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Indian Journal of Dermatology

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2013| July-August  | Volume 58 | Issue 4  

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Drug interactions in dermatology: What the dermatologist should know p. 249
Arijit Coondoo, Chandan Chattopadhyay
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Systemic sclerosis: Current concepts in pathogenesis and therapeutic aspects of dermatological manifestations p. 255
Vishalakshi Viswanath, Meghana M Phiske, Vinay V Gopalani
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White lesions in the oral cavity: A clinicopathological study from a tertiary care dermatology centre in Kerala, India p. 269
SM Simi, G Nandakumar, TS Anish
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Analysis of diagnostic criteria in adamantiades-behçet disease: A retrospective study p. 275
Nicola di Meo, S Bergamo, P Vidimari, S Bonin, G Trevisan
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Pseudolymphomatous folliculitis: A distinctive cutaneous lymphoid hyperplasia p. 278
Rameshwar M Gutte
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Kojic acid vis-a-vis its combinations with hydroquinone and betamethasone valerate in melasma: A randomized, single blind, comparative study of efficacy and safety p. 281
Kirti S Deo, Kedar N Dash, Yugal K Sharma, Neha C Virmani, Chetan Oberai
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Unilateral nevus of ota with bilateral nevus of Ito and palatal lesion: A case report with a proposed clinical modification of tanino's classification p. 286
Amiya Kumar Mukhopadhyay
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Psoriasiform dermatoses: Microscopic approach p. 290
Rajalakshmi Tirumalae
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A study of various histopathological features and their relevance in pathogenesis of psoriasis p. 294
Nikhil Moorchung, JS Khullar, NS Mani, Manas Chatterjee, Biju Vasudevan, Tanu Tripathi
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Retraction Notice p. 298
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Metabolic syndrome and skin: Psoriasis and beyond p. 299
Tanmay Padhi, Garima
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Polyamine metabolism changes in psoriasis p. 306
Valentina Broshtilova, Valentina Lozanov, Ljubka Miteva
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Finger nail pitting in psoriasis and its relation with different variables p. 310
Satyendra Kumar Singh
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Is psoriasis a new cutaneous marker for metabolic syndrome? A study in indian patients p. 313
Niti Khunger, Deepansh Gupta, V Ramesh
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Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in south indian patients with psoriasis vulgaris and the relation between disease severity and metabolic syndrome: A hospital-based case-control study or cross-sectional study? p. 315
Devinder Mohan Thappa, Divya Gupta
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Authors' reply p. 316
Shraddha Madanagobalane, Sankarasubramanian Anandan
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More robust evidence and safety checks are required before autologous serum therapy as treatment for chronic urticaria can be recommended p. 316
Sujoy Khan
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Authors' reply p. 317
Sharmila Patil, Nidhi Sharma, Kiran Godse
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Verrucous squamous cell carcinoma of vulva simulating multiple epidermal inclusion cysts p. 318
Ana I Lorente, Mercedes Morillo, Teresa de Zulueta, Joaquin Gonzalez, J Conejo-Mir
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Multiple nodular swellings in an adult male p. 319
Savita Yadav, Dipankar De, Uma Nahar Saikia, Amrinder Jit Kanwar
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Curious translucent papules over vitiliginous patches p. 322
Shekhar S Haldar, Rameshwar Gutte, Bhavana R Doshi, Uday S Khopkar
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Professor unandar budimulja MD, Spkk, Ph.D, FAADV p. 324
Steven KW Chow
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Chronic idiopathic urticaria and thyroid autoimmunity: Perplexing association p. 325
S Yadav, AJ Kanwar, D Parsad, RW Minz
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Reduced P53 staining in actinic keratosis is associated with squamous cell carcinoma: A preliminary study p. 325
DR Neto Pimentel, MMA Alchorne, NS Michalany, MAMM Abreu, RC Borra
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Soy Allergy in patients suffering from atopic dermatitis p. 325
Celakovská Jarmila, Ettlerová Kvetuše, Ettler Karel, Vanecková Jaroslava, Bukac Josef
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Cerebrospinal fluid abnormalities in HIV-negative patients with secondary and early latent syphilis and serum VDRL ≥ 1:32 p. 325
Maciej Pastuszczak, Jacek Zeman, Andrzej K Jaworek, Anna Wojas-Pelc
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Phototherapy in vitiligo: Assessing the compliance, response and patient's perception about disease and treatment p. 325
Shakthisri Kandaswamy, Nahid Akhtar, Surya Ravindran, Smitha Prabhu, Shrutakirthi D Shenoi
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The evaluation of the impact of age, skin tags, metabolic syndrome, body mass index, and smoking on homocysteine, endothelin-1, high-sensitive C-reactive protein, and on the heart p. 326
Omar Soliman El Safoury, Marwa Ezzat, Mahmoud F Abdelhamid, Nadia Shoukry, Ehssan Badawy
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No evidence of human papillomaviruses in non-genital seborrheic keratosis p. 326
Naser Tayyebi Meibodi, Yalda Nahidi, Zahra Meshkat, Habibollah Esmaili, Masoumeh Gharib, Aida Gholoobi
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A clinical study of the cutaneous manifestations of hypothyroidism in kashmir valley p. 326
Mohammad Abid Keen, Iffat Hassan, Mohammad Hayat Bhat
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308-nm excimer lamp for the treatment of alopecia areata: Clinical trial on 16 cases p. 326
Akiko Ohtsuki, Toshio Hasegawa, Etsuko Komiyama, Atsushi Takagi, Junko Kawasaki, Shigaku Ikeda
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Cutaneous syringoma: A clinicopathologic study of 34 new cases and review of the literature p. 326
Alireza Ghanadan, Mohsen Khosravi
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Expression of inflammatory biomarkers from cultured sebocytes was influenced by treatment with vitamin D p. 327
Weon Ju Lee, Yoon Hyuk Choi, Mi Yeung Sohn, Seok-Jong Lee, Do Won Kim
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Aminolevulinic acid-photodynamic therapy of basal cell carcinoma and factors affecting the response to treatment: A clinical trial p. 327
Zohreh Tehranchinia, Hoda Rahimi, Mahsa Seyed Ahadi, Maral Seyed Ahadi
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Teenage patients with ingrown toenails: Treatment with partial matrix excision or segmental phenolization p. 327
Murat Korkmaz, Emine Çölgeçen, Yalçin Erdogan, Ahmet Bal, Kemal Özyurt
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Intra-hepatic cholestasis of pregnancy: A comprehensive review p. 327
Sangita Ghosh, Soumik Chaudhuri
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Civatte bodies: A diagnostic clue p. 327
Tanwar Pranay, Arora Sandeep Kumar, Chhabra Seema
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Bitemporal scalp, lip and tongue necrosis in giant cell arteritis: A rare presentation p. 328
Rajesh Kumar, Hemant Gupta, Anil Jadhav, SV Khadilkar
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Tender skin nodules in a newborn p. 328
Arijit Coondoo, Raja Lahiry, Amlan Choudhury, Sujata Sengupta
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Cutis laxa: A report of two interesting cases p. 328
Subhabrata Mitra, Amit Kumar Agarwal, Jayanta Kumar Das, Asok Gangopadhyay
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Ganglion cell like cells, diagnostic dilemma p. 328
Anand Shankar Ammanagi, Panduranga Chikkannaiah, Veerabhadrappa Veerappa Yenni, Vijay Dhundiraj Dombale
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A generalized, non-pruritic variant of lichen amyloidosis: A case report and a brief review p. 328
Rajat Kandhari, V Ramesh, Avninder Singh
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Case reports of incontinentia pigmenti in males p. 328
Khushboo D Gupta, Bela B Padhiar, Umesh K Karia, Bela J Shah
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Recurrent ulcers: A diagnostic challenge p. 329
Mary Thomas, JP Pratibha, Margery Emmanuel, Aruno Nakhro Neivitro
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Psoriasis occurring as a koebner phenomenon over keloids p. 329
Manikoth Payyanadan Binitha, Ambooken Betsy, Thumbayil Lekha
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Multiple squamous cell carcinoma over lichen simplex chronicus: A rare entity p. 329
Palak Deshmukh, Yugal K Sharma, Nitin D Chaudhari, Bharat B Dogra, Kirti S Deo
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Erythema annulare centrifugum: Deep variant with vasculitis like histopathology p. 329
Sudhir UK Nayak, Shrutakirthi D Shenoi, Smitha M Prabhu
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A case of senear-usher syndrome p. 329
Sonal A Chavan, Yugal K Sharma, Kirti Deo, Archana C Buch
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Erythema gyratum repens like figurate erythema responding to topical steroid in an healthy individual p. 329
Kikkeri Narayanasetty Naveen, BE Kalinga, Varadraj V Pai, Sharatchandra B Athanikar, Tukaram Sori, Kartik Raju, Ravikala Rao
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Topical timolol: A safer alternative for complicated and un-complicated infantile hemangiomas p. 330
Hariharasubramony Ambika, Chankramath Sujatha, Yadalla Harikishan Kumar
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Nevus lipomatosus cutaneous superficialis associated with trichofolliculoma on the lower leg p. 330
Masanao Sakanoue, Kazuhiro Kawai, Takuro Kanekura
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Follicular occlusion triad associated with reticulate pigmentary disorder: Is there a genetic linkage? p. 330
Vijay Gandhi, Prashant Verma, Pravesh Yadav
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A particularly bothersome umbilical nodule p. 330
Susanna Rossari, Marta Grazzini, Imma Savarese, Anna Sara Longo, Teresa Oranges, Alessia Gori, Daniela Massi, Laura Giorgi Vincenzo de Giorgi
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
A 54-year-old female with skin lesions and history of renal cell carcinoma p. 330
Nasim Valizadeh
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