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International Journal of Critical Illness and Injury Science

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2011| July-December  | Volume 1 | Issue 2  

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What's new in critical illness and injury science? Managing acute respiratory distress syndrome is still a challenge p. 95
Abubakr A Bajwa, James D Cury
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Hepatoprotective effects of select water-soluble PARP inhibitors in a carbon tetrachloride model p. 97
James D McCluskey, Dmytro Sava, Stephen C Harbison, Carlos A Muro-Cacho, Johnson T Giffe, Xu Ping, Raymond D Harbison
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Pre-injury polypharmacy as a predictor of outcomes in trauma patients p. 104
David C Evans, Anthony T Gerlach, Jonathan M Christy, Amy M Jarvis, David E Lindsey, Melissa L Whitmill, Daniel Eiferman, Claire V Murphy, Charles H Cook, Paul R Beery II, Steven M Steinberg, Stanislaw PA Stawicki
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Resource utilization in the management of traumatic brain injury patients in a critical care unit: An audit from rural setup of a developing country p. 110
Amit Agrawal, Dilip Gode, Anand Kakani, Manda Nagrale, Syed Zahiruddin Quazi, Abhay Gaidhane, Parvez Shaikh
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A comparison between two different alveolar recruitment maneuvers in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome p. 114
Khaled M Mahmoud, Amany S Ammar
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Educating the delivery of bad news in medicine: Preceptorship versus simulation p. 121
Andrew P Jacques, Eric J Adkins, Sheri Knepel, Creagh Boulger, Jessica Miller, David P Bahner
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The death of Ivan Ilych: A blueprint for intervention at the end of life p. 125
Thomas J Papadimos, Stanislaw PA Stawicki
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End of life in the Burn/Trauma unit: A nursing perspective p. 129
Rebecca Coffey, Sherman Everett, Sidney Miller, Jacqueline Brown
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Advance directives in the trauma intensive care unit: Do they really matter? p. 132
Stephanie Gordy, Eran Klein
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An overview of end-of-life issues in the intensive care unit p. 138
Thomas J Papadimos, Yasdet Maldonado, Ravi S Tripathi, Deven S Kothari, Andrew L Rosenberg
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Palliative critical care in the intensive care unit: A 2011 perspective p. 147
Michael D Adolph, Kimberly A Frier, Stanislaw PA Stawicki, Anthony T Gerlach, Thomas J Papadimos
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Cultural and religious aspects of palliative care p. 154
Steven M Steinberg
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Gossypiboma, a rare cause of acute abdomen: A case report and review of literature p. 157
Indu Lata, Deepa Kapoor, Sandeep Sahu
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The stunned atrial lead: Transient malfunction of a permanent atrial pacer lead following acute myocardial infarction p. 161
Shailendra Upadhyay, Stephen Marshalko, Craig McPherson
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Blunt traumatic abdominal wall disruption with evisceration p. 164
Ellen McDaniel, Stanislaw PA Stawicki, David P Bahner
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Cavernous sinus thrombosis following bee sting p. 167
Subramanian Senthilkumaran, Namasivayam Balamurugan, Shah Sweni, Ponniah Thirumalaikolundusubramanian
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ECMO and endogenous carboxyhemoglobin formation p. 168
Ravi S Tripathi, Thomas J Papadimos
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Perforation of right ventricle with cardiac tamponade following pacemaker implantation p. 169
Luciano Santana-Cabrera, Guillermo Pérez-Acosta, Raquel Manzanedo-Velasco, Manuel Sánchez-Palacios
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Ultrasonography-guided peripheral intravenous catheter in emergency department patients with difficult access p. 170
Luciano Santana-Cabrera, Guillermo Pérez-Acosta, Sergio Martínez-Cuéllar, Manuel Sánchez-Palacios
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