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Neural Regeneration Research

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2015| October  | Volume 10 | Issue 10  

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Does being female provide a neuroprotective advantage following spinal cord injury? p. 1533
Jeffrey P Datto, Jackie Yang, W Dalton Dietrich, Damien D Pearse
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Ischemic long-term-potentiation (iLTP): perspectives to set the threshold of neural plasticity toward therapy p. 1537
Maximilian Lenz, Andreas Vlachos, Nicola Maggio
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Delayed peripheral nerve repair: methods, including surgical 'cross-bridging' to promote nerve regeneration p. 1540
Tessa Gordon, Placheta Eva, Gregory H Borschel
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Neuroprotection and recovery from early-life adversity: considerations for environmental enrichment p. 1545
Amanda C Kentner
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The emerging roles of transplanted radial glial cells in regenerating the central nervous system p. 1548
Robin E White, Denis S Barry
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Targeting α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors: a future potential for neuroprotection from traumatic brain injury p. 1552
Samuel S Shin, C Edward Dixon
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Regulation of axonal remodeling following spinal cord injury p. 1555
Anne Jacobi, Florence M Bareyre
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Handling iron in restorative neuroscience p. 1558
Lisa Junl Routhe, Torben Moos
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Old dogs with new tricks: intra-axonal translation of nuclear proteins p. 1560
Jeffery L Twiss, Tanuja T Merianda
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Schwann cell Miz without POZ: degeneration meets regeneration p. 1563
David Fuhrmann, Hans-Peter Elsässer
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Exosomes in neurological disease, neuroprotection, repair and therapeutics: problems and perspectives p. 1565
Anuradha Kalani, Neetu Tyagi
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Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles: promote neuronal regenerative capacity? p. 1568
Jenni Neubert, Anja U Bräuer
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Role of myelin sheath energy metabolism in neurodegenerative diseases p. 1570
Silvia Ravera, Isabella Panfoli
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Effects of cancer therapy on hippocampus-related function p. 1572
Miyoung Yang, Changjong Moon
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Insights of the brain damage response using antibodies identifying surface antigens on neural stem cells and neuroblasts p. 1574
Silvia Santamaria, Jose A Garcia-Sanz
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Glypican 4 down-regulation in pluripotent stem cells as a potential strategy to improve differentiation and to impair tumorigenicity of cell transplants p. 1576
Rosanna Dono
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Transforming growth factor β1-mediated anti-inflammation slows progression of midbrain dopaminergic neurodegeneration in Parkinson's disease? p. 1578
Björn Spittau
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Neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation: two processes, one target p. 1581
Paulina Carriba, Joan X Comella
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Myelin morphology and axon pathology in demyelination during experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis p. 1584
Yoshio Bando
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Gene therapy for Parkinson's disease: a decade of progress supported by posthumous contributions from volunteer subjects p. 1586
Raymond T Bartus
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Fortuitous benefits of activity-based rehabilitation in stem cell-based therapy for spinal cord repair: enhancing graft survival p. 1589
Dong Hoon Hwang, Hae Young Shin, Byung Gon Kim
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Repositioning imatinib for spinal cord injury p. 1591
Jacob Kjell, Lars Olson
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Neural prostheses for restoring functions lost after spinal cord injury p. 1594
Marc Fakhoury
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Targeting acute inflammation to complement spinal cord repair p. 1596
Faith H Brennan, Marc J Ruitenberg
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Acute optic neuritis: a clinical paradigm for evaluation of neuroprotective and restorative strategies? p. 1599
Sara S Qureshi, Elliot M Frohman
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Role of GSK3 in peripheral nerve regeneration p. 1602
Heike Diekmann, Dietmar Fischer
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Monocarboxylate transporter 4 plays a significant role in the neuroprotective mechanism of ischemic preconditioning in transient cerebral ischemia p. 1604
Seongkweon Hong, Ji Yun Ahn, Geum-Sil Cho, In Hye Kim, Jeong Hwi Cho, Ji Hyeon Ahn, Joon Ha Park, Moo-Ho Won, Bai Hui Chen, Bich-Na Shin, Hyun-Jin Tae, Seung Min Park, Jun Hwi Cho, Soo Young Choi, Jae-Chul Lee
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Co-culture of oligodendrocytes and neurons can be used to assess drugs for axon regeneration in the central nervous system p. 1612
Lin Gang, Yu-chen Yao, Ying-fu Liu, Yi-peng Li, Kai Yang, Lei Lu, Yuan-chi Cheng, Xu-yi Chen, Yue Tu
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Geniposide prevents rotenone-induced apoptosis in primary cultured neurons p. 1617
Lin Li, Juan Zhao, Ke Liu, Guang-lai Li, Yan-qing Han, Yue-ze Liu
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Decoding brain responses to pixelized images in the primary visual cortex: implications for visual cortical prostheses p. 1622
Bing-bing Guo, Xiao-lin Zheng, Zhen-gang Lu, Xing Wang, Zheng-qin Yin, Wen-sheng Hou, Ming Meng
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Neuroprotective effects of electroacupuncture on early- and late-stage spinal cord injury p. 1628
Min-fei Wu, Shu-quan Zhang, Jia-bei Liu, Ye Li, Qing-san Zhu, Rui Gu
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Electrospun and woven silk fibroin/poly(lactic-co- glycolic acid) nerve guidance conduits for repairing peripheral nerve injury p. 1635
Ya-ling Wang, Xiao-mei Gu, Yan Kong, Qi-lin Feng, Yu-min Yang
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Does glioblastoma cyst fluid promote sciatic nerve regeneration? p. 1643
Rafet Özay, Abit Aktas, Mevlüt Özgür Taskapilioglu, Bora Gürer, Bülent Erdogan, Yusuf Sükrü Çaglar
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Pulsed electrical stimulation protects neurons in the dorsal root and anterior horn of the spinal cord after peripheral nerve injury p. 1650
Bao-an Pei, Jin-hua Zi, Li-sheng Wu, Cun-hua Zhang, Yun-zhen Chen
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A novel therapeutic target for peripheral nerve injury-related diseases: aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases p. 1656
Byung Sun Park, Seung Geun Yeo, Junyang Jung, Na Young Jeong
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The longitudinal epineural incision and complete nerve transection method for modeling sciatic nerve injury p. 1663
Xing-long Cheng, Pei Wang, Bo Sun, Shi-bo Liu, Yun-feng Gao, Xin-ze He, Chang-yu Yu
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Femoral nerve regeneration and its accuracy under different injury mechanisms p. 1669
Aikeremujiang·Muheremu, Qiang Ao, Yu Wang, Peng Cao, Jiang Peng
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Comparison of short- with long-term regeneration results after digital nerve reconstruction with muscle-in-vein conduits p. 1674
Jennifer Lynn Schiefer, Lukas Schulz, Rebekka Rath, Stéphane Stahl, Hans-Eberhard Schaller, Theodora Manoli
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Inflammation and cutaneous nervous system involvement in hypertrophic scarring p. 1678
Shao-hua Li, Heng-lian Yang, Hu Xiao, Yi-bing Wang, De-chang Wang, Ran Huo
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An efficient strategy for establishing a model of sensorineural deafness in rats p. 1683
Long Ma, Hai-jin Yi, Fen-qian Yuan, Wei-wei Guo, Shi-ming Yang
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Anterior subcutaneous transposition of the ulnar nerve improves neurological function in patients with cubital tunnel syndrome p. 1690
Wei Huang, Pei-xun Zhang, Zhang Peng, Feng Xue, Tian-bing Wang, Bao-guo Jiang
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Coexistent Charcot-Marie-Tooth type 1A and type 2 diabetes mellitus neuropathies in a Chinese family p. 1696
A-ping Sun, Lu Tang, Qin Liao, Hui Zhang, Ying-shuang Zhang, Jun Zhang
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Comparison of commonly used retrograde tracers in rat spinal motor neurons p. 1700
You-lai Yu, Hai-yan Li, Pei-xun Zhang, Xiao-feng Yin, Na Han, Yu-hui Kou, Bao-guo Jiang
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The HMGB1 signaling pathway activates the inflammatory response in Schwann cells p. 1706
Li-li Man, Fan Liu, Ying-jie Wang, Hong-hua Song, Hong-bo Xu, Zi-wen Zhu, Qing Zhang, Yong-jun Wang
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