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AYU (An international quarterly journal of research in Ayurveda)

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2012| October-December  | Volume 33 | Issue 4  

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Reinvent the system of Education in Ayurveda p. 459
Harimohan Chandola
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Status of Indian medicine and folk healing: With a focus on integration of AYUSH medical systems in healthcare delivery p. 461
Shailaja Chandra
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Management of rheumatoid arthritis (Aamavata) using symbiohealth healthcare system p. 466
Gopal K Basisht, Ram Harsh Singh, Harimohan Chandola
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Alternative medicine and anesthesia: Implications and considerations in daily practice p. 475
Sukhminder Jit Singh Bajwa, Aparajita Panda
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An overview of the causes of current practices in Pratinidhi Dravyas (substitution of drugs) in Ayurveda including newer techniques for their evaluation p. 481
Pravin R Joshi, Bhupesh R Patel, Vinay J Shukla
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Dyslexia: A solution through Ayurveda evidences from Ayurveda for the management of dyslexia in children: A review p. 486
Anita Sharma, Vinod K Gothecha, Nisha K Ojha
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sushruta-samhitA: A critical review Part - 2: Few new additions p. 491
Hari S Sharma, Hiroe I Sharma, Hemadri A Sharma
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Effects of turmeric on Alzheimer's disease with behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia p. 499
Nozomi Hishikawa, Yoriko Takahashi, Yoshinobu Amakusa, Yuhei Tanno, Yoshitake Tuji, Hisayoshi Niwa, Nobuyuki Murakami, UK Krishna
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Role of Virechana Karma in cure and prevention of recurrence of Vicharchika (Eczema) p. 505
Mandip Kaur, Harimohan Chandola
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Clinical evaluation of Ashokarishta, Ashwagandha Churna and Praval Pishti in the management of menopausal syndrome p. 511
Mansi B Modi, Shilpa B Donga, Laxmipriya Dei
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A comparative clinical study on standardization of Vamana Vidhi by classical and traditional methods p. 517
Ranjip Kumar Dass, Nilesh N Bhatt, Anup B Thakar, Vagish Dutt Shukla
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Clinical efficacy of Bhringarajasava as Naimittika Rasayana in Rajayakshma with special reference to pulmonary tuberculosis p. 523
Sathya N Dornala, Snehalatha S. N Dornala
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Provocative dietary factors in geriatric hypertension: A surveillance study p. 530
Madhavi V Jagtap, Yogesh S Deole, Harimohan Chandola, B Ravishankar
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Clinical efficacy of Gokshura-Punarnava Basti in the management of microalbuminuria in diabetes mellitus p. 537
Rajkala S Ramteke, Anup B Thakar, Amiben H Trivedi, Panchakshari D Patil
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A clinical study to evaluate the efficacy of Trataka Yoga Kriya and eye exercises (non-pharmocological methods) in the management of Timira (Ammetropia and Presbyopia) p. 543
G Gopinathan, Kartar Singh Dhiman, R Manjusha
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Gokshuradi Vati and Dhanyaka-Gokshura Ghrita Matra Basti in the management of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia p. 547
Shreyas G Bhalodia, Chaturbhuj Bhuyan, Sanjay Kumar Gupta, Tukaram S Dudhamal
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A comparative pharmacognostical profile of Desmodium gangeticum DC. and Desmodium laxiflorum DC. p. 552
Bhavesh D Vaghela, Bhupesh R Patel, Preeti N Pandya
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Phyto-chemical evaluation of dried aqueous extract of Jivanti [Leptadenia reticulata (Retz.) Wt. et Arn] p. 557
Atanu Pal, Parmeshwar P Sharma, Tarulata N Pandya, Rabinarayan Acharya, Bhupesh R Patel, Vinay J Shukla, B Ravishankar
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Standard manufacturing procedure of Tamra Bhasma p. 561
Chandrashekhar Y Jagtap, Pradeep Kumar Prajapati, Biswajyoti Patgiri, Vinay J Shukla
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Evidence for safety of Ayurvedic herbal, herbo-metallic and Bhasma preparations on neurobehavioral activity and oxidative stress in rats p. 569
Gajendra Kumar, Yogendra Kumar Gupta
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Diuretic activity of Linaria ramosissima (wall.) Janch. leaves in albino rats p. 576
Preeti N Pandya, Hetal B Aghera, BK Ashok, Rabinarayan Acharya
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