restriction after Fontan palliation successfully treated with transcatheter Diabolo stent p. 49
Osamah Aldoss, Benjamin E Reinking, Abhay Divekar
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A novel method of creation of a fenestration in nitinol occluder devices used in closure of hypertensive patent arterial ducts p. 53
Anil Kumar Singhi, Kothandam Sivakumar
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Infective endocarditis following coil occlusion of perimembranous ventricular septal defect with the Nit-Occlud (®) Le device p. 59
Amal M El-Sisi, Yasser M Menaissy, Samia A Bekheet
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Clarifying the anatomy of the fifth arch artery p. 62
Saurabh Kumar Gupta, Gurpreet Singh Gulati, Robert H Anderson
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Constrictive pericarditis following open-heart surgery in a child p. 68
Siddharthan Deepti, Saurabh Kumar Gupta, Sivasubramanian Ramakrishnan, Sachin Talwar, Shyam Sunder Kothari
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Transcatheter closure of ruptured sinus of valsalva to left ventricle p. 72
Devi A Manuel, Anandaroop Lahiri, Oommen K George
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Co-occurrence of Takayasu's arteritis and tuberculosis: Report of a Tunisian pediatric case p. 75
Monia Khemiri, Wiem Douira, Sihem Barsaoui
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Chest pain, troponin rise, and ST-elevation in an adolescent boy following the use of the synthetic cannabis product K2 p. 79
Sona Zaleta, Prashant Kumar, Sarah Miller
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Pandiastolic antegrade flow in patient with severe right ventricle to pulmonary artery conduit stenosis: An interesting phenomenon p. 82
Neeraj Awasthy, Chintan Bhatt, Krishna Subramony Iyer
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Usefulness of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation using double roller pumps in a low body weight newborn: A novel strategy for mechanical circulatory support in an infant p. 85
Keisuke Nakanishi, Tomoko Kato, Shiori Kawasaki, Atsushi Amano
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Sensorineural hearing loss in Kawasaki disease p. 87
Varun Aggarwal, Veronica Etinger, Andres F Orjuela
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Unidirectional ventricular septal valved patch for repair of late presenting ventricular septal defect with aortopulmonary window p. 90
Neeti Makhija, Jitin Narula, Vikas Kumar Keshri, Saurabh Kumar Gupta, Sachin Talwar
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Pneumopericardium due to ingestion of button battery p. 94
Jai Prakash Soni, Sandeep Choudhary, Pramod Sharma, Mohan Makwana
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Pediatric cardiac sciences 2015: A summary of significant publications p. 96
Sangeetha Viswanathan, Anil K Singhi, Raman Krishna Kumar
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Bilateral pleural effusion, cardiogenic shock, renal failure, and generalized anasarca: A dreaded iatrogenic complication of umbilical venous catheterization p. 108
Gaurav Garg, Gaurav Mandhan, Poonam Sidana
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