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Indian Journal of Dental Research

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2013| May-June  | Volume 24 | Issue 3  

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Knowledge about prevention of oral cancer and gum disease among school teachers in Dharwad, India p. 279
Shodan Mangalore, Prasad Kakarla Veera Venkata, Javali Shivalingappa Basavantappa, Shetty Preetha
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Prosthodontic status and needs of elderly institutionalized residents in Mangalore: A prospective study p. 284
Prashanti Eachempati, Vidya K Shenoy, Neha Jain, Sukhdip Singh
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Prevalence of archaea in chronic periodontitis patients in an Indian population p. 289
Nipun Ashok, Shivaraj Warad, VP Prabath Singh, Harshal Chaudhari, Arun Narayanan, Jean Rodrigues
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Evaluation of horizontal magnification on panoramic images p. 294
Maryam Raoof, Jahangir Haghani, Mohammad Ebrahimi
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Are more nickel ions accumulated in the hair of fixed orthodontic patients? p. 298
Mostafa Abtahi, Arezoo Jahanbin, Masoud Yaghoubi, Habibollah Esmaily, Hanieh Zare
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A comparative study of various decalcification techniques p. 302
Prathibha Prasad, Mandana Donoghue
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Etiogenic study on oral lichenoid reactions among Tamil Nadu population: A prospective cohort study p. 309
Eswar Nagaraj, Priya Eswar, Roopam Pal Kaur
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A new technique to determine vertical dimension of occlusion from anthropometric measurements of fingers p. 316
Ruchi Ladda, Aruna J Bhandari, Vikrant O Kasat, Gangadhar S Angadi
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Evaluation of shear bond strength of three different types of artificial teeth to heat cure denture base resin: An in vitro study p. 321
B Chittaranjan, M Taruna, N Sudheer, Nagesh S Patil
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The use of anatomical models for learning anesthesia techniques in oral surgery p. 326
JVS Canellas, MM Araujo, JPA Arce
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Effect of different evaporation periods on microtensile bond strength of an acetone-based adhesive to dentin p. 331
Abdolrahim Davari, Majid Mousvinasab, Alireza Danesh Kazemi, Reza Rouzbeh
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A comparison between various radiological techniques in the localization and analysis of impacted and supernumerary teeth p. 336
Christoph M Ziegler, Thomas R Klimowicz
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Detection of putative periodontopathic bacteria in type 1 diabetic and healthy children: A comparative study p. 342
Ponnudurai Arangannal, Santoshkumari , Padma Krishnan, Mamta Harilal Nichani, Mahalakshmi Krishnan, Vishnurekha Chamarthi
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Efficacy of spirulina as an antioxidant adjuvant to corticosteroid injection in management of oral submucous fibrosis p. 347
Prathima Shetty, Prashanth Shenai, Laxmikanth Chatra, Prasanna Kumar Rao
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Changes of the upper lip in orthodontic and orthopedic treatment of angle's class II malocclusion p. 351
Luiz Renato Paranhos, Eduardo de Novaes Benedicto, Adilson Luiz Ramos
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An in vitro study to compare the transverse strength of thermopressed and conventional compression-molded polymethylmethacrylate polymers p. 356
Anjana Raut, Polsani Laxman Rao, BVJ Vikas, T Ravindranath, Archana Paradkar, G Malakondaiah
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Influence of finishing/polishing on color stability and surface roughness of composites submitted to accelerated artificial aging p. 363
Gustavo Da Col dos Santos Pinto, Kleber Campioni Dias, Diogo Rodrigues Cruvinel, Lucas da Fonseca Roberti Garcia, Simonides Consani, Fernanda de Carvalho Panzeri Pires-De-Souza
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Immunohistochemical expression of protein 53, murine double minute 2, B-cell lymphoma 2, and proliferating cell nuclear antigen in odontogenic cysts and keratocystic odontogenic tumor p. 369
Hébel Cavalcanti Galvão, Manuel Antonio Gordón-Núñez, Rivadávio Fernandes Batista de Amorim, Roseana de Almeida Freitas, Lélia Batista de Souza
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Survival and complications of unconventional fixed dental prosthesis for maintaining diastema and splint pathologically migrated teeth: A case series up to 8 years follow-up p. 375
Sudhir Bhandari, Sonika Bakshi
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Submandibular swelling: Tooth or salivary stone? p. 381
Pasquale Capaccio, Giulia Anna Marciante, Michele Gaffuri, Francesco Spadari
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B-cell lymphoma, unclassifiable, with features intermediate between diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and Burkitt lymphoma: Report of a case in the oral cavity p. 384
Jumana M Jaradat, Anitha Potluri, Elizabeth A Bilodeau
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Van der Woude syndrome: Report of two cases with supplementary findings p. 387
Chandramani B More, Saurabh Varma, Mansi Tailor, Khushbu Bhavsar
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Intraluminal plexiform hemangioameloblastomatous proliferation in unicystic ameloblastoma: An unusual case report p. 390
Gargi S Sarode, Sachin C Sarode, Kedar Vaidya
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Nanobacteria in dental pulp stones p. 393
Neeta Sharma
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Effect of dental treatments on salivary immunoglobulin A of children with and without dental caries: A comparative study p. 394
PR Geetha Priya, Sharath Asokan, K Karthick, N Venugopal Reddy, V Arun Prasad Rao
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Assessment of gingival contours for esthetic diagnosis and treatment: A clinical study p. 394
Veena A Patil, Manthan H Desai
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Sealing ability of white and gray mineral trioxide aggregate mixed with distilled water and 0.12% chlorhexidine gluconate as a root end filling material: An ex vivo evaluation p. 395
Sreegowri , K Harish Kumar Shetty, MS Prathap, KJ Prithviraj
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Sarjeev's supernumerary tooth notation system: A universally compatible add-on to the Two-Digit system p. 395
Sarjeev Singh Yadav, Sapna Sonkurla
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Herpes zoster of trigeminal nerve after dental extraction p. 396
Nagappa Guttiganur, Archana Devanoorkar, Shivanand Aspalli, Sudhir Shetty
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