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Saudi Journal of Gastroenterology

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2009| January-March  | Volume 15 | Issue 1  

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Steatosis is a lot more than holes in hepatocytes p. 1
Subrata Chakrabarti
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Barrett's esophagus: Where do we stand? p. 2
Majid A Al Madi
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Morphometric analysis of hepatic steatosis in chronic hepatitis C infection p. 11
Alia Zubair, Shahid Jamal, Azhar Mubarik
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Pattern of corrosive ingestion in southwestern Saudi Arabia p. 15
Ali M Al-Binali, Mohammed A Al-Shehri, Ismail Abdelmoneim, Ali S Shomrani, Suliman H Al-Fifi
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Comparison of colorectal and gastric cancer: Survival and prognostic factors p. 18
Bijan Moghimi-Dehkordi, Azadeh Safaee, Mohammad R Zali
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Functional outcome of gastrointestinal tract and quality of life after esophageal reconstruction of esophagus cancer p. 24
Manochehr Aghajanzadeh, Feizollah Safarpour, M Reza Koohsari, Fariborz Mansour-Ghanaei, Sadigheh M Bodaghi, Hadi Tozandehgani
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Association between CTLA-4 gene promoter (49 A/G) in exon 1 polymorphisms and inflammatory bowel disease in the Tunisian population p. 29
Walid Ben Alaya, Imen Sfar, Houda Aouadi, Saloua Jendoubi, Tawfik Najjar, Azza Filali, Yousr Gorgi, Taieb Ben Abdallah, Leila Mouelhi, Samira Matri, Khaled Ayed
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Liver size in Saudi Children and adolescents p. 35
Mohammad I El Mouzan, Abdulla A Al Salloum, Abdulla S Al Herbish, Mansour M Qurachi, Ahmad A Al Omar
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Laparoscopic appendicectomy using endo-ring applicator and fallope rings p. 39
Iyoob V Ali, Joji I Maliekkal
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Cholecystocolic fistula: A diagnostic enigma p. 42
Mervyn F.S Correia, Dilip P Amonkar, Swati V Nayak, Jean-Louis A.S Menezes
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Multicentric malignant gastrointestinal stromal tumor p. 45
Shailaja Shukla, Sanjeet K Singh, Mukta Pujani
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Giant true celiac artery aneurysm p. 49
Badr Aljabri
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Bowel perforation by crumpled paper in a patient presenting with acute abdominal pain p. 52
Alireza Bakhshaeekia, Seyed M.V Hosseini, Tannaz Razmi, Alireza Shamsaeefar
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Rupture of multiple splenic artery aneurysms: A common presentation of a rare disease with a review of literature p. 55
Ahmad Zubaidi
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Gastric outlet obstruction due to neurofibromatosis: An unusual case p. 59
Rajul Rastogi
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Rectal prolapse associated with extensive anorectal condyloma acuminata p. 62
Hanan M AlGhamdi, Shyam A Parashar, Saleem Kawaja, Mona H Ismail, Zeead M AlGhamdi
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Blindness as an initial presentation of rectal cancer with brain metastases p. 63
Tejinder Singh, KV Sajeevan, Ankit Jain, Ullas Batra, KS Saini, CT Satheesh, KC Lakshmaiah, K Govind Babu, D Lokanatha
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Primary small intestinal lymphoma presenting as a groin abscess p. 64
Ahmed N Assar
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Prevalence of arterial hypertension in cirrhosis of liver p. 65
P Rajesh Prabhu, R Srinivasan, V Jayanthi
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Are all surgical referrals for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography necessary? p. 66
Marco E Malahias, Ebtisam Bsis
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No-mesh inguinal hernia repair with continuous absorbable sutures: Is it a step forward or backward? p. 67
Nader Naguib, Asal ElSamerraai
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Author's reply p. 68
MP Desarda
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An uncommon cause of right hypochondriac pain p. 70
Kumble S Madhusudhan, Shivanand Gamanagatti
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Reversal of liver fibrosis p. 72
Mona H Ismail, Massimo Pinzani
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