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Indian Journal of Cancer

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2010| July-September  | Volume 47 | Issue 3  

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Clinical importance of quality of life measures in head and neck cancer p. 237
R Kazi, S Sayed, RC Dwivedi
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Surgical voice restoration after total laryngectomy: An overview p. 239
B Elmiyeh, RC Dwivedi, N Jallali, EJ Chisholm, R Kazi, PM Clarke, PH Rhys-Evans
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Novel therapeutic approaches to squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck using biologically targeted agents p. 248
KJ Harrington, R Kazi, SA Bhide, K Newbold, CM Nutting
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Challenges in integrating 18FDG PET-CT into radiotherapy planning of head and neck cancer p. 260
P Dandekar, M Partridge, R Kazi, C Nutting, K Harrington, K Newbold
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The role of intensity-modulated radiotherapy in head and neck cancer p. 267
SA Bhide, R Kazi, K Newbold, KJ Harrington, CM Nutting
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The current role of tissue engineering in head and neck reconstruction p. 274
N Jallali, S James, B Elmiyeh, A Searle, A Ghattaura, RC Dwivedi, R Kazi, P Harris
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Benign vs malignant soft tissue neoplasms: Limitations of magnetic resonance imaging p. 280
J Sen, S Agarwal, S Singh, R Sen, S Goel
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Renal tumors presentation: Changing trends over two decades p. 287
NP Gupta, R Ishwar, A Kumar, PN Dogra, A Seth
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Prepubertal testicular tumors: Our 10 years experience p. 292
RB Nerli, G Ajay, P Shivangouda, P Pravin, M Reddy, VC Pujar
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Psychosocial disorders in women undergoing postoperative radiation and chemotherapy for breast cancer in India p. 296
MA Khan, AK Bahadur, PN Agarwal, A Sehgal, BC Das
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Role of Ki-67 as a proliferative marker in lesions of thyroid p. 304
M Pujani, B Arora, M Pujani, SK Singh, N Tejwani
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Evaluation of colposcopy vs cytology as secondary test to triage women found positive on visual inspection test p. 308
SA Pimple, G Amin, S Goswami, SS Shastri
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Hepatoblastoma: Experience from a single center p. 314
T Singh, CT Satheesh, L Appaji, BS Aruna Kumari, M Padma, MV Kumar, G Mukherjee
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Association of gastric cancer incidence with MDR1 gene polymorphism in an ethnic Iranian population p. 317
Z Sabahi, R Salek, RE Heravi, F Mosaffa, ZJ Avanaki, J Behravan
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Incidence rate of ovarian cancer in Iran in comparison with developed countries p. 322
M Arab, M Khayamzadeh, A Tehranian, M Tabatabaeefar, M Hosseini, R Anbiaee, F Golfam, ME Akbari
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Prevalence and pattern of nodal metastasis in pT4 gingivobuccal cancers and its implications for treatment p. 328
H Narendra, RA Tankshali
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From two-dimensional to three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy in prostate cancer: An Indian experience p. 332
R Engineer, R Bhutani, U Mahantshetty, V Murthy, SK Shrivastava
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Important vaccines used as tools for tertiary prevention in oncology patients p. 339
V Wiwanitkit
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Cervical cancer screening in developing countries p. 344
S Patra, D Panda
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Mixed epithelial and stromal tumor of the kidney p. 345
BN Nandeesh, T Rajalakshmi, Hasit Mehta
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Squamous cell carcinoma arising in mature cystic teratoma: A rare case p. 346
M Madan, R Bhagat, AP Agarwal, S Sharma
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Unusual presentation of multiple myeloma p. 347
K Shenoy, A Boloor, S Pai, DS Suddharsan
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Surgical misadventure of transecting tumor infiltrated infrarenal vena cava in a patient of Wilms tumor p. 349
RP Kanojia, A Mishra, KLN Rao
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Intracystic papillary carcinoma in a male breast following mastectomy for infiltrating ductal carcinoma p. 349
S Shukla, S Singh, M Pujani
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Myelomatous pleural effusion: A diagnostic challenge p. 351
KP Malhotra, V Agrawal, N Prasad
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Does delay in lymphadenectomy alone influence the survival in carcinoma penis? p. 352
AS Ramakrishnan, N Kathiresan
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Aggressive angiomyxoma of female vulva p. 352
GA Gore, LM Dandekar
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