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Journal of Emergencies, Trauma, and Shock

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2011| January-March  | Volume 4 | Issue 1  

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What's new in Emergencies, Trauma and Shock? Anesthesia, surgery and postoperative cognition p. 1
Ramesh Ramaiah
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JETS policy on plagiarism and academic dishonesty p. 3
Veronica Tucci, Sagar Galwankar
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A clinico-epidemiologic study of 892 patients with burn injuries at a tertiary care hospital in Punjab, India p. 7
Ashok K Gupta, Sanjeev Uppal, Ramneesh Garg, Ashish Gupta, Ranabir Pal
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Pediatric trauma mortality by type of designated hospital in a mature inclusive trauma system p. 12
Rachid Amini, André Lavoie, Lynne Moore, Marie-Josée Sirois, Marcel Émond
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Vascular injuries after bear attacks: Incidence, surgical challenges and outcome p. 20
Mohd Lateef Wani, Abdul Gani Ahangar, Gh Nabi Lone, Reyaz Ahmad Lone, Hakeem Zubair Ashraf, Abdul Majeed Dar, MA Bhat, Shyam Singh, Akram Hussain Bijli, Ifat Irshad
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Impact of general versus epidural anesthesia on early post-operative cognitive dysfunction following hip and knee surgery p. 23
Sripurna Mandal, Mina Basu, Jyotirmay Kirtania, Debabrata Sarbapalli, Ranabir Pal, Sumit Kar, Kanak Kanti Kundu, Ujjal Sarkar, Sampa Dutta Gupta
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Isolated traumatic head injury in children: Analysis of 276 observations p. 29
Mabrouk Bahloul, Hedi Chelly, Anis Chaari, Imen Chabchoub, Sondes Haddar, Leila Herguefi, Hassen Dammak, Chokri Ben Hamida, Hichem Ksibi, Hatem Kallel, Noureddine Rekik, Mounir Bouaziz
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Initial systolic blood pressure and ongoing internal bleeding following torso trauma p. 37
Daniel S Kassavin, Yen-Hong Kuo, Nasim Ahmed
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Prediction of difficult intubations using conventional indicators; Does rapid sequence intubation ease difficult intubations? A prospective randomised study in a tertiary care teaching hospital p. 42
Lakshmi Gangadharan, C Sreekanth, Mabel C Vasnaik
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Analysis of the pattern of maxillofacial fractures in north western of Iran: A retrospective study p. 48
Ali Hossein Mesgarzadeh, Mohamadreza Shahamfar, Samira feizi Azar, Jafar Shahamfar
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Current practice and the role of the CT in the management of penetrating liver injuries at a Level I trauma center p. 53
Beat Schnüriger, Peep Talving, Raffaella Barbarino, Galinos Barmparas, Kenji Inaba, Demetrios Demetriades
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Determinants of mortality in trauma patients following massive blood transfusion p. 58
Kanchana Rangarajan, Arulselvi Subramanian, Ravindra Mohan Pandey
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The impact of antiplatelet therapy on pelvic fracture outcomes p. 64
Jonathan M Christy, S Peter Stawicki, Amy M Jarvis, David C Evans, Anthony T Gerlach, David E Lindsey, Peggy Rhoades, Melissa L Whitmill, Steven M Steinberg, Laura S Phieffer, Charles H Cook
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Management of ureteral calculi and medical expulsive therapy in emergency departments p. 70
CM Stefano Picozzi, Carlo Marenghi, Stefano Casellato, Cristian Ricci, Maddalena Gaeta, Luca Carmignani
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Treatment of major vein injury with the hemostatic fleece TachoSil by interposing a peritoneal patch to avoid vein thrombosis: A feasibility study in pigs p. 77
Einar B Dregelid, Gustav Pedersen
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Neuroprotective effect of wormwood against lead exposure p. 82
O Kharoubi, M Slimani, A Aoues
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Pediatric cardiac emergencies: Children are not small adults p. 89
Aisha Frazier, Elizabeth A Hunt, Kathryn Holmes
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Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia p. 97
Nissar Shaikh
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Transfusion protocol in trauma p. 103
Paramjit Kaur, Sabita Basu, Gagandeep Kaur, Ravneet Kaur
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A primer on burn resuscitation p. 109
Ferdinand K Bacomo, Kevin K Chung
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Management of liver trauma in adults p. 114
Nasim Ahmed, Jerome J Vernick
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Dengue shock p. 120
Senaka Rajapakse
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Gastrothorax or tension pneumothorax: A diagnostic dilemma p. 128
Sarvesh P Singh, Subin Sukesan, Usha Kiran, Neeti Makhija
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Retroperitoneal vascular malformation mimicking incarcerated inguinal hernia p. 130
Indu Bhushan Dubey, Anuj Sharma, Ajay Kumar Singh, Debajyoti Mohanty
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A case of organophosphate poisoning presenting with seizure and unavailable history of parenteral suicide attempt p. 132
Vinay Pandit, Shubha Seshadri, SN Rao, Charmaine Samarasinghe, Ashwini Kumar, Rohith Valsalan
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Adhesive bowel obstruction? Not always p. 135
D Mittapalli, BJ Sebastian, E Leung, N Barnes, P S P Senapati
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Liver transplantation for hepatic trauma: Discussion about a case and its management p. 137
Charles Honoré, Arnaud DeRoover, Nathalie Gilson, Olivier Detry
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Glycopyrrolate in toxic exposure to ammonia gas p. 140
A Bhalla, S Mahi, N Sharma, S Singh
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Traumatic anterior abdominal wall hernia: A report of three rare cases p. 142
Rikki Singal, Usha Dalal, Ashwani Kumar Dalal, Ashok Kumar Attri, Raman Gupta, Anupama Gupta, Bikash Naredi, Deepesh Benjamin Kenwar, Samita Gupta
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Backstabbing p. 146
Kenji Kawamukai, Filippo Antonacci, Sergio Nicola Forti Parri, Salomone Di Saverio, Maurizio Boaron
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Self-inflicted intracranial self-injury p. 147
Matthew M Large, Olav B Nielssen, Nicholas Babidge
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Injuries due to fall make summer time power outages a potential public health issue p. 147
Muhammad S Shamim, Uzma R Khan, Junaid A Razzak, Jooma Rasheed
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An arrowhead found incidentally in the chest during workup for unrelated disease after 22-years of initial injury p. 148
Shilpi Singh Gupta, Onkar Singh, Sumit Shukla, Raj Kumar Mathur
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Retraction Notice p. 47
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