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Pharmacognosy Magazine

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2016| Jul-Sep  | Volume 12 | Issue 47  

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New phytochemical constituent and bioactivities of Horwoodia dicksoniae and Rumex cyprius p. 165
Mohammed F Abdelwahab, Sibghatullah Sangi, Hussam H Arafat, Ehab A Ragab
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In vitro antioxidant and enzymatic approaches to evaluate neuroprotector potential of Blechnum extracts without cytotoxicity to human stem cells p. 171
Juliana Maria de Mello Andrade, Renata Biegelmeyer, Roger Remy Dresch, Natasha Maurmann, Patrícia Pranke, Amélia T Henriques
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Anti-arthritic effects of total flavonoids from Juniperus sabina on complete freund's adjuvant induced arthritis in rats p. 178
Jun Zhao, Tao Liu, Fang Xu, Shuping You, Fang Xu, Chenyang Li, Zhengyi Gu
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Responsive surface methodology optimizes extraction conditions of industrial by-products, Camellia japonica seed cake p. 184
Jae Kyeom Kim, Ho-Jeong Lim, Mi-So Kim, Soo Jung Choi, Mi-Jeong Kim, Cho Rong Kim, Dong-Hoon Shin, Eui-Cheol Shin
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Rapid determination of puerarin by near-infrared spectroscopy during percolation and concentration process of puerariae lobatae radix p. 188
Xue Jintao, Yang Quanwei, Jing Yun, Liu Yufei, Li Chunyan, Yang Jing, Wu Yanfang, Li Peng, Wan Guangrui
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Antioxidant activity of water-soluble polysaccharides from Brasenia schreberi p. 193
Huiwen Xiao, Xueru Cai, Yijun Fan, Aoxue Luo
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Nanostructured lipid carriers loaded with baicalin: An efficient carrier for enhanced antidiabetic effects p. 198
Feng Shi, Zheng Wei, Yingying Zhao, Ximing Xu
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Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Algerian Thymelaea microphylla coss. and dur. extracts p. 203
Khadidja Dehimi, Antonio Speciale, Antonina Saija, Saliha Dahamna, Roberto Raciti, Francesco Cimino, Mariateresa Cristani
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Expression of cytochrome P450s in the liver of rats administered with Socheongryong-tang, a traditional herbal formula p. 211
Seong Eun Jin, Hyekyung Ha, Chang-Seob Seo, Hyeun-Kyoo Shin, Soo-Jin Jeong
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Antifatigue effects of ethanol extracts and polysaccharides isolated from Abelmoschus esculentus p. 219
Yu-Xian Li, Zhong-Han Yang, Yin Lin, Wei Han, Shan-Shan Jia, Ke Yuan
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Protective effect of baicalin against experimental colitis via suppression of oxidant stress and apoptosis p. 225
Jun Yao, Xu Cao, Ru Zhang, Ying-xue Li, Zheng-lei Xu, Ding-guo Zhang, Li-sheng Wang, Jian-yao Wang
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Therapeutic effect of total saponins from Dioscorea nipponica makino on gouty arthritis based on the NF-κB signal pathway: An In vitro study p. 235
Qi Zhou, Shumin Liu, Donghua Yua, Ning Zhang
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