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Indian Journal of Pharmacology

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2012| November-December  | Volume 44 | Issue 6  

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Animal experiments: Confusion, contradiction, and controversy p. 661
RK Dikshit
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Ethics committee: Critical issues and challenges p. 663
Mira Desai
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The treatment strategies of autoimmune disease may need a different approach from conventional protocol: A review p. 665
S Chandrashekara
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Antiurolithiatic and antioxidant activity of Hordeum vulgare seeds on ethylene glycol-induced urolithiasis in rats p. 672
Jignesh G Shah, Bharat G Patel, Sandip B Patel, Ravindra K Patel
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A study of the effect of Nigella sativa (Black seeds) in isoniazid (INH)-induced hepatotoxicity in rabbits p. 678
Anwar S Hassan, Jawad H Ahmed, Sawsan S Al-Haroon
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Protective effect of methanolic extract of Garcinia indica fruits in 6-OHDA rat model of Parkinson's disease p. 683
Bhaveshkumar V Antala, Manishkumar S Patel, Satish V Bhuva, Shiv Gupta, Samir Rabadiya, Mangala Lahkar
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Effect of bromocriptine on cardiovascular complications associated with metabolic syndrome in fructose fed rats p. 688
Vandana S Nade, Laxman A Kawale, Umesh B Todmal, Anjali B Tajanpure
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Evaluation of the wound-healing activity of Hibiscus rosa sinensis L (Malvaceae) in Wistar albino rats p. 694
Anusha Bhaskar, V Nithya
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Comparison of knowledge, attitude and practices of resident doctors and nurses on adverse drug reaction monitoring and reporting in a tertiary care hospital p. 699
HS Rehan, Ravinder Kumar Sah, Deepti Chopra
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A study to evaluate the price control of antifungal medicines and its practical applicability p. 704
Amrita Sil, Nilay Kanti Das, Pramit Ghosh, Pijush Kanti Datta, Chowdhury Nazrul Islam, Santanu Kumar Tripathi
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Influence of antioxidant complex on the adhesion of leukocytes in chronic venous insufficiency of lower limbs in rats p. 710
Mark Plotnikov, Ivan Ivanov, Anastasia Sidehmenova, Oleg Aliev, Nonna Tykavkina
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Effect of lithium chloride and antineoplastic drugs on survival and cell cycle of androgen-dependent prostate cancer LNCap cells p. 714
Vajihe Azimian-Zavareh, Ghamartaj Hossein, Ehsan Janzamin
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Comparison of reservoir effect of topical corticosteroids in an experimental animal model by histamine-induced wheal suppression test p. 722
Afroz Abidi, Farida Ahmad, Satyendra K Singh, Anil Kumar
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Detection of interleukin -1β from isolated human lymphocyte in response to lipopolysaccharide and lipoteichoic acid p. 726
Niveditha Lekshmi, Chandrika S Geetha, Parayanthala V Mohanan
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Shatavarins (containing Shatavarin IV) with anticancer activity from the roots of Asparagus racemosus p. 732
Shankar K Mitra, Neswi S Prakash, Ramachandran Sundaram
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Neuroprotective activity of Stereospermum suaveolens DC against 6-OHDA induced Parkinson's disease model p. 737
MH Shalavadi, VM Chandrashekhar, SP Avinash, C Sowmya, A Ramkishan
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Evaluation of anti-inflammatory effect of anti-platelet agent-clopidogrel in experimentally induced inflammatory bowel disease p. 744
Samir H Patel, Manish A Rachchh, Pinakin D Jadav
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Gender differences in response to chronic treatment with 17β-oestradiol and 17β-aminoestrogen pentolame on hemostasis in rats p. 749
Cristina Lemini, Ruth Jaimez, Martha Medina-Jiménez, María Estela Ávila
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Health care personnel and risk of H1N1-chemoprophylaxis with oseltamivir p. 754
Tanvir Samra, Mridula Pawar
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Biological evaluation of RBx-0128, a potent and selective dipeptidyl peptidase-IV inhibitor in type 2 diabetes genetic model p. 759
Joseph A Davis, Pucha S Kumar, Shuchita Singh, A Surender, Subhasis Roy, Vivek Khanna, Sachin Sethi, Chanchan Pal, Lalima Sharma, Biju Benjamin, Shivani Mittra, Jitendra Sattigeri, Vinay S Bansal
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Analgesic effects of stem bark extracts of Trichilia monadelpha (Thonn.) JJ De Wilde p. 765
Eric Woode, Ama Kyeraa Amoh-Barimah, Wonder Kofi Mensah Abotsi, George Kwaw Ainooson, George Owusu
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Piracetam and vinpocetine ameliorate rotenone-induced Parkinsonism in rats p. 774
Sawsan A Zaitone, Dina M Abo-Elmatty, Shimaa M Elshazly
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Comparison of efficacy and safety of oseltamivir and zanamivir in pandemic influenza treatment p. 780
Nazan Tuna, Oguz Karabay, Mehmet Yahyaoglu
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Comparison of safety and efficacy of papaya dressing with hydrogen peroxide solution on wound bed preparation in patients with wound gape p. 784
Mangala B Murthy, Bhasker K Murthy, Sanjay Bhave
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Evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity of Typha angustifolia pollen grains extracts in experimental animals p. 788
Saroj S Varpe, Archana R Juvekar, Mukta P Bidikar, Parikshit R Juvekar
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Cutaneous adverse drug reaction profile in a tertiary care out patient setting in Eastern India p. 792
Abanti Saha, Nilay Kanti Das, Avijit Hazra, Ramesh Chandra Gharami, Satyendra Nath Chowdhury, Pijush Kanti Datta
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Lamotrigine induced DRESS syndrome p. 798
Kikkeri Narayanasetty Naveen, Mysore Satyanarayana Ravindra, Varadraj V Pai, Vijetha Rai, Sharatchandra B Athanikar, Meravanige Girish
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Zidovudine-induced nail pigmentation in a 12-year-old boy p. 801
Sanjeevani M Chawre, Shraddha M Pore, Manish B Nandeshwar, Nausheen M Masood
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Accidental haloperidol poisoning in children p. 803
Mona P Gajre, Dimple Jain, Alka Jadhav
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Is dronedarone really safer than amiodarone? p. 805
Shreya M Shah, Megha Shah
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Pharmacology: An Illustrated Review p. 807
Vinayak Bhavsar
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