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Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology

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2016| January-March  | Volume 19 | Issue 1  

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Fifty years of stroke researches in India p. 1
Tapas Kumar Banerjee, Shyamal Kumar Das
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Research in Parkinson's disease in India: A review p. 9
Pratibha Surathi, Ketan Jhunjhunwala, Ravi Yadav, Pramod Kumar Pal
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Homogeneity and the outcome of clinical trials: An appraisal of the outcome of recent clinical trials on endovascular intervention in acute ischemic stroke p. 21
Shakir Husain, PR Srijithesh
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The story of George Huntington and his disease p. 25
Kalyan B Bhattacharyya
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How I treat a first single seizure in a child p. 29
Sheffali Gulati, Jaya Shankar Kaushik
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Electrical source localization by LORETA in patients with epilepsy: Confirmation by postoperative MRI p. 37
Gülsüm Akdeniz
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Patients with post-polio syndrome are more likely to have subclinical involvement as compared to polio survivors without new symptoms p. 44
Arzu Yagiz On, Ulaş Sungur
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Serum homocysteine as a risk factor for carotid intimal thickening in acute stroke: A cross sectional observational study p. 48
Anup J Devasia, Binu Joy, Subhash D Tarey
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The early electroclinical manifestations of infantile spasms: A video EEG study p. 52
Mary Iype, Puthuvathra Abdul Mohammed Kunju, Geetha Saradakutty, Devi Mohan, Shahanaz Ahamed Mohammed Khan
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Perceived caregiver stress in Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment: A case control study p. 58
Kuljeet Singh Anand, Vikas Dhikav, Ankur Sachdeva, Pinki Mishra
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More clinical observations on migraine associated with monocular visual symptoms in an Indian population p. 63
Vishal Jogi, Sahil Mehta, Amod Gupta, Paramjeet Singh, Vivek Lal
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Ventilators in ICU: A boon or burden p. 69
Man Mohan Mehndiratta, Rajeev Nayak, Sana Ali, Ajay Sharma, Natasha Singh Gulati
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Neuropsychological profile in early Parkinson's disease: Comparison between patients with right side onset versus left side onset of motor symptoms p. 74
Sikandar Adwani, Ravi Yadav, Keshav Kumar, SR Chandra, Pramod Kumar Pal
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Intravenous levetiracetam in critically ill children p. 79
Faruk Incecik, Ozden O Horoz, Ozlem M Herguner, Dincer Yıldızdas, Seyda Besen, Ilknur Tolunay, Sakir Altunbasak
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Study of visuospatial skill in patients with dementia p. 83
Asutosh Pal, Atanu Biswas, Alak Pandit, Arijit Roy, Debsankar Guin, Goutam Gangopadhyay, Asit Kumar Senapati
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Association of ACE Gene I/D polymorphism with migraine in Kashmiri population p. 89
Irfan Yousuf Wani, Saleem Sheikh, Zafar Amin Shah, Arshid A Pandith, Mushtaq Wani, Ravouf Asimi, Maqbool Wani, Shahnawaz Sheikh, Iqra Mehraj
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Occult endocrine dysfunction in patients of cerebrovascular accident p. 94
K. V. S. Hari Kumar, Sandeep Kumar, Faiz M. H. Ahmad
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Reversible man-in-the-barrel syndrome in myasthenia gravis p. 99
Poornima A Shah, Pettarusp Murzban Wadia
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Transcranial Doppler: Techniques and advanced applications: Part 2 p. 102
Arvind K Sharma, Lokesh Bathala, Amit Batra, Man Mohan Mehndiratta, Vijay K Sharma
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Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy in the Agarwals: Utility of founder mutations in CAPN3 gene p. 108
Satish V Khadilkar, Chetan R Chaudhari, Rashna S Dastur, Pradnya S Gaitonde, Jayendra G Yadav
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Patients with tension-type headaches feel stigmatized p. 112
Sanjay Prakash
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Two unusual cases of PLA2G6-associated neurodegeneration from India p. 115
Shilpa D Kulkarni, Meenal Garg, Rafat Sayed, Varsha A Patil
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Hereditary inclusion body myopathy: A myopathy with unique topography of weakness, yet frequently misdiagnosed: Case series and review of literature p. 119
Biplab Das, Manoj Kumar Goyal, Sanat Ramchandra Bhatkar, Pulikottil Wilson Vinny, Manish Modi, Vivek Lal, N Gayathri, Anitha Mahadevan, Bishan Dass Radotra
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Asymmetric crying facies in a neonate with congenital hypoplasia of depressor anguli oris muscle (CHDAOM) p. 123
Sujit A Jagtap, Kaustubh S Chaudhari
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MR imaging in rabies encephalitis: A rare entity p. 125
Parveen Jassi, Ankur Attri, Ritu Dhawan, Chandan Kakkar, Kavita Saggar
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Stroke-like migraine attacks after radiation therapy (SMART) Syndrome causing permanent neurological deficit p. 129
Dalveer Singh, Charlie Chia-Tsong Hsu
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Adult-onset Satoyoshi syndrome and response to plasmapheresis p. 131
Rajeshwari Aghoram, PR Srijithesh, Sudheeran Kannoth
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Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome with spinal cord involvement (PRES-SCI): A case report p. 134
Harsh Vardhan Khokhar, Pradeep Choudhary, Sangeeta Saxena, Mohamed Arif
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Tangier's disease: An uncommon cause of facial weakness and non-length dependent demyelinating neuropathy p. 137
Madhu Nagappa, Arun B Taly, Anita Mahadevan, M Pooja, PS Bindu, YT Chickabasaviah, N Gayathri, Sanjib Sinha
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Adult-onset Leigh's disease: A rare entity p. 140
Shaik Afshan Jabeen, G Sandeep, Kandadai Rukmini Mridula, Angamuttu Kanikannan Meena, Rupam Borgohain, Challa Sundaram
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Recurrent headache in a five year old boy p. 143
Lokesh Saini, Ranjith M Kumar, Biswaroop Chakrabarty, Sheffali Gulati
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A unique combination of autoimmune limbic encephalitis, type 1 diabetes, and Stiff person syndrome associated with GAD-65 antibody p. 146
Chandra Mohan Sharma, Rajendra Kumar Pandey, Banshi Lal Kumawat, Dinesh Khandelwal, Pankaj Gandhi
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Laryngeal carcinoma presenting as polymyositis: A paraneoplastic syndrome p. 150
Ritesh Sahu, Bhanu Pratap Rathaur, Tejendra Sukdeo Chaudhari, Rakesh Shukla, Kiran Preet Malhotra
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"Person in the barrel" syndrome: Unusual heralding presentation of squamous cell carcinoma of the lung p. 152
Rajesh Verma, Rakesh Lalla, Tushar B Patil, Suresh Babu
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Spinal cord infarction after bronchial artery embolization p. 156
Boby Varkey Maramattom, BP Krishna Prasad, Sandeep Padmanabhan, Jacob Baby
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Torticollis, head bobbing and oscillatory eye movements in a 14 year old child p. 158
Kalyan B Bhattacharyya, BK Roy, AK Dutta, B Mondal, P Biswas
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A surprising cause of isolated oculomotor nerve palsy with pupillomotor palsy p. 159
Rohan R Mahale, Anish Mehta, Abhinandan Shankar, Kiran Buddaraju, R Srinivasa
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Neurological complications due to chicken pox in adults: A retrospective study of 20 patients p. 161
Deepak Amalnath, Aishwarya Karthikeyan, Venkatesh Thammishetti, Dharanipragada Krishna Suri Subrahmanyam, Deepanjali Surendran
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Cerebral hemi-atrophy and seizures: Some facts p. 163
Khichar Purnaram Shubhakaran, Bharat Bhushan
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Cognitive markers of mild cognitive impairment: An Indian experience p. 164
Ravikesh Tripathi, Keshav Kumar, Rakesh Balachandar, Palaniappan Marimuthu, Mathew Varghese, Srikala Bharath
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Oliver Sacks: Poet laureate of neurology p. 165
Apoorva Pauranik
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