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Contemporary Clinical Dentistry

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2015| April-June  | Volume 6 | Issue 2  

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Tobacco (Electronic cigarette): An evil in many faces p. 145
SG Damle
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High-risk human papilloma virus in archival tissues of oral pathosis and normal oral mucosa p. 148
Raghu Dhanapal, K Ranganathan, Paturu Kondaiah, R Uma Devi, Elizabeth Joshua, TR Saraswathi
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Clinical evaluation and comparison of the efficacy of coronally advanced flap alone and in combination with platelet rich fibrin membrane in the treatment of Miller Class I and II gingival recessions p. 153
Santosh Gupta, Ruchi Banthia, Pallavi Singh, Priyank Banthia, Sapna Raje, Neha Aggarwal
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A comparative evaluation of the marginal accuracy of crowns fabricated from four commercially available provisional materials: An in vitrostudy p. 161
Bhavya Mohandas Amin, Meena Ajay Aras, Vidya Chitre
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Determination of antibacterial activity of green coffee bean extract on periodontogenic bacteria like Porphyromonas gingivalis, Prevotella intermedia, Fusobacterium nucleatum and Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans: An in vitrostudy p. 166
Nagaraj Bharath, Nagur Karibasappa Sowmya, Dhoom Singh Mehta
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Enamel morphology after microabrasion with experimental compounds p. 170
Núbia I. P. Pini, Rafaela Costa, Carlos E. S. Bertoldo, Flavio H. B. Aguiar, José R Lovadino, Débora Alves Nunes Leite Lima
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Study of the association between the interleukin-1 β c.3954C>T polymorphism and periodontitis in a population sample from Bahia, Brazil p. 176
Samir A Mendonça, Fernanda G Teixeira, Kamilla M Oliveira, Djanilson B Santos, Lucas M Marques, Maise M Amorim, Raquel De S. Gestinari
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Cephalometric norms for the upper airway in a healthy North Indian population p. 183
Dipti Shastri, Pradeep Tandon, Amit Nagar, Alka Singh
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Comparative evaluation of the amount of gingival displacement produced by three different gingival retraction systems: An in vivostudy p. 189
Jignesh Chaudhari, Paranjay Prajapati, Jayanti Patel, Rajesh Sethuraman, YG Naveen
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Comparison of shear bond strength of two porcelain repair systems after different surface treatment p. 196
Ashish Kalra, Murali S Mohan, E Mahesh Gowda
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Decalcifying capability of irrigating solutions on root canal dentin mineral content p. 201
Claudio Poggio, Alberto Dagna, Andrea Vinci, Riccardo Beltrami, Lucia Cucca, Luciano Giardino
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Evaluation of glutathione level in gingival crevicular fluid in periodontal health, in chronic periodontitis and after nonsurgical periodontal therapy: A clinicobiochemical study p. 206
AM Savita, E Sarun, Shivli Arora, Swathi Krishnan
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Influence of nail biting and finger sucking habits on the oral carriage of Enterobacteriaceae p. 211
Firoz G Kamal, Reginald Ajay Bernard
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Evaluation of anxiety, depression and suicidal intent in undergraduate dental students: A cross-sectional study p. 215
Manish Bathla, Manpreet Singh, Paramanand Kulhara, Shalu Chandna, Jitender Aneja
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Hyperactive lesions of gingiva associated with severe alveolar bone loss: A rare finding p. 223
Amitandra Kumar Tripathi, Vinod Upadhaya, Vivek Kumar, CS Saimbi
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Distalization of maxillary arch and correction of Class II with mini-implants: A report of two cases p. 226
Pawankumar Dnyandeo Tekale, Ketan K Vakil, Jeegar K Vakil, Ketan A Gore
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Lipoid proteinosis: A review with two case reports p. 233
Vishal Kabre, Smitha Rani, Keerthilatha M Pai, Sakshi Kamra
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Regional odontodysplasia: Report of an unusual case involving mandibular arch p. 237
NS Venkatesh Babu, R Jha Smriti, D Bang Pratima
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"Whisking of ugly tissue"… A surgical management of gingival fibromatosis in a 15-year-old girl: A rare case report p. 240
Srinivasa Tenkasale Siddeshappa, Sushmita Deonani, Sonika Nagdeve, Ramreddy Krishnarao Yeltiwar
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Bilateral maxillary sinus floor augmentation with tissue-engineered autologous osteoblasts and demineralized freeze-dried bone p. 243
Aashish Deshmukh, Rinku Kalra, Shruti Chhadva, Angad Shetye
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A benign salivary gland tumor of minor salivary gland mimicking an epithelial malignancy p. 247
Vandana Reddy, Vijay Wadhwan, Pooja Aggarwal, Preeti Sharma, Munish Reddy
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Amalgamation of allogenic bone graft, platelet-rich fibrin gel, and PRF membrane in auto-transplantation of an impacted central incisor p. 250
Zainab Chaudhary, Yuvika Raj Kumar, Sujata Mohanty, Ambica Khetrapal
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Phlebolith in arteriovenous malformation in buccal fat pad masquerading sialolith: A rare case report p. 254
Arpita Saha, Mounabati Mohapatra, Susama Patra, Kaushik Saha
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Cone-beam computed tomography: An inevitable investigation in cleidocranial dysplasia p. 257
Nandita S Gupta, Ajas A Gogri, Manasi M Kajale, Sonali G Kadam
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Bilateral nephrocalcinosis and amelogenesis imperfecta: A case report p. 262
Alok Patel, Chetana Jagtap, Chetan Bhat, Rohan Shah
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Lipoma or hemangioma: A diagnostic dilemma? p. 266
K Vinay Kumar Reddy, Shameena Roohi, Kotya Naik Maloth, K Sunitha, Venkata Satya Ramesh Thummala
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Management of Class II malocclusion with ectopic maxillary canines p. 270
Rohan Mascarenhas, Shahista Parveen, Tariq Aziz Ansari
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Christ Siemens Touraine syndrome: Two case reports and felicitous approaches to prosthetic management p. 274
Navanith Renahan, Renju Raj, R Balagopal Varma, J Suresh Kumar
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A roentgenographic assessment of regenerative efficacy of bioactive Gengigel® in conjunction with amnion membrane in grade II furcation defect p. 277
S Harveen Kalra, Chandni Monga, K Heena Kalra, S Harshneet Kalra
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