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Journal of Emergencies, Trauma, and Shock

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2010| July-September  | Volume 3 | Issue 3  

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What's new in Emergencies, Trauma, and Shock? Developing predictor models for infectious diseases p. 211
Takashi Kokudo, Fukumi Nakamura-Uchiyama, Kenji Ohnishi
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Developing a clinically relevant classification to predict mortality in severe leptospirosis p. 213
Senaka Rajapakse, Chaturaka Rodrigo, Rashan Haniffa
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Acute febrile encephalopathy in adults from Northwest India p. 220
Ashish Bhalla, Vika Suri, Subhash Varma, Navneet Sharma, Sushil Mahi, Paramjeet Singh, Niranjan K Khandelwal
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Reviewing the blood ordering schedule for elective orthopedic surgeries at a level one trauma care center p. 225
Arulselvi Subramanian, Kanchana Rangarajan, Sudeep Kumar, Kamran Farooque, Vijay Sharma, Mahesh Chandra Misra
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Comparing the efficacy and safety of two regimens of sequential systemic corticosteroids in the treatment of acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma p. 231
Praveen Aggarwal, Sanjeev Bhoi
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Using inverted autogenous veins to substitute arteries in a canine model p. 238
Saman Nikeghbalian, Seyed Mohammad Vahid Hosseini, Ali Mohammad Bananzadeh, Ahmad Monabati, Mohammad Hadi Bagheri, Tannaz Razmi, Seyed Ali Malek-Hosseini
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Better outcome after pediatric resuscitation is still a dilemma p. 243
Sandeep Sahu, Kamal Kishore, Indu Lata
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Emergency diagnosis and management of pediatric arrhythmias p. 251
Carla R Hanash, Jane E Crosson
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Defibrillation in children p. 261
Sarah E Haskell, Dianne L Atkins
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Cardiac arrest in children p. 267
Erika E Tress, Patrick M Kochanek, Richard A Saladino, Mioara D Manole
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Out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in children p. 273
Antti Kamarainen
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Hypothermia and pediatric cardiac arrest p. 277
Michelle L Schlunt, Lynn Wang
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Bedside emergency cardiac ultrasound in children p. 282
Stephanie J Doniger
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An unusual presentation of an atypical hangman's fracture p. 292
Fevzi Yilmaz, Sami Akbulut, Ozkan Kose
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A nosy fish p. 293
J Madana, Deeke Yolmo, S Gopalakrishnan, Sunil Kumar Saxena
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Near-fatal subdural empyema complicating a rapidly progressive orbital cellulites p. 295
Nicholas Robert Johnston, John Joseph Ah-Chan, Hans Robert Stegehuis
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A newborn with cardiomegaly p. 298
Shailendra Upadhyay, Sabrina Law, Dipak Kholwadwala
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Strangulation injury from indigenous rocking cradle p. 298
Abhijeet Saha, Prerna Batra, Anuradha Bansal
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Hyperreactio luteinalis with preeclampsia p. 298
Alev Atis, Filiz Cifci, Yavuz Aydin, Gulseli Ozdemir, Nimet Goker
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Postcoital vaginoperitoneal fistula after hysterectomy for gynecological malignancy p. 299
Shilpa Singla, Sunesh Kumar Jain
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Traumatic haemorrhage of occult phaeochromocytoma in a patient with septic shock p. 300
Mohammad Shahnawaz Moazzam, Syed Moied Ahmed, Shahjahan Bano
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Fatal spontaneous rectus sheath hematoma in a patient with cirrhosis p. 300
Danielle M McCarthy, Shashi Bellam
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Fatal dialysis disequilibrium syndrome: A tale of two patients p. 300
Nissar Shaikh, Andr'e Louon, Yolande Hanssens
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Asymptomatic diaphragmatic rupture with retroperitoneal opening as a result of blunt trauma p. 301
Adnan Narci, Tolga Altug Sen, Resit Koken
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A case of renal artery thrombosis with renal infarction p. 302
Valerie M Lopez, Jonathan Glauser
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Post exercise ice water immersion: Is it a form of active recovery? p. 302
Fatimah Lateef
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Anticholinergic delirium following Datura stramonium ingestion: Implications for the Internet age p. 303
David Vearrier, Michael I Greenberg
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Successful removal of an impacted metallic arrowhead penetrating up to the brainstem p. 303
Dharmdas Paramhans, Sapna Shukla, Ankur Batra, Raj K Mathur
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Maxillomandibular impalement due to a gardening hoe strike to the face p. 304
Elio Hitoshi Shinohara, Shajadi Carlos Pardo-Kaba, Marcelo Zillo Martini, Carlos Henrique Hueb
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A case of quadriplegia with gastric perforation p. 304
Sankalp Dwivedi, Amit Agrawal, Manisha Bhatt, Surya Pratap Singh
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Heterotopic pregnancy: A diagnosis we should suspect more often p. 304
Karim Ibn Majdoub Hassani, Abderrahim El Bouazzaoui, Mohammed Khatouf, Khalid Mazaz
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Acute idiopathic gastric necrosis, perforation and shock p. 304
Nereo Vettoretto, Fabio Viotti, Lucio Taglietti, Maurizio Giovanetti
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Double-lumen endobronchial tube in the emergency management of massive hemoptysis p. 305
Luciano Santana-Cabrera, Manuela Fernandez Arroyo, Alina Uriarte Rodriguez, Manuel Sanchez-Palacios
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Bedside sonography to diagnose bladder trauma in the emergency department p. 305
Tanweer Karim, Margaret Topno
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Surgical field fire and skin burns caused by alcohol-based skin preparation p. 305
Rajan Patel, KD Chavda, Santosh Hukkeri
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Collapse of left lung after endotracheal intubation: Is it always due to misplacement of tube? p. 305
Mohan Gurjar, Sanjay Singhal, Banani Poddar, RK Singh
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Cardiac tamponade mimicking septic shock diagnosed by early echocardiography p. 306
Afzal Azim, PB Rao, Piyush Srivastav, Parikshit Singh
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Shock: A presentation of enteric fever p. 306
Bilal Mirza, Lubna Ijaz, Muhammad Saleem, Muhammad Sharif, Afzal Sheikh
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Traumatic diaphragmatic rupture with delayed gastric incarceration p. 306
Nisar Ahmad Wani, Tasleem Lone Kosar, Asrar Ahmad, Mohammad Yusuf
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Foreign body of the rectum: An unusual case p. 306
Y Narjis, K Rabbani, K Hakkou, T Aboulhassan, A Louzi, R Benelkhayat, B Finech, A EL Idrissi Dafali
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Unusual malignant cause of adult intussusception: Stromal tumor of the small bowel p. 306
Khalid Rabbani, Youssef Narjis, Benacer Finech, Abdelhamid Elidrissi
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Chest pain in young people: Is cannabis a risk factor? p. 307
Pascal Bilbault, Corina M Duja, Jean Y Bornemann, Claire Kam, Gerald Roul, Jacques Kopferschmitt
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Role of clinical parameters and early noncontrast magnetic resonance imaging scan of brain in prediction of final neurologic outcome of hanging victims p. 307
Srijan Mazumdar, Priyam Mukherjee, Soumik Goswami, Jotideb Mukhopadhyay
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Paradoxical reaction to midazolam reversed with flumazenil p. 307
Luciano Santana Cabrera, Ana Sanchez Santana, Pilar Eugenio Robaina, Manuel Sanchez Palacios
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Management of acute ischemic stroke p. 307
Vishal Sharma, Alka Sharma
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Author's Reply p. 307
Dale Birenbaum
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Commenting on biomarkers for differentiating between SIRS and sepsis p. 308
Viroj Wiwanitkit
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Authors' reply p. 308
Chamindie Punyadeera, Marion E Schneider, Dave Schaffer, Hsin-Yun Hsu, Thomas O Joos, Fabian Kriebel, Manfred Weiss, Wim F.J. Verhaegh
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An in-flight respiratory emergency and survival in the sky p. 308
S SenthilKumaran, P Thirumalaikolundusubramanian
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Posterior dislocation of elbow with brachial artery injury p. 308
Karun Jain, Shashi Y Kumar, Mruthyunjaya , R Ravishankar, Ayyappan V Nair
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