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Indian Journal of Nephrology

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2018| January-February  | Volume 28 | Issue 1  

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Kidney-paired donation to increase living donor kidney transplantation in India: Guidelines of Indian Society of Organ Transplantation – 2017 p. 1
Vivek B Kute, Sanjay K Agarwal, Manisha Sahay, Anant Kumar, Manish Rathi, Narayan Prasad, Rajkumar K Sharma, Krishan L Gupta, Sunil Shroff, Sandip K Saxena, Pankaj R Shah, Pranjal R Modi, Vishwanath Billa, Laxmikant K Tripathi, Sreebhushan Raju, Dhamedndra S Bhadauria, Tarun K Jeloka, Dhananjai Agarwal, Amresh Krishna, Rajshekhar Perumalla, Manoj Jain, Sandeep Guleria, Michael A Rees
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Role of preoperative duplex ultrasonography to predict functional maturation of wrist radiocephalic arteriovenous fistula: A study on indian population p. 10
A Srivastava, SK Sureka, S Prabhakaran, H Lal, MS Ansari, R Kapoor
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Clinicopathological spectrum of glomerular diseases in adolescents: A single-center experience over 4 Years p. 15
V Muthu, R Ramachandran, R Nada, V Kumar, M Rathi, HS Kohli, V Jha, KL Gupta, V Sakhuja
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Albuminuria and reduced estimated glomerular filtration rate among first-degree relatives of patients with chronic kidney disease in Lagos, Southwest Nigeria p. 21
YR Raji, MO Mabayoje, BT Bello, CO Amira
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A study of clinical presentation and correlative histopathological patterns in renal parenchymal disease p. 28
K Ganesh, RR Nair, NV Seethalekshmy, G Kurian, A Mathew, S Sreedharan, Z Paul
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Mycophenolate versus cyclophosphamide for lupus nephritis p. 35
M Sahay, Y Saivani, K Ismal, PS Vali
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Factors affecting insulin resistance and its relation to Vitamin D status and clinical nutritional parameters in dialysis patients: A single-center Indian study p. 41
R Jhorawat, N Bansal, P Beniwal, D Agarwal, V Malhotra
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Efficacy and safety of cyclosporine versus tacrolimus in steroid and cyclophosphamide resistant nephrotic syndrome: A prospective study p. 46
N Prasad, R Manjunath, D Rangaswamy, A Jaiswal, V Agarwal, D Bhadauria, A Kaul, R Sharma, A Gupta
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Neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin: As a predictor of early diabetic nephropathy in Type 2 diabetes mellitus p. 53
A Kaul, MR Behera, MK Rai, P Mishra, DS Bhaduaria, S Yadav, V Agarwal, R Karoli, N Prasad, A Gupta, RK Sharma
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Dense deposit disease involving C3 and C4d Deposits p. 61
M Vankalakunti, R Augustine, R Jangamani, V Siddini, R Bonu, K Babu, SH Ballal
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Type I cryoglobulinemic nephritis in a patient of monoclonal gammopathy of renal significance p. 65
VA Lobo, K Subramaniam, MA Bidaye, S Deshpande
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Rare cause of hyperkalemia in the newborn period: Report of two cases of pseudohypoaldosteronism Type 1 p. 69
R Manipriya, B Umamaheswari, A Prakash, N Binu
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Eculizumab dosing in infants p. 73
M Kobrzynski, B Wile, SS Huang, G Filler
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Nail–Patella syndrome: A rare cause of nephrotic syndrome in pregnancy p. 76
IN Aboobacker, A Krishnakumar, S Narayanan, B Hafeeque, JC Gopinathan, F Aziz
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IgG4 disease diagnosed on computed tomography-magnetic resonance imaging p. 79
A Chawla, S Shikhare, D Singh
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The role of renal angiography in Hepatitis B-related polyarteritis nodosa p. 81
R Malhotra, O Al Nimri
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First case of renal transplantation involving a donor with bombay phenotype blood group p. 83
M Surendra, SB Raju, Ch Reddy
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Cystinuria in a 13-month-old girl with absence of mutations in the SLC3A1 and SLC7A9 Genes p. 84
S Krishnamurthy, C Pavani, PM Kurup, S Palanisamy, A Jagadeesh, K Sekar, S Mahadevan, L Bisceglia
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Erratum: Successful renal transplantation across HLA Barrier: Report from India p. 86
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