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Contemporary Clinical Dentistry

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2016| July-September  | Volume 7 | Issue 3  

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Could nanoparticles make tooth surface too greasy for microorganisms to boom? p. 283
SG Damle
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Dental neglect, child maltreatment, and the role of the dental profession p. 285
Richard Welbury
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Early clinical exposure: New paradigm in Medical and Dental Education p. 287
Mahesh Verma
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Digital dentistry: Unraveling the mysteries of computer-aided design computer-aided manufacturing in prosthodontic rehabilitation p. 289
Hari Parkash
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A discussion on how to apply resin-modified glass ionomers p. 291
Maryam Khoroushi
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Evidence-based dentistry: An overview p. 293
Vineet Dhar
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Current scenario of academic research among health-care providers in India p. 295
Mohan Baliga
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A regeneration-based, nonobturation root-canal treatment for fully-mature teeth: Six years' experience with "SealBio" p. 296
Naseem Shah
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Evaluation of chemokines in gingival crevicular fluid in children with band and loop space maintainers: A clinico-biochemical study p. 302
Naveen Kommineni Kumar, Veera Kishore Kasa Reddy, Prathyusha Padakandla, Harshini Togaru, Swathi Kalagatla, Vinay Chand M Reddy
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Effect of nanoscale particles incorporation on microhardness of polymers for oral prosthesis p. 307
Marcelo Coelho Goiato, Bruna Carolina Rossatti Zuccolotti, Amalia Moreno, Aljomar José Vechiato Filho, Marcela Borghi Paulini, Daniela Micheline Dos Santos
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Impact of hydrogen peroxide activated by lighting-emitting diode/laser system on enamel color and microhardness: An in situ design p. 312
Ana Barbara Araujo Loiola, Aline Evangelista Souza-Gabriel, Renata Siqueira Scatolin, Silmara Aparecida Milori Corona
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Plaque removal efficacy of Colgate 360 toothbrush: A clinical study p. 317
Nageshwar Iyer, Shalu Chandna, Abhishek Dhindsa, Dhanashree Damle, Ashish Loomba
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Evaluation of sealing ability of Biodentine™ and mineral trioxide aggregate in primary molars using scanning electron microscope: A randomized controlled in vitro trial p. 322
Allwyn Samuel, Sharath Asokan, PR Geetha Priya, Seby Thomas
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Comparative evaluation of shear bond strength and nanoleakage of conventional and self-adhering flowable composites to primary teeth dentin p. 326
Priyanka Sachdeva, Mousumi Goswami, Darrel Singh
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Evaluation of pulpal response of deciduous teeth after direct pulp capping with bioactive glass and mineral trioxide aggregate p. 332
Roza Haghgoo, Motahare Ahmadvand
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Comparative assessment of the effectiveness of different cleaning methods on the growth of Candida albicans over acrylic surface p. 336
Subhajit Gantait, Jayanta Bhattacharyya, Samiran Das, Shibendu Biswas, Amit Ghati, Soumitra Ghosh, Preeti Goel
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Expression of periodontal inflammation into left ventricular hypertrophy in Type 2 diabetes mellitus: A cross-sectional study p. 343
Trupti Sarda, Surekha Rathod, Abhay Kolte, Girish Bodhare, Anil Modak
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Interaction of IL1B and IL1RN polymorphisms, smoking habit, gender, and ethnicity with aggressive and chronic periodontitis susceptibility p. 349
Magali Silveira Monteiro Ribeiro, Renata Botelho Antunes Pacheco, Ricardo Guimarães Fischer, Jacyara Maria Brito Macedo
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Evaluation of moxifloxacin-hydroxyapatite composite graft in the regeneration of intrabony defects: A clinical, radiographic, and microbiological study p. 357
YV Nagarjuna Reddy, PC Deepika, MP Venkatesh, KG Rajeshwari
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Evaluation of facial divine proportion in North Indian Population p. 366
Naseem Ahmad Khan, Amit Nagar, Pradeep Tandon, Gulshan Kumar Singh, Alka Singh
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A comparative evaluation of extraction socket preservation with demineralized freeze-dried bone allograft alone and along with platelet-rich fibrin: A clinical and radiographic study p. 371
Dhaval J Thakkar, Neeraj C Deshpande, Deepak H Dave, Suraj D Narayankar
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Comparative evaluation of co-enzyme Q10 and Melaleuca alternifolia as antioxidant gels in treatment of chronic periodontitis: A clinical study p. 377
Chetan Purushottam Raut, Kunal S Sethi
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Correction of Class II malocclusion and soft tissue profile in an adult patient p. 382
Aditi Gaur, Sandhya Maheshwari, Sanjeev Kumar Verma
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Orthodontic-orthognathic interventions in orthognathic surgical cases: "Paper surgery" and "model surgery" concepts in surgical orthodontics p. 386
Narayan H Gandedkar, Chai Kiat Chng, Vincent Kok Leng Yeow
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Verrucous carcinoma-an enigma: Case report and review p. 391
Dhanya S Rao, Anupama N Kalappanavar, IM Ali, Rajeshwari G Annigeri
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Correction of anterior crossbite using modified transparent aligners: An esthetic approach p. 394
K Korath Abraham, Arun Roy James, Elza Thenumkal, Tharian Emmatty
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Bone defect rehabilitation using lyophilized bone preshaped on a stereolithographic model p. 398
Lauren Oliveira Lima Bohner, Eduardo Mukai, Sueli Mukai, Pedro Tortamano, Newton Sesma
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Neuroblastoma in early childhood: A rare case report and review of literature p. 401
Ritesh R Kalaskar, Ashita R Kalaskar
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Management of localized advance loss of periodontal support associated Grade II furcation and intrabony defect in chronic periodontitis patient through amalgamation of platelet-rich fibrin and hydroxyapatite bioactive glass composite granules p. 405
Sanjeev Kumar Salaria, Simrat Kaur Ghuman, Saurabh Kumar, Garima Sharma
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Management of a massive compound odontoma in a 9-year child p. 409
Yogesh J Kale, Prasanna T Dahake, Prasannakumari S Patil, Mahesh V Dadpe
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Simultaneous correction of functional posterior cross bite and midline shift p. 413
R Arvinth, Shailendra Singh Rana, Ritu Duggal, Om Prakash Kharbanda
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Intraosseous verrucous carcinoma arising from an orthokeratinized odontogenic keratocyst: A report of a rarest entity p. 416
Nagaraju Kamarthi, Suhasini Gotur Palakshappa, Vijay Wadhwan, Raviprakash Sasankoti Mohan
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]