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Saudi Journal of Anaesthesia

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2014| October-December  | Volume 8 | Issue 4  

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Lung isolation algorithm: A novel template p. 447
Hussam Alsharani, Abdelazeem Eldawlatly
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Moderate sedation: Introducing the "modified sedation continuum" and the "moderate sedation ladder" p. 449
Abdelazeem A Eldawlatly
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Intracuff alkalized lidocaine reduces sedative/analgesic requirements for mechanically ventilated patients p. 451
Ahmed Sobhy Basuni
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Prevention of altered hemodynamics after spinal anesthesia: A comparison of volume preloading with tetrastarch, succinylated gelatin and ringer lactate solution for the patients undergoing lower segment caesarean section p. 456
Tapobrata Mitra, Anjan Das, Saikat Majumdar, Tapas Bhattacharyya, Rahul Deb Mandal, Bimal Kumar Hajra
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Comparative evaluation of ropivacaine versus dexmedetomidine and ropivacaine in epidural anesthesia in lower limb orthopedic surgeries p. 463
Sarabjit Kaur, Joginder Pal Attri, Gagandeep Kaur, Tejinder Pal Singh
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Comparison of the air-Q intubating laryngeal airway and the cobra perilaryngeal airway as conduits for fiber optic-guided intubation in pediatric patients p. 470
Karim K Girgis, Maha M I Youssef, Nashwa S ElZayyat
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Spinal anesthesia for laparoscopic cholecystectomy: Thoracic vs. Lumbar Technique p. 477
Luiz Eduardo Imbelloni
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Safety and reliability of the sealing cuff pressure of the Microcuff pediatric tracheal tube for prevention of post-extubation morbidity in children: A comparative study p. 484
Roshdi Roshdi Al-Metwalli, Sayed Sadek
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The use of laryngeal mask airway during transesophageal echocardiography in pediatric patients p. 489
Mohammed A Shafi Ahmed, Abdulmohsin A Al-Ghamdi, Hany A Mowafi, Roshdy R Al-Metwalli, Wesam F Mousa, Amer A Lardhi
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How green is my operation theater? p. 493
Nishant Kumar, Ranju Singh, Aruna Jain, Abhijit Bhattacharya
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Combined spinal and general anesthesia is better than general anesthesia alone for laparoscopic hysterectomy p. 498
Poonam S Ghodki, Shalini P Sardesai, Ramesh W Naphade
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Behavioral impact of sickle cell disease in young children with repeated hospitalization p. 504
Mohamed H Bakri, Eman A Ismail, Ghada O Elsedfy, Mostafa A Amr, Ahmed Ibrahim
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A randomized trial evaluating low doses of propofol infusion after intravenous ketamine for ambulatory pediatric magnetic resonance imaging p. 510
Divya Sethi, Madhu Gupta, Shalini Subramanian
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Hospitalization for partial nephrectomy was not associated with intrathecal opioid analgesia: Retrospective analysis p. 517
Toby N Weingarten, Serena B Del Mundo, Tze Yeng Yeoh, Federica Scavonetto, Bradley C Leibovich, Juraj Sprung
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General anesthesia plus ilioinguinal nerve block versus spinal anesthesia for ambulatory inguinal herniorrhapy p. 523
Lucía Vizcaíno-Martínez, Manuel Ángel Gómez-Ríos, Beatriz López-Calviño
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Awake craniotomy: A qualitative review and future challenges p. 529
Mahmood Ghazanwy, Rajkalyan Chakrabarti, Anurag Tewari, Ashish Sinha
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Propofol alternatives in gastrointestinal endoscopy anesthesia p. 540
Basavana Gouda Goudra, Preet Mohinder Singh
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Peri-operative challenges in post myocardial infarction ventricular septal rupture: A case series and review of literature p. 546
Sanjay Kumar, Arindam Choudhury, Devagourou Velayudam, Usha Kiran
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Use of ultrasound to diagnose pneumothorax after video assisted thoracic surgery: Do we need to acquire a new skill? p. 550
Surbhi D Mundada, Kundan S Gosavi, Bharti Kondvilkar
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Partial airway obstruction following manufacturing defect in laryngeal mask airway (Laryngeal Mask SilkenTM) p. 554
Kiran Jangra, Surender Kumar Malhotra, Vikas Saini
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Anesthesia for cesarean delivery in a patient with large anterior mediastinal tumor presenting as intrathoracic airway compression p. 556
Yatish Bevinaguddaiah, Shivakumar Shivanna, Vinayak Seenappa Pujari, Manjunath Abloodu Chikkapillappa
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Successful management of complex regional pain syndrome type 1 using single injection interscalene brachial plexus block p. 559
Summayah M A Fallatah
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Accidental intrathecal injection of magnesium sulfate for cesarean section p. 562
Mehryar Taghavi Gilani, Nahid Zirak, Majid Razavi
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An unusual cause with a simple solution for failure of oxygen sensor in a Dräger Fabius GS ventilator p. 565
Byrappa Vinay, Kadarapura Nanjundaiah Gopalakrishna
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How to achieve optimal position for central neuraxial blocks in patients with lower limb fractures? p. 566
Harihar V Hegde
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An unexpected error in oxygen humidifier p. 567
Shivanand L Karigar, Sangamesh Kunakeri, Akshaya N Shetti
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Successful management of pseudoaneurysm and hemothorax following central venous cannulation p. 568
Deepak Malviya, Shivani Rastogi, Mamta Harjai, PK Das
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Prevention and treatment of sevoflurane emergence agitation and delirium in children with dexmedetomidine p. 570
Michael Ayeko, Ahmed Abouzeed Mohamed
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Dexmedetomidine in upper gastrointestinal endoscopy of a patient with ejection fraction 25% p. 571
Divya Srivastava, Sohan Lal Solanki, Prabhat Kumar Singh
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Severe barotrauma resulting from subtle migration of tracheal tube: A nightmare p. 572
Ashish Bindra, Madhur Chauhan, Niraj Kumar, Varun Jain, Vikas Chauhan, Keshav Goyal
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Combination of Parker Flex-IT™ Stylet and McGRATH MAC for effective double lumen tube intubation p. 574
Hironobu Ueshima, Akira Kitamura
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