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Indian Journal of Nephrology

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2014| November-December  | Volume 24 | Issue 6  

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Current concepts in C3 glomerulopathy p. 339
S Thomas, D Ranganathan, L Francis, K Madhan, GT John
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Regulatory and effector T cells changes in remission and resistant state of childhood nephrotic syndrome p. 349
A Jaiswal, N Prasad, V Agarwal, B Yadav, D Tripathy, M Rai, M Nath, RK Sharma, DR Modi
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The efficacy of relaxation training on stress, anxiety, and pain perception in hemodialysis patients p. 356
MA Heidari Gorji, A Abbaskhani Davanloo, AM Heidarigorji
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Clinical profile and outcome of renal tubular disorders in children: A single center experience p. 362
B Vijay Kiran, H Barman, A Iyengar
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Acute pyelonephritis in diabetes mellitus: Single center experience p. 367
S Kumar, R Ramachandran, U Mete, T Mittal, P Dutta, V Kumar, M Rathi, V Jha, KL Gupta, V Sakhuja, HS Kohli
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Preparation of natural three-dimensional goat kidney scaffold for the development of bioartificial organ p. 372
SK Vishwakarma, PG Bhavani, A Bardia, A Abkari, G. S. N. Murthy, J Venkateshwarulu, AA Khan
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Proliferative glomerulonephritis associated with monoclonal immune deposits: A case report and review of literature p. 376
R Fatima, R Jha, S Gowrishankar, G Narayen, BS Rao
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Ammonium dichromate poisoning: A rare cause of acute kidney injury p. 380
H Radhakrishnan, M Gopi, A Arumugam
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IgG4 related renal disease: A wolf in sheep's clothing p. 382
A Rohan, B Ravishankar, S Vishwanath, M Vankalakunti, B Kishore, HS Ballal
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Recurrent episodic acute kidney injury as presenting manifestation of mitochondrial myopathy p. 387
TP Matthai, UG Zachariah, SM Matthai
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Renal cortical necrosis: A rare complication of Plasmodium vivax malaria p. 390
R Kumar, N Bansal, R Jhorawat, PD Kimmatkar, V Malhotra
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Methemoglobinemia due to quinine causing severe acute kidney injury in a child p. 394
S Kudale, SK Sethi, M Dhaliwal, V Kher
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Graves' disease in a dialysis dependent chronic renal failure patient p. 397
CG Nair, P Jacob, R Menon, M. J. C. Babu
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Embolic occlusion of arteriovenous fistula due to infective endocarditis p. 400
R Ram, G Swarnalatha, S Mahapatra, KV Dakshinamurty
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Giant migratory enterolith mimicking vesical calculus p. 402
B Sureka, V Singh, A Ranga, MK Mittal
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A case of paraneoplastic syndrome associated rapidly progressing glomerulonephritis in a patient with colon cancer p. 404
S Kar, S Rathod, E Abreu, P Kar
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Nitrofurantoin induced interstitial lung disease p. 405
GD Naidu, P Deepthi, K Raja Karthik, U Das, G Swarnalatha, T Gangadhar
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What could be the expected solute clearance with single exchange of icodextrin? p. 406
TK Jeloka, S Pawar, A Pereira, P Sanwaria
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Takayasu arteritis: Association with mesangioproliferative glomerulonephritis in a 9-year-old child p. 407
R Raghavan, S Krishnamurthy, RN Ganesh, RR Kumar, S Mahadevan
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Pseudohyperphosphatemia due to contamination with heparin: A case for caution p. 409
S Senthilkumaran, RG Menezes, S Jayaraman, P Thirumalaikolundusubramanian
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Assessing the prevalence of chronic kidney disease in the community: Estimating glomerular filtration rate is the Achilles heel p. 411
D Bhowmik, A Agrawal, S Panda
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