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Lung India

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2014| April-June  | Volume 31 | Issue 2  

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Fish smoking and COPD: A fishy affair p. 105
Sundeep Salvi, Bill Brashier
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Unusual sojourn of not-so-unusual pathogens p. 107
Bharat Bhushan Sharma
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The relationship between lung function and indoor air pollution among rural women in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria p. 110
Victor Aniedi Umoh, Etete Peters
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Comparison between childhood and adult tuberculosis in a rural tuberculosis unit of West Bengal: A retrospective study p. 116
Abhijit Mukherjee, Ranadip Chowdhury, Rupak Singla, Indranil Saha, Rajib Dutta, Tapas Das
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Impact of obesity on bronchial asthma in Indian population p. 121
Anandha K Ramasamy, Nitesh Gupta, Raj Kumar
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Weaning of mechanically ventilated chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients by using non-invasive positive pressure ventilation: A prospective study p. 127
Mayank Mishra, Sudhir Chaudhri, Vidisha Tripathi, Ajay K Verma, Arun Sampath, Nishant K Chauhan
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Awareness in patients with COPD about the disease and pulmonary rehabilitation: A survey p. 134
Raksha Thakrar, Gopala Krishna Alaparthi, Shyam Krishnan Krishna Kumar, K Vaishali, CP Zulfeequer, R Aanad
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Pulmonary sarcoidosis: An important differential diagnosis in transbronchial lung biopsies p. 139
Qury S Mahapatra, Kavita Sahai, KR Rathi, Sarvinder Singh, Shruti Sharma
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Diagnostic utility of adenosine deaminase in exudative pleural effusions p. 142
Asmita A Mehta, Amit Satish Gupta, Subin Ahmed, V Rajesh
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Medical marijuana: A panacea or scourge p. 145
Surender Kashyap, Kartikeya Kashyap
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Bilateral diaphragmatic paralysis in an HIV patient: Second reported case and literature review p. 149
Marcelo J Melero, Mariano E Mazzei, Bemardo Bergroth, Damian M Cantardo, Juan M Duarte, Marcelo Corti
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Pulmonary cryptococcosis with cryptococcal meningitis in an immunocompetent host p. 152
Manoj Kumar Panigrahi, Narahari Narendra Kumar, Venugopal Jaganathan, Saka Vinod Kumar
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Pleural Aspergillosis in an otherwise healthy individual p. 155
Tarun Bhatnagar, Anuj Kumar Bhatnagar
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Delayed esophageal perforation from stereotactic body radiation therapy for locally recurrent central nonsmall cell lung cancer p. 158
Sandeep Sainathan, Leester D Wu, Shahriyour Andaz
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A case of masquerading bronchopneumonia p. 161
Tadepalli Karuna, Sagar Khadanga
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Imaging findings of pulmonary carcinosarcoma: A case report p. 164
Aditi Vohra, Harneet Narula
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Hemoptysis secondary to actinomycosis: A rare presentation p. 168
Rakesh K Chawla, Arun Madan, Aditya Chawla, Kiran Chawla
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Bronchoscopic resection of endobronchial inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor: A case report and systematic review of the literature p. 172
Animesh Ray, JC Suri, Dipak Bhattacharya, Ayush Gupta
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A rare case of underlying pulmonary sequestration in a patient with recently diagnosed medium and large vessel vasculitis p. 176
Sarthak Malik, Sakshi Khurana, Vishnu Vasudevan, Nikhil Gupta
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Air-fluid level in the right lung p. 179
Bhaskar Bhardwaj, Himanshu Bhardwaj
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Congenital anomaly of the lung p. 182
Sandeep Rana, D Bhattacharyya, CDS Katoch, Deep Yadav, Kislay Kishore
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Hodgkin's lymphoma presenting as chylothorax p. 184
Sanjeev Kumar Verma, Saurabh Karmakar
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Hemangioma in the posterior mediastinum p. 186
Anirban Das, Sibes K Das, Sumitra Basuthakur, Somnath Das
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An unusual cause of lung mass in a young female p. 188
Sandeep Satsangi, Vishak Acharya, Hema Kini, KV Anupama
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An unusual case of hemoptysis p. 190
Upasana Ranga, Senthil Kumar Aiyappan, Saveetha Veeraiyan
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Fluid collection from intercostal drainage catheter-simplified p. 193
Animesh Ray, Jagdish Chander Suri, Nitin Chitte, Nikhil Bante
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Diffuse alveolar hemorrhage in a patient of rheumatoid arthritis p. 194
Ruchi Dua, Jagdish Rawat
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Yet another pulmonary manifestation of tuberous sclerosis p. 196
Satija Bhawna, Kumar Sanyal
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Recurrent subcutaneous emphysema in a treated pulmonary tuberculosis patient: Is there any association? p. 197
Tony Ete, Sumantro Mondal, Debanjali Sinha, Arijit Nag, Atanu Chakraborty, Jyotirmoy Pal, Alakendu Ghosh
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Nodular histiocytic hyperplasia of pericardium: An uncommon lesion posing diagnostic challenge p. 198
Seema Rao, Riti Aggarwal, CL Vijay, Arvind Kumar
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A comment on effect of cigarette smoking on nasal mucociliary clearance: A comparative analysis using saccharin test p. 200
Kanica Kaushal
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Authors' reply p. 201
Manu Kurian Baby, Prathibha K Muthu, Priscilla Johnson, Senthil Kannan
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