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Asian Journal of Andrology

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2018| May-June  | Volume 20 | Issue 3  

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The path forward in prostate cancer therapeutics p. 213
Jeanny B Aragon-Ching, Ravi A Madan
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Bone-targeted therapies to reduce skeletal morbidity in prostate cancer p. 215
Tanya B Dorff, Neeraj Agarwal
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Role of chemotherapy in prostate cancer p. 221
Rita Nader, Joelle El Amm, Jeanny B Aragon-Ching
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Utility of cell-free nucleic acid and circulating tumor cell analyses in prostate cancer p. 230
Theodore Gourdin, Guru Sonpavde
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The role of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma in prostate cancer p. 238
Catherine Elix, Sumanta K Pal, Jeremy O Jones
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Vitamin D in prostate cancer p. 244
Donald L Trump, Jeanny B Aragon-Ching
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Perspectives on the clinical development of immunotherapy in prostate cancer p. 253
Lisa M Cordes, James L Gulley, Ravi A Madan
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Altered PIWI-LIKE 1 and PIWI-LIKE 2 mRNA expression in ejaculated spermatozoa of men with impaired sperm characteristics p. 260
Maria Giebler, Thomas Greither, Lisa Müller, Carina Mösinger, Hermann M Behre
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Histological subtype is a significant predictor for inguinal lymph node metastasis in patients with penile squamous cell carcinoma p. 265
Jin-You Wang, Ming-Zhu Gao, De-Xin Yu, Dong-Dong Xie, Yi Wang, Liang-Kuan Bi, Tao Zhang, De-Mao Ding
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Intermittent, low-dose, antiandrogen monotherapy as an alternative therapeutic option for patients with positive surgical margins after radical prostatectomy p. 270
Kyung Hwa Choi, Seung Ryeol Lee, Young Kwon Hong, Dong Soo Park
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Androgen receptor deficiency in monocytes/macrophages does not alter adiposity or glucose homeostasis in male mice p. 276
Katya B Rubinow, Barbara Houston, Shari Wang, Leela Goodspeed, Kayoko Ogimoto, Gregory J Morton, Christopher McCarty, Robert E Braun, Stephanie T Page
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Transcription and regulation of hepatitis B virus genes in host sperm cells p. 284
Ying Zhong, Dong-Ling Liu, Mohamed Morsi M Ahmed, Peng-Hao Li, Xiao-Ling Zhou, Qing-Dong Xie, Xiao-Qing Xu, Ting-Ting Han, Zhi-Wei Hou, Ji-Hua Huang, Lan Xu, Tian-Hua Huang
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Proton-pump inhibitor use does not affect semen quality in subfertile men p. 290
Sorena Keihani, James R Craig, Chong Zhang, Angela P Presson, Jeremy B Myers, William O Brant, Kenneth I Aston, Benjamin R Emery, Timothy G Jenkins, Douglas T Carrell, James M Hotaling
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The transcription factor ZEB1 promotes an aggressive phenotype in prostate cancer cell lines p. 294
Octavio Orellana-Serradell, Daniela Herrera, Enrique A Castellon, Hector R Contreras
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ASIC1a contributes to the symptom of pain in a rat model of chronic prostatitis p. 300
Song Fan, Zong-Yao Hao, Li Zhang, Jun Zhou, Yi-Fei Zhang, Shen Tai, Xian-Sheng Zhang, Chao-Zhao Liang
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Microdissection testicular extraction for a patient with transverse testicular ectopia and testicular fusion p. 306
Chen Chen, Yi-Chun Wang, Ya-Min Wang, Chao Qin, Ning-Hong Song
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A rare polypyrimidine tract mutation in the androgen receptor gene results in complete androgen insensitivity syndrome p. 308
Shi-Min Yuan, Huan Huang, Chao-Feng Tu, Juan Du, Da-Bao Xu, Ge Lin, Guang-Xiu Lu, Yue-Qiu Tan
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Redo surgery for failed hypospadias treatment using a novel single-stage repair p. 311
Min Wu, Shu-Zhu Chen, Wei-Jing Ye, Yi-Dong Liu
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MRI feature analysis of uncommon prostatic malignant tumors p. 313
Zhao-Yan Feng, Xiang-De Min, Liang Wang, Ba-Sen Li, Zan Ke, Pei-Pei Zhang, Zhen Kang
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Zinner's syndrome: clinical features and imaging diagnosis p. 316
Xiao-Song Jiang, Huan-Jun Wang, Jin-Hua Lin, Yan Guo, Can-Hui Sun, Ling Lin, Jian Guan
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Commentary on “Altered PIWI-LIKE 1 and PIWI-LIKE 2 mRNA expression in ejaculated spermatozoa of men with impaired sperm characteristics” p. 318
De-Yi Liu
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