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Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics

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2017|   | Volume 13 | Issue 4  

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Expert consensus workshop report: Guideline for three-dimensional-printing template-assisted computed tomography-guided 125I seeds interstitial implantation brachytherapy p. 605
Shiro Saito, Xin Ye
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Expert consensus workshop report: Guideline for three-dimensional printing template-assisted computed tomography-guided 125I seeds interstitial implantation brachytherapy p. 607
Junjie Wang, Fujun Zhang, Jinhe Guo, Shude Chai, Guangjun Zheng, Kaixian Zhang, Anyan Liao, Ping Jiang, Yuliang Jiang, Zhe Ji
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The clinical application of HPV E6/E7 mRNA testing in triaging women with atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance or low-grade squamous intra-epithelial lesion Pap smear: A meta-analysis p. 613
Li Yang, Yuanhang Zhu, Yang Bai, Xiaoan Zhang, Chenchen Ren
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Role of collagen triple helix repeat containing-1 in tumor and inflammatory diseases p. 621
Qian Wu, Qingrui Yang, Hongsheng Sun
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Efficacy comparison of radiofrequency ablation and hepatic resection for hepatocellular carcinoma: A meta-analysis p. 625
E Changyong, Dan Wang, Yang Yu, Hongyu Liu, Hui Ren, Tao Jiang
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Transarterial embolization with N-butyl 2-cyanoacrylate for the treatment of arterioportal shunts in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma p. 631
Feng Duan, Yanhua Bai, Li Cui, Xiaohui Li, Jieyu Yan, Haiyan Zhu
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Bronchial artery chemoembolization combined with radioactive iodine-125 seed implantation in the treatment of advanced nonsmall cell lung cancer p. 636
Yaoyong Chen, Yuwei Li, Yuming Jia, Kaijian Lei, Xinfeng Zhang, Yueyong Cao, Jun Zhu
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A retrospective analysis of the efficacy of microparticle-mediated chemoembolization in liver metastases arising from gastrointestinal tumors p. 642
Chuang Li, Ying Liu, Jun Zhou, Yue-Wei Zhang
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Utility of fluorescence in situ hybridization analysis for detecting upper urinary tract-urothelial carcinoma p. 647
Jiang Yu, Hui Xiong, Chunxiao Wei, Zilian Cui, Xunbo Jin, Jianjun Zhang
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Kinesin superfamily protein expression and its association with progression and prognosis in hepatocellular carcinoma p. 651
Jianliang Chen, Shu Li, Shu Zhou, Shouji Cao, Yun Lou, Haiyuan Shen, Jie Yin, Guoqiang Li
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Treatment outcomes of malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the maxillary sinus p. 660
Hui Huang, Dezhi Li, Xiaolei Wang, Yuehuang Wu, Shaoyan Liu, Zhengang Xu
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Overexpression of KIAA1199: An independent prognostic marker in nonsmall cell lung cancer p. 664
Fei Deng, Jie Lei, Xueqin Zhang, Weiwei Huang, Yongjun Li, Dehua Wu
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Magnetic resonance imaging evaluation after radiofrequency ablation for malignant lung tumors p. 669
Jin Chen, Zheng-Yu Lin, Zhi-Bin Wu, Zhong-Wu Chen, Yi-Ping Chen
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MicroRNA-30c inhibits metastasis of ovarian cancer by targeting metastasis-associated gene 1 p. 676
Xia Wang, Li-Wei Qiu, Chen Peng, Shu-Ping Zhong, Lin Ye, Di Wang
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Repeated percutaneous microwave ablation for local recurrence of inoperable Stage I nonsmall cell lung cancer p. 683
Xia Yang, Xin Ye, Guanghui Huang, Xiaoying Han, Jiao Wang, Wenhong Li, Zhigang Wei, Min Meng
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Serum expression level of squamous cell carcinoma antigen, highly sensitive C-reactive protein, and CA-125 as potential biomarkers for recurrence of cervical cancer p. 689
Suyang Guo, Bo Yang, Hongli Liu, Yuzhi Li, Shengze Li, Ling Ma, Jian Liu, Wei Guo
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Comparison of different width detector on the gross tumor volume delineation of the solitary pulmonary lesion p. 693
Dongping Shang, Jinbo Yue, Jianbin Li, Jinghao Duan, Yong Yin, Jinming Yu
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k-RAS mutation and resistance to epidermal growth factor receptor-tyrosine kinase inhibitor treatment in patients with nonsmall cell lung cancer p. 699
Bin Zhou, Congrong Tang, Jie Li
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Surgical treatment is an effective approach for patients with synchronous multiple primary lung cancers p. 702
Yue Peng, Wangang Ren, Hui Wang, Meng Li, Zhen Feng, Zhongmin Peng
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Expression and significance of Twist, estrogen receptor, and E-cadherin in human breast cancer cells and tissues p. 707
Ruizhi Tan, Li Wang, Jie Song, Jianchun Li, Tao He
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Thyroid carcinoma in children and adolescents: Clinical characteristics and follow-up from two centers p. 715
Jing-Jing Pan, Li Zhao, Rui Cheng, Yang Yang, Yu-Hua Hu
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Supplemental conventional transarterial embolization/chemoembolization therapy via extrahepatic arteries for hepatocellular carcinoma p. 720
Yuanqan Huang, Zhongzhi Jia, Jianfei Tu, Tao Shen, Feng Tian, Guomin Jiang
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Effects of Macrothele raven venom on intrarenal invasion and metastasis of H22 liver cancer cells in mice p. 725
Yi Hou, Xiaokun Zhao, Jiaqin Chen, Jingsheng Zhou, Weiwei Chen, Haifeng Mao, Rui Chen
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Human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 amplification detection by droplet digital polymerase chain reaction in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded breast and gastric cancer samples p. 730
Xingwen Wang, Yunyan Wu, Xueling Song, Chengtao Sun, Changshun Wu, Hong Feng
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Linked color imaging technique assisted endoscopic diagnosis and interventions p. 735
Xiaotian Sun, Yan Liu, Min Min, Yiliang Bi, Yang Xu
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