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Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice

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2016| Nov-Dec  | Volume 19 | Issue 6  

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Understanding the RECORDS 3 Trial and its impact on anticiagulation practice in resource poor countries p. 695
TU Nwagha, HE Omunakwe
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A comparative analysis of the level of cortisol and the number of teeth extracted among patients undergoing routine dental extraction p. 700
OT Umeanuka, BD Saheeb, FN Chukwuneke, CC Uguru
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Variations of blood glucose in cancer patients during chemotherapy p. 704
J Yang, B Jia, Y Qiao, W Chen, X Qi
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Rates and determinants of peripartum and puerperal anemia in Enugu, Nigeria p. 709
CF Emegoakor, CA Iyoke, HU Ezegwui, OU Umeora, LO Lawani, AJ Madu
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Temporomandibular disorders in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: A clinical study p. 715
C Kurtoglu, M Kurkcu, Y Sertdemir, S Ozbek, CC Gürbüz
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Inappropriate Intensive Care Unit admissions: Nigerian doctors' perception and attitude p. 721
BB Osinaike, O Olusanya
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A comparative analysis of angiopoietin 2 immunohistochemical staining in various stages of lung cancer p. 725
T Oztutgan, E Demirer, D Tas, A Uysal, T Caliskan, Z Kucukodaci, O Ayten, O Okutan, Z Kartaloglu
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Measuring the resistance of different substructure materials by sticking them to dentine with two different resin cements in vitro p. 730
V Eratilla, AD Yildiz, S Guven, EA Eratilla, T Karaman, S Aguloglu, E Sumer
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Morbidities, concordance, and predictors of preterm premature rupture of membranes among pregnant women at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), Enugu, Nigeria p. 737
TC Okeke, JO Enwereji, CO Adiri, CI Onwuka, ES Iferikigwe
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A retrospective analysis of blood gases with two different insulin infusion protocols in patients undergoing cardiovascular surgery p. 742
SM Kuskonmaz, Ö Kurtipek, ME Aydın, ME Erbatur, M Alkan, Y Ünal, M Arslan
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The analgesic effect of diclofenac sodium administered via the epidural route in an experimental visceral pain model p. 747
O Kilci, T Demir, M Günbey, C Kara, D Bayazit, D Ornek, M Baydar
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Appraisal on the wound healing activity of different extracts obtained from Aegle marmelos and Mucuna pruriens by in vivo experimental models p. 753
FA Toppo, RS Pawar
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The comparison of modified early warning score and Glasgow coma scale-age-systolic blood pressure scores in the assessment of nontraumatic critical patients in Emergency Department p. 761
Ö Köksal, G Torun, E Ahun, D Sığırlı, SB Güney, MO Aydın
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Bond strength of resin composite to light activated bleached enamel p. 766
T Yavuz, OY Ozyilmaz, AN Ozturk, F Aykent
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Gestational age at initiation of antenatal care in a tertiary hospital, Southwestern Nigeria p. 772
OP Aduloju, AA Akintayo, IP Ade-Ojo, JO Awoleke, T Aduloju, OR Ogundare
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Expressions of macrophage migration inhibitory factor in patients with chronic kidney disease p. 778
Y Liu, X Zhang, G Liu, J Huang, Y Pan, Z Hu
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Simultaneous control of blood glucose, blood pressure, and lipid among drug-treated Type 2 diabetes patients from Shaanxi province, North-Western China: A multicenter study p. 784
S Xu, F Sun, W Xu, K Jiao, B Shi, X Xie, Y Wang, M Zhu, Q Ji
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Insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and lipids in African women p. 793
EE Young, CN Okafor, MO Iroezindu, IS Agbalu
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Sociodemographic and clinical correlates of sexual dysfunction among psychiatric outpatients receiving common psychotropic medications in a Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Northern Nigeria p. 799
VO Olisah, TL Sheikh, ER Abah, AF Mahmud-Ajeigbe
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Evaluation of antifungal efficacy of QMix 2in1 as a final irrigant: An in vitro study p. 807
E Kalyoncuoglu, E Sen Tunc, S Ozer, C Keskin, K Bilgin, A Birinci
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Challenges and outcome of cranial neuroendoscopic surgery in a resource constrained developing African country p. 811
EO Uche, E Okorie, J Emejulu, O Ajuzieogu, NJ Uche
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Effect of routine preoperative fasting on residual gastric volume and acid in patients undergoing myomectomy p. 816
OV Ajuzieogu, AO Amucheazi, UI Nwagha, HA Ezike, SK Luka, DS Abam
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Surgical site infection in posterior spine surgery p. 821
OA Ojo, BS Owolabi, AW Oseni, OO Kanu, OB Bankole
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Kimura's disease: A case presentation of postauricular swelling p. 827
A Rajesh, T Prasanth, VC Naga Sirisha, MDS Azmi
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High-risk pulmonary embolism in a patient with acute dissecting aortic aneurysm p. 831
M Tudoran, C Tudoran
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Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome: An incidental diagnostic finding in an infertility workup p. 834
RC Onoh, CC Mgbafuru, SE Onubuogu, I Ugwuoke
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Delayed diagnosis of bullous pyoderma gangrenosum with acute myelogenous leukemia p. 837
S Sener, G Sarac, N Altunisik, Y Bayindir
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