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Indian Journal of Cancer

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2010| October-December  | Volume 47 | Issue 4  

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PET-CT scan in pediatric oncology: Where, when, how and at what price? p. 355
B Arora, PM Parikh
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PET/CT in pediatric oncology p. 360
AM Samuel
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PET and PET-CT imaging in infection and inflammation: Its critical role in assessing complications related to therapeutic interventions in patients with cancer p. 371
S Basu, R Kumar, A Alavi
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Exploring the role of FDG-PET in the assessment of bone marrow involvement in lymphoma patients as interpreted by qualitative and semiquantitative disease metabolic activity parameter p. 380
PG Kand, BP Tiwari, S Basu, RV Asopa, UN Nayak
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Complimentary role of FDG-PET imaging and skeletal scintigraphy in the evaluation of patients of prostate carcinoma p. 385
BP Tiwari, S Jangra, N Nair, HB Tongaonkar, S Basu
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The effect of age on the bacteria isolated and the antibiotic-sensitivity pattern in infections among cancer patients p. 391
P Kumar, A Medhekar, NS Ghadyalpatil, V Noronha, S Biswas, P Kurkure, R Nair, R Kelkar, SD Banavali
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Incidence of malignancy and clonal chromosomal abnormalities in Fanconi anemia p. 397
BR Vundinti, S Korgaonkar, K Ghosh
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Resection and reconstruction of mediastinal great vessels in invasive thymoma p. 400
K Arvind, D Roman, K Umashankkar, KJ Pramod, KC Shiv, M Neeti
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Prediction of lymph node metastases by preoperative nuclear morphometry in oral squamous cell carcinoma: A comparative image analysis study p. 406
S Natarajan, S Mahajan, K Boaz, T George
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Detection of B cell lymphoma 2, tumor protein 53, and FAS gene transcripts in blood cells of patients with breast cancer p. 412
M Jaberipour, M Habibagahi, A Hosseini, M Abbasi, A Sobhani-lari, A Talei, A Ghaderi
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Inverted papilloma of the urinary bladder: Rigorous surveillance needed? An Indian experience p. 418
P Tiwari, A Tripathi, M Vijay, B Mitra, S Kumar, DK Pal, AK Kundu
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A retrospective study of 18 cases of adenoid cystic cancer at a tertiary care centre in Delhi p. 424
K Sharma, AK Rathi, N Khurana, A Mukherji, V Kumar, K Singh, AK Bahadur
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Use of antimicrobial agents and granulocyte colony stimulating factors for febrile neutropenia in cancer patients in a tertiary care hospital in India p. 430
V Roy, D Saxena, M Agarwal, AK Bahadur, B Mishra
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Fine needle aspiration cytology of thyroid swellings: How useful and accurate is it? p. 437
PK Bagga, NC Mahajan
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Biological response modifiers: Current use and future prospects in cancer therapy p. 443
M Bisht, SS Bist, DC Dhasmana
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Serum fucose level in malignant diseases p. 452
NG Sawke, GK Sawke
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Microspheres in cancer therapy p. 458
MS Rajput, P Agrawal
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Presence or absence of normal ovarian tissue adjacent to adnexal mass: A discriminative sonographic sign to suspect malignancy p. 469
P Kushtagi, KK Kulkarni
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Gutka syndrome and oral submucous fibrosis: Few observations p. 470
LP Madathil, PS Rao
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Myeloid proliferation in a newborn with down syndrome p. 470
M Agnihotri, Y Khatib, S Gujral
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Metformin: "Old warrior for a new battle" p. 471
A Jain
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Trend of reported cases of retinoblastoma under five hospital based cancer registries p. 473
S Sachdeva
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Langhans and Langerhans are different people and have different eponymous cells p. 474
SA Pai
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Pathologic fracture of the odontoid as the presenting sign of metastatic cancer p. 475
MS Walid, M Sanoufa
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Double primary-Lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma of the parotid and papillary carcinoma of the thyroid p. 475
R Bishnoi, S Kaushal, MC Varma, NK Shukla, R Ray
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Synchronous carcinoma breast with chronic myelogenous leukemia: A rare presentation p. 477
A Bahl, A Dhiman, V Talwar, DC Doval
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An unusual site of distant metastasis in carcinoma of the thyroid p. 479
G Chaturvedy, R Kumar, K Sikka, CV Karthikeyan, SR Mathur
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Carcinoma esophagus: A rare primary malignancy for ocular metastasis p. 480
D Pal, A Bahl, JB Sharma, RR Rao
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Isolated metachronous cutaneous metastases from renal cell carcinoma p. 482
A Kumar, PN Dogra, MC Sharma
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Pilomatrixoma misdiagnosed as round cell tumor on fine-needle aspiration cytology p. 483
L Agrawal, P Kaur, J Singh, N Singh
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Solitary plasmacytoma of the rib: A rare cytological detection p. 485
L Pattanayak, S Samantaray, N Rout
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Growing teratoma syndrome: A rare complication of germ cell tumors p. 486
Rashmi , G Radhakrishnan, AG Radhika, S Sharma
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