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Global Journal of Transfusion Medicine

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2018| January-June  | Volume 3 | Issue 1  

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Coping with the burden of thalassemia: Aiming for a thalassemia free world p. 1
Ambuja Kantharaj, Shivaram Chandrashekar
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Blood donor notification: Boon for the community, bane for blood donors, and blood centers? p. 6
Shivaram Chandrashekar, Ambuja Kantharaj
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Response to postdonation counseling is still a challenge in voluntary blood donation: A survey from tertiary care blood center p. 13
Shivani S Thaker, Nisha G Raval, AS Agnihotri
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Iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia in blood donors at a tertiary care hospital in Islamabad, Pakistan p. 17
Usman Waheed, Muhammad Arshad, Sadia Sultan, Muhammad Saeed, Abida Arshad, Syed Muhammad Irfan, Hassan Abbas Zaheer
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Paradigm shift of high-risk sexual behavior among indian blood donors: A threat to blood recipients p. 21
Sadhana Mangwana, Gajender Nath Gupta
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Red blood cell phenotyping of blood donors in Islamabad, Pakistan p. 26
Faiza Jabin, Usman Waheed, Saeed Ahmed, Muhammad Arshad, Abida Arshad, Hasan A Zaheer
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Machine and man individualities in apheresis adverse events p. 30
Sudipta Sekhar Das, Subrata Sen, Ritam Chakrabarty
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Luminex-Based Donor-Specific antibody crossmatching for renal transplant: A 3-Year experience in South India p. 34
Ankit Mathur, Samrat Thapa, Latha Jagannathan
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Pretransplant compatibility testing: Algorithmic approach! p. 39
Aseem K Tiwari, Rajni Chauhan
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A study on transfusion practice in obstetric hemorrhage in a tertiary care centre p. 41
Shiffi Fazal, AP Poornima
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A study on knowledge and awareness about blood donation amongst government medical, para-medical and nursing undergraduate students in Jamnagar, Gujarat p. 46
Ashishkumar Nathabhai Kanani, Jitendra H Vachhani, Shweta B Upadhyay, Spruha K Dholakiya
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A retrospective analysis of donor deferral characteristics for plateletpheresis in a tertiary care hospital, South India p. 52
Sudhir Kumar Vujhini, Kandukuri Mahesh Kumar, Murali Krishna Bogi, B Shanthi
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Urgent need for a South Asian hematopoietic stem cell donor registry p. 56
Srinivasan Periathiruvadi
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Anomalous blood grouping showing red cell mosaicism in a patient with acute leukemia p. 59
Sanmukh Ratilal Joshi, Komal Savaliya, Manisha Rajapara, Parul Narang
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Responsibility of blood bank regarding referral of initial seroreactive blood donors to integrated counseling and testing center: Sensationalism by the media may lead to disaster p. 62
Suvro Sankha Datta
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Postoperative atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome in nontransplant setting: A case report with review of literature p. 64
Anil Khetarpal, Vidhi Gupta, Urvershi Kotwal
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Massive blood transfusion: A case report of transfusion of 70 units of blood and blood products in 24 hours p. 68
Kompal Jain, Sunoor Jain, Nishant Sood, Arun Puri
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One case many learnings: A case of blood group discrepancy along with multiple alloantibodies p. 72
Samrat Thapa, Latha Jagannathan, Ankit Mathur, TV Kumar Reddy, Santanu Chakraborty
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How many of the rhesus D-Negative cases are actually weak D positive? p. 75
Shivali Sehgal, Priti Chatterjee, Ranjan Kumar, Chintamani Pathak
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A pilot study analysis of transfusion-related adverse events at the tertiary care hospital in Eastern India: Encourages the establishment of institutional hemovigilance program p. 76
Somnath Mukherjee, Dibyajyoti Sahoo, Aishwarya Ramnath, Rituparna Maiti
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Pattern of blood donor deferral in the hilly State of Himachal Pradesh p. 78
Sandeep Malhotra, Masih , ML Kaushal
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Effect of traumatic hemorrhagic shock on the antioxidant enzyme systems of organism: An animal experimental study p. 79
Li Dapeng, Lv Chunlei, Wang Yongqing, Wang Fenjiao, Zheng Wenzhe
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