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Annals of Cardiac Anaesthesia

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2015| July-September  | Volume 18 | Issue 3  

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Nuances of social media in medical journalism p. 283
Poonam Malhotra Kapoor
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Hybrid atrial fibrillation ablations and the increasing importance of the hybrid cardiovascular laboratory operating room p. 286
William J Schleifer, John F Beshai, Harish Ramakrishna
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Converting data into information and knowledge: The promise and the reality of electronic medical records p. 290
Karl A Poterack, Harish Ramakrishna
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Do preoperative pulmonary function indices predict morbidity after coronary artery bypass surgery? p. 293
Mahdi Najafi, Mehrdad Sheikhvatan, Seyedeh Hamideh Mortazavi
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Effect of lateral body position on transesophageal echocardiography images and the association with patient characteristics: A prospective observational study p. 299
Norikatsu Mita, Masataka Kuroda, Shigeru Saito, Sohtaro Miyoshi
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Cardioversion: What to choose? Etomidate or propofol p. 306
Pushkar M Desai, Deepa Kane, Manjula S Sarkar
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Noninvasive estimation of left atrial pressure with transesophageal echocardiography p. 312
Brian Cowie, Roman Kluger, Steffen Rex, Carlo Missant
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Assessment of feasibility and efficacy of Class IV laser therapy for postoperative pain relief in off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery patients: A pilot study p. 317
Anil Karlekar, Saswata Bharati, Ravindra Saxena, Kanchan Mehta
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Effect of dexmeditomidine on postoperative junctional ectopic tachycardia after complete surgical repair of tetralogy of Fallot: A prospective randomized controlled study p. 323
Shankar V Kadam, Kamlesh B Tailor, Snehal Kulkarni, Smrutiranjan R Mohanty, Preetha V Joshi, Suresh G Rao
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Percutaneous tracheostomy in patients on anticoagulants p. 329
Laura Pasin, Elena Frati, Luca Cabrini, Landoni Giovanni, Pasquale Nardelli, Tiziana Bove, Maria Grazia Calabro, Anna Mara Scandroglio, Federico Pappalardo, Alberto Zangrillo
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Validation of the European System for Cardiac Operative Risk Evaluation-II model in an urban Indian population and comparison with three other risk scoring systems p. 335
Biju Sivam Pillai, Kanwar Aditya Baloria, Nandini Selot
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Mid-term survival after transcatheter aortic valve implantation: Results with respect to the anesthetic management and to the access route (transfemoral versus transapical) p. 343
Caroline Gauthier, Parla Astarci, Philippe Baele, Amine Matta, David Kahn, JoŽlle Kefer, Mona Momeni
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Comparison of tapentadol with tramadol for analgesia after cardiac surgery p. 352
Srinivas Kalyanaraman Iyer, Gokulakrishnan Mohan, Sivakumar Ramakrishnan, Sanjay Theodore
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Heart valve surgery in patients with homozygous sickle cell disease: A management strategy p. 361
El Mehdi Moutaouekkil, Abdelmalek Najib, Rida Ajaja, Moha Arji, Anas Slaoui
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Weight-for-age standard score - distribution and effect on in-hospital mortality: A retrospective analysis in pediatric cardiac surgery p. 367
Antony George, Pushpa Jagannath, Shreedhar S Joshi, AM Jagadeesh
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Propensity-matched analysis of association between preoperative anemia and in-hospital mortality in cardiac surgical patients undergoing valvular heart surgeries p. 373
Shreedhar S Joshi, Antony George, Dhananjaya Manasa, Hemalatha M.R. Savita, Prasad T.H. Krishna, AM Jagadeesh
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Transesophageal echocardiography estimation of coronary sinus blood flow for the adequacy of revascularization in patients undergoing off-pump coronary artery bypass graft p. 380
PS Nagaraja, Naveen G Singh, TA Patil, V Manjunath, SR Prasad, AM Jagadeesh, K Ashok Kumar
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Nonanalgesic benefits of combined thoracic epidural analgesia with general anesthesia in high risk elderly off pump coronary artery bypass patients p. 385
Bhanu Prakash Zawar, Yatin Mehta, Rajiv Juneja, Dheeraj Arora, Arun Raizada, Naresh Trehan
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Video Commentary 1: Tee for endoventricular patch plasty/dor procedure p. 392
Sarvesh Pal Singh, Jitin Narula, Poonam Malhotra
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Video Commentary 2: "Tee for direct closure for LV aneurysm repair" p. 393
Jitin Narula, Sarvesh Pal Singh, Poonam Malhotra
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Inhaled therapy for the management of perioperative pulmonary hypertension p. 394
CA Thunberg, ST Morozowich, Harish Ramakrishna
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Brugada syndrome and its relevance in the perioperative period p. 403
Dan Sorajja, Harish Ramakrishna, A Karl Poterack, Win-Kuang Shen, Farouk Mookadam
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Malpositioning of right internal jugular central venous catheter into right external jugular vein forming "figure of eight" p. 414
Sohan Lal Solanki, Raghu S Thota, Vasant P Patil
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In response to Evolutionary change: The new face of Annals of Cardiac Anesthesia p. 416
Mayadhar Barik
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Hematuria in a child eight hours, postcardiac surgery p. 417
Sarvesh Pal Singh
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Left subclavian artery occlusion: Incidental transesophageal echocardiography diagnosis p. 419
Dharmesh Radheshyam Agrawal, Mohammed Rehan Sayeed
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Interventricular septal hydatid cyst: Transesophageal echocardiography as a therapeutic tool during bypass p. 421
Pawan Kumar Jain, Vishwas Malik, Abha Divya, Jitin Narula, Milind Hote
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Obstructive membrane in arch of aorta in a case of Shone's complex p. 425
Divyesh H Sadadiwala, Kunal A Soni
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Aneurysm: Sinus of valsalva or ventricular septal? p. 427
Monish S Raut, Arun Maheshwari, Sumir Dubey
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Imaging coronary sinus in modified bicaval view p. 430
Monish S Raut, Arun Maheshwari
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Perioperative management of a patient with Dandy Walker malformation with tetralogy of Fallot undergoing total correction and fresh homologous pericardial pulmonary valve conduit implantation: Report of a rare case p. 433
Vishnu Datt, DK Tempe, Parin Lalwani, Saket Aggarwal, Pradeep Kumar, Anitha Diwakar, AS Tomar
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Use of dexmedetomidine as an adjunct in the treatment of paradoxical hypertension after surgical repair of coarctation of the aorta in infants p. 437
Manoj K Sahu, Vinod Kumar Manikala, Sarvesh Pal Singh, AK Bisoi, Ujjwal Kumar Chowdhury
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Pulmonary edema following transcatheter closure of atrial septal defect p. 441
Keerthi Chigurupati, Liza Jose Reshmi, Shrinivas Gadhinglajkar, S Venkateshwaran, Rupa Sreedhar
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Right ventricular hydatid cyst ruptured to pericardium p. 445
Feridoun Sabzi, Siavoosh Vaziri, Reza Faraji
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Diagnosis of cardiac tamponade with transesophageal echocardiography following the induction of anesthesia for suspected testicular torsion p. 449
Stephen M McHugh, Xiao Wang, Erin A Sullivan
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Pressure bandage over venous conduit harvesting site causing compartment syndrome in a patient with intra-aortic balloon pump: An unusual cause p. 453
Amit Rastogi, Rudrashish Haldar, Gauranga Majumdar, Akhilesh Pahade, Prabhat K Singh
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