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Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology

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2016| October-December  | Volume 19 | Issue 4  

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A call for neurologists to take up stroke intervention p. 429
Vasantha M Padma, Rohit Bhatia, Gigy Kuruttukulam, Anand Alurkar, Kewal Krishan Talwar, Dheeraj Khurana, Subhash Kaul, Vinit Suri, Gagandeep Singh, Vikram Huded
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Approach to a tremor patient p. 433
Soumya Sharma, Sanjay Pandey
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An elderly male with tingly legs and a heavy heart: Persisting with the diagnosis! p. 444
Mudassar Kharadi, Sreenath Vedula Harsha, Gayathri Gopalakrishnan, GA Karthick, Vimal Raj, Subramanian Kannan
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Godfrey Newbold Hounsfield (1919-2004): The man who revolutionized neuroimaging p. 448
Kalyan B Bhattacharyya
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Assessment of fatigue in Parkinson's disease: Indian perspective p. 451
Birinder Singh Paul, Amandeep Singh, Dinesh Jain, Gagandeep Singh, Sandeep Kaushal, Gunchan Paul, Karan Kaura
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Diagnosis and management of narcolepsy in the Indian scenario p. 456
Sachin Sureshbabu, Abdul Muniem, Manvir Bhatia
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Role of brain natriuretic peptide as a novel prognostic biomarker in acute ischemic stroke p. 462
Bindu Menon, Krishnana Ramalingam, Jyoti Conjeevaram, K Munisusmitha
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Interaction of incidental microbleeds and prior use of antithrombotics with early hemorrhagic transformation: Causative or protective? p. 467
Konark Malhotra, Monica Khunger, Bichun Ouyang, David S Liebeskind, Yousef M Mohammad
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A double-blind, randomized, controlled trial to compare the efficacy and tolerability of fixed doses of ropinirole, bupropion, and iron in treatment of restless legs syndrome (Willis-Ekbom disease) p. 472
Kirti Vishwakarma, Juhi Kalra, Ravi Gupta, Mukesh Sharma, Taruna Sharma
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Clinical correlates of leukoaraiosis: A study of 175 patients p. 478
Rustom S Wadia, Sandesh K Ghiya, Joshita Singh, Santosh M Sontakke, Vishwas Bharadwaj, Rahul V Sonawane, Yogesh P Bade, K Shrikanth, Nikhil Goli, Rohit Singh Chauhan, Nilesh A Nadkarni
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Retrospective analysis of multiplex polymerase chain reaction-based molecular diagnostics (SES) in 70 patients with suspected central nervous system infections: A single-center study p. 482
Rama Krishnan Tiruppur Chinnappan Ramalingam, Dipanjan Chakraborty
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CD6 gene polymorphism rs17824933 is associated with multiple sclerosis in Indian population p. 491
Mary Anitha D'Cunha, Lekha Pandit, Chaithra Malli
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The clinical significance of brain microbleeds in patients with Alzheimer's disease: Preliminary study p. 495
Jae-Hyeok Heo, Dong-Gyu Im, Seung-Hyeon Lee, Jin-Young Ahn
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Validation of a modified Hindi version of the Epworth Sleepiness Scale among a North Indian population p. 499
Geetika Bajpai, Garima Shukla, Ravindra M Pandey, Anupama Gupta, Mohammed Afsar, Vinay Goyal, Achal Srivastava, Madhuri Behari
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Serological markers associated with neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders in South India p. 505
Lekha Pandit, Douglas Kazutoshi Sato, Sharik Mustafa, Toshiyuki Takahashi, Anitha D'Cunha, Chaithra Malli, Akshatha Sudhir, Kazuo Fujihara
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Bilateral abducens and facial nerve palsies as a localizing sign due to reduction in intracranial pressure after fourth ventriculoperitoneal shunting p. 510
Boby Varkey Maramattom, Dilip Panikar
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Idiopathic intracranial hypertension with spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid leak into the orbit p. 512
Joe James, James Jose, V Abdul Gafoor
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Bilateral "Swirl Sign": A predictor of rebleed p. 514
Biplab Das, Dheeraj Khurana, Chiraj Kamal Ahuja
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The brightening splenium: An imaging hallmark of dengue encephalopathy? p. 516
Sachin Sureshbabu, Laxmi Khanna, Sudhir Peter, Elisheba Patras, Gaurav Kumar Mittal
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Brainstem dysfunction in patients with late-onset Lennox-Gastaut syndrome: Voxel-based morphometry and tract-based spatial statistics study p. 518
Kang Min Park, Yun Jung Hur, Sung Eun Kim
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Efficacy and tolerability of the modified Atkins diet in young children with refractory epilepsy: Indian experience p. 523
Ranju Mehta, Shaiphali Goel, Suvasini Sharma, Puneet Jain, Sharmila B Mukherjee, Satinder Aneja
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Vitamin D deficiency in antiphospholipid syndrome p. 528
Nataraja Pillai Venugopal
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Acute encephalopathy: A novel presentation of mineralizing microangiopathy of childhood p. 528
Mahesh Kamate, Mukul Malhotra, DH Gangamma, Virupaxi Hattiholi
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Case series of organophosphorus-induced polyneuropathy p. 530
Shalin Dipinkumar Shah, Pranav B Joshi, Kailash Mirche, Sudhir V Shah
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Another gap in epilepsy care p. 531
Victor Patterson
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Cerebral venous thrombosis in refractory idiopathic thrombocytopenia treated with eltrombopag p. 532
Vivek Nambiar, TS Dhanya, Neeraj Sidharthan
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A genetically proven case of Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease: Clinicoradiological clues p. 533
Lokesh Saini, Biswaroop Chakrabarty, Atin Kumar, Sheffali Gulati
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A case of "main en succulente" in high cervical myelopathy p. 535
Sheetal Sajan, Madhusudanan Mohan, Reji Thomas, Finu Mathew Baby
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Erratum: Report: Stem cell applications in neurological practice, an expert group consensus appraisal p. 537
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