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Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology

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2013| January-March  | Volume 31 | Issue 1  

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Challenges to pneumococcal vaccine in India p. 1
R Kanungo
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Evaluation and characterisation of A and B fragments of Corynebacterium diphtheriae toxin towards recombinant diphtheria vaccine p. 3
S Abulmagd, M Emara, S Aziz, R El-Domany
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Comparison of two recombinant systems for expression of cholera toxin B subunit from Vibrio cholerae p. 10
M Boustanshenas, B Bakhshi, M Ghorbani, D Norouzian
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Alteration in sample preparation to increase the yield of multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction assay for diagnosis of genital ulcer disease p. 15
G Rao, A Das, P Prabhakar, V Nema, AR Risbud
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Prevalence of biofilm-producing Staphylococcus epidermidis in the healthy skin of individuals in Tamil Nadu, India p. 19
CA EL Farran, A Sekar, A Balakrishnan, S Shanmugam, P Arumugam, J Gopalswamy
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Multiplex polymerase chain reaction using insertion sequence 6110 (IS6110) and mycobacterial protein fraction from BCG of Rm 0.64 in electrophoresis target genes for diagnosis of tuberculous lymphadenitis p. 24
K Sharma, N Gupta, A Sharma, G Singh, PK Gupta, A Rajwanshi, SC Varma, M Sharma
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Multiple virulence factors regulated by quorum sensing may help in establishment and colonisation of urinary tract by Pseudomonas aeruginosa during experimental urinary tract infection p. 29
P Gupta, RK Gupta, K Harjai
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Variables affecting the performance of galactomannan assay in high-risk patients at a Tertiary Care Centre in India p. 34
S Khanna, JK Oberoi, S Datta, S Aggarwal, C Wattal
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Changing patterns and trends of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis at referral centre in Northern India: A 4-year experience p. 40
AK Maurya, AK Singh, M Kumar, J Umrao, S Kant, VL Nag, RAS Kushwaha, TN Dhole
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A new approach of real time polymerase chain reaction in detection of vancomycin-resistant enterococci and its comparison with other methods p. 47
A Tripathi, SK Shukla, A Singh, KN Prasad
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Detection of plasmid-mediated AmpC β-lactamase in Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae p. 53
NO Yilmaz, N Agus, E Bozcal, O Oner, A Uzel
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Analysis of carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter from a tertiary care setting in North India p. 60
N Sinha, J Agarwal, S Srivastava, M Singh
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Evaluation of antigenicity and cell mediated immunity of Hepatitis E virus patients: Using non radioactive MTT assay p. 64
M Majumdar, R Ratho, Y Chawla, MP Singh
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Detection and characterisation of rotaviruses from children less than 5 years hospitalised with acute gastroenteritis in Nagercoil p. 69
S Babji, R Arumugam, A Peters, S Ramani, G Kang
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Outbreak of scrub typhus in the North East Himalayan region-Sikkim: An emerging threat p. 72
S Gurung, J Pradhan, PY Bhutia
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Cryptococcus laurentii Fungemia p. 75
P Banerjee, M Haider, V Trehan, B Mishra, A Thakur, V Dogra, P Loomba
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Cefotaximase and AmpC-producing Shigella flexneri in case of dysentery from southern India p. 77
S Oommen, PM Sivan Pillai, S Sushamabai, P Jose Paul
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First case report of acute hemorrhagic leukoencephalitis following Plasmodium vivax infection p. 79
V Venugopal, M Haider
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Dipylidium caninum infection in a child: A rare case report p. 82
MV Narasimham, P Panda, I Mohanty, S Sahu, S Padhi, M Dash
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Pulmonary hydatid disease with coexistent aspergillosis: An incidental finding p. 85
S Agarwal, S Bohara, A Thakran, P Arora, R Singh, PN Agarwal
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Primary meningococcal arthritis of sacroiliac joint: A rare case report p. 87
S Sahu, I Mohanty, MV Narasimham, S Pasupalak, B Parida
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Candidemia caused by amphotericin B and Fluconazole resistant Candida auris p. 90
S Sarma, N Kumar, S Sharma, D Govil, T Ali, Y Mehta, A Rattan
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Isolation and characterization of the first vancomycin-dependent Enterococcus from India p. 91
T Banerjee, S Anupurba
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Corrections in molecular characterization of S. aureus p. 92
VA Kumar
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Iodine-glycerol as an alternative to lactophenol cotton blue for identification of fungal elements in clinical laboratory p. 93
R Vignesh, CR Swathirajan, S Solomon, EM Shankar, KG Murugavel, I Paul, G Waldrop, SS Solomon, P Balakrishnan
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Breast abscess: Sole manifestation of Salmonella typhi infection p. 94
A Banu, MMN Hassan, M Anand
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Detection of N. gonorrhoeae and C. trachomatis infection using urine sample from symptomatic high-risk women by APTIMA Combo2 assay p. 96
AR Risbud, G Rao, A Das, P Narayanan, P Prabhakar
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Evaluation of a commercially available polyvinylidene fluoride membrane filtration system for water decontamination p. 97
MR Francis, S Roy, R Sarkar, V Balraj, G Kang
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Occupational exposure to Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection: A case missed is a life lost p. 98
SA Ganju, S Bhagra, RC Guleria, V Sharma, AK Kanga
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Microfilaruria with intermittent chyluria in pregnancy: An unusual association p. 100
M Pujani, S Agarwal, A Jain
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Research snippets p. 102
P Desikan
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Erratum p. 104
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