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Indian Journal of Medical Research

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2010| December  | Volume 132 | Issue 6  

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Need for improved access to HIV prevention programmes p. 653
Trevor A Hart
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Microbicides & their implications in HIV prevention p. 656
Salim S Abdool Karim, Cheryl Baxter
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HIV-2 goes global: An unaddressed issue in Indian anti-retroviral programmes p. 660
Thushan de Silva, Robin A Weiss
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Serotonin transporter gene polymorphisms & obsessive-compulsive disorder p. 663
Humberto Nicolini
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A review on peripheral blood CD4+ T lymphocyte counts in healthy adult Indians p. 667
Ashwini Shete, Madhuri Thakar, Philip Raj Abraham, Ramesh Paranjape
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Zinc: A promising agent in dietary chemoprevention of cancer p. 676
DK Dhawan, Vijayta D Chadha
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Characteristics, immunological response & treatment outcomes of HIV-2 compared with HIV-1 & dual infections (HIV 1/ 2) in Mumbai p. 683
Montaldo Chiara, Zachariah Rony, Mansoor Homa, Varghese Bhanumati, Joanna Ladomirska, M Manzi, N Wilson, Deshpande Alaka, AD Harries
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Association of serotonin transporter gene polymorphisms with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in a South Indian population p. 690
Prashant Tibrewal, HB Kiran Kumar, GN Shubha, D Subhashree, Meera Purushottam, K Thennarasu, Y.C.J Reddy, Sanjeev Jain
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HIV in Indian prisons: Risk behaviour, prevalence, prevention & treatment p. 696
Kate Dolan, Sarah Larney
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Metabolic syndrome in adult population of rural Wardha, Central India p. 701
Pranita Kamble, Pradeep R Deshmukh, Neelam Garg
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Epidemiology of hepatitis C virus infection & liver disease among injection drug users (IDUs) in Chennai, India p. 706
Shruti H Mehta, Samantha L Vogt, Aylur K Srikrishnan, Conjeevaram K Vasudevan, Kalilapuri G Murugavel, Shanmugam Saravanan, Santhanam Anand, M Suresh Kumar, Stuart C Ray, David D Celentano, Suniti Solomon, Sunil S Solomon
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Serial assessment of biochemical parameters of red cell preparations to evaluate safety for neonatal transfusions p. 715
Somnath Mukherjee, Neelam Marwaha, Rajendra Prasad, Ratti Ram Sharma, Beenu Thakral
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Faecal bifidobacteria in Indian neonates & the effect of asymptomatic rotavirus infection during the first month of life p. 721
Ramadass Balamurugan, Fabien Magne, Divya Balakrishnan, Antonia Suau, Sasirekha Ramani, Gagandeep Kang, Balakrishnan S Ramakrishna
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Attenuation of oxidative stress & DNA damage in varicocelectomy: Implications in infertility management p. 728
Rima Dada, Monis Bilal Shamsi, Sunderarjan Venkatesh, Naramada Prasad Gupta, Rajeev Kumar
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Influenza A virus outbreak in police training school, Nazafgarh, Delhi 2009 p. 731
DK Raut, Saudan Singh, Neelam Roy, Deepthi Nair, Rinku Sharma
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Breeding potential of Aedes albopictus (Skuse, 1895) in chikungunya affected areas of Kerala, India p. 733
Alex Eapen, K John Ravindran, AP Dash
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The need for rejuvenation of Indian biomedical journals p. 736
Shampa Ghosh, Jitendra Kumar Sinha
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Dengue haemorrhagic fever among adults - An observational study in Chennai, South India p. 738
M Emmanuel Bhaskar, Swathy Moorthy, N Senthil Kumar, Preetam Arthur
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emm type distribution pattern of group A streptococcus in North India: Need for a new preventive approach p. 741
V Dhanda, R Kumar, JS Thakur, A Chakraborti
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Controversies in the treatment of lung cancer p. 745
PK Julka
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Nutrigenomics: Opportunities in Asia (Forum of nutrition) p. 747
Koumudi Godbole
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History of pharmacy in India & related aspects (Vol. 6): Medico-pharmaceutical professionals p. 748
BN Dhawan
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Paul Klee and his illness p. 750
Sanjeev Handa
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