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Indian Journal of Dental Research

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2015| May-June  | Volume 26 | Issue 3  

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Computer aided implantology: Changing trends p. 223
Hari Parkash
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Publication ethics: Whose responsibility? p. 225
SM Balaji
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Urinary 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine as a marker of oxidative stress induced genetic toxicity in oral cancer patients p. 226
Sathish Babu Murugaiyan, Ramesh Ramasamy, M Nakkeeran, Vishwanath Rangdhol, AR Srinivasan, G Niranjan
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Role of cardiovascular disease markers in periodontal infection: Understanding the risk p. 231
Mili Gupta, Rashi Chaturvedi, Ashish Jain
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Assessment of stability of orthodontic mini-implants under orthodontic loading: A computed tomography study p. 237
Kamlesh Kumar Garg, Megha Gupta
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Effects of immediate and delayed intraradicular preparation on bond strength of fiber posts p. 244
Marina Barbosa Mello Machado, Luís Fernando dos Santos Alves Morgan, Giovana Mongruel Gomes, Walison Arthuso Vasconcellos, Fabiano Pereira Cardoso, Rodrigo de Castro Albuquerque
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Dental fluorosis: A histological study using Light and Confocal microscopy p. 248
Nataraj Priyadharsini, Narasimhan Malathi, Harikrishnan Tamizhchelvan, Thayalan Dineshkumar
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Evaluation of bleeding following dental extraction in patients on long-term antiplatelet therapy: A clinical trial p. 252
K George Varghese, Sudheesh Manoharan, Mohan Sadhanandan
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Cephalometric evaluation of condyle-fossa position in dentulous and edentulous subjects p. 256
M Prabhu Uma, Shetty Rajesh, K Shenoy Kamalakanth
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Fate of third molar in line of mandibular angle fracture - Retrospective study p. 262
Preetha Balaji, SM Balaji
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A 5-year retrospective study of rampant dental caries among adult patients in a Nigerian Teaching Hospital p. 267
M Ajayi Deborah, MF Abiodun-Solanke Iyabode, O Gbadebo Shakeerah
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Evaluation of salivary glucose, amylase, and total protein in Type 2 diabetes mellitus patients p. 271
M Indira, P Chandrashekar, Kiran Kumar Kattappagari, Lalith Prakash K Chandra, Ravi Teja Chitturi, Ramana Reddy BV
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Ferro-concrete reinforcement of endodontically treated teeth with wide open apex p. 276
Hannah Rosaline, Mathan Rajan, Kandaswamy Deivanayagam, M Deepthi
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Role of trabecular bone in visibility of laminadura: A cross-sectional radiographic study p. 280
T Rajesh Singh, Sanjeev Jindal, Anshu Singla, AR Vinod Kumar, Ajit Damera
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Correlation between the cytotoxicity of self-etching resin cements and the degree of conversion p. 284
Luís FSA Morgan, Karina IR Teixeira, Walisson A Vasconcellos, Rodrigo C Albuquerque, Maria E Cortés
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Effects of different surface treatments on bond strength of an indirect composite to bovine dentin p. 289
Laiza Tatiana Poskus, Rosana Sampaio Meirelles, Victor Blunck Schuina, Liana Matos Ferreira, Eduardo Moreira da Silva, Jose Guilherme Antunes Guimarães
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Expression of CD 68, CD 45 and human leukocyte antigen-DR in central and peripheral giant cell granuloma, giant cell tumor of long bones, and tuberculous granuloma: An immunohistochemical study p. 295
Anoop Kumar, Herald J Sherlin, Pratibha Ramani, Anuja Natesan, Priya Premkumar
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Analysis of the effectiveness of calcium hydroxide removal with variation of technique and solvent vehicles p. 304
Paula Dias Lins, Barbara Catarina Lima Nogueira, Nathália Carolina Fernandes Fagundes, Fernando Romualdo Bezerra Silva, Rafael Rodrigues Lima
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Effect of different surface treatments on microtensile bond strength of two resin cements to aged simulated composite core materials p. 309
Behnaz Esmaeili, Homayoon Alaghehmand, Mohadese Shakerian
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Stability of interceptive/corrective orthodontic treatment for tooth ankylosis and Class II mandibular deficiency: A case report with 10 years follow-up p. 315
Carlos Henrique Guimarães, José Fernando Castanha Henriques, Guilherme Janson, Wilana S Moura
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Jaw - winking phenomenon: Report of a case with review of literature p. 320
Shobha Sundareswaran, CA Nipun, Vinay Kumar
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Pneumatization of the temporal portion of the zygomatic arch: The contribution of computed tomography to the reconstruction in volumetric two-dimensional and three-dimensional, with the aid of image rendering protocols p. 324
CM Romano-Sousa, E Garritano-Papa
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Enhancing retention of partial dentures using elastomeric retention rings p. 328
Kakkirala Revathi, Srikanth S Reddy, Kesava K Reddy
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Perceived myths about oral health in India p. 333
H Mythri, R Santhosh Kumar
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Audio-visual recording of obtaining informed consent: Mandatory for clinical trials p. 333
S Gowri, S Kannan
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