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Indian Journal of Dental Research

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2013| January-February  | Volume 24 | Issue 1  

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Malocclusion status among 15 years old adolescents in relation to fluoride concentration and area of residence p. 1
Byalakere Rudraiah Chandra Shekar, Shankarappa Suma, Sudarshan Kumar, Jagadeeswara Rao Sukhabogi, Bhadravathi Cheluvaiah Manjunath
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Comparison of strain generated in bone by "platform-switched" and "non-platform-switched" implants with straight and angulated abutments under vertical and angulated load: A finite element analysis study p. 8
Susan Paul, TV Padmanabhan, Shailee Swarup
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The efficiency of root canal disinfection using a diode laser: In vitro study p. 14
Anjali Kaiwar, HL Usha, N Meena, P Ashwini, Chethana S Murthy
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Assessment of the impact strength of the denture base resin polymerized by various processing techniques p. 19
Rajashree Jadhav, SV Bhide, PS Prabhudesai
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Comparison of the effectiveness of 0.5% tea, 2% neem and 0.2% chlorhexidine mouthwashes on oral health: A randomized control trial p. 26
Aswini Y Balappanavar, Varun Sardana, Malkeet Singh
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Efficacy of passive ultrasonic irrigation with natural irrigants (Morinda citrifolia juice, Aloe Vera and Propolis) in comparison with 1% sodium hypochlorite for removal of E. faecalis biofilm: An in vitro study p. 35
Anuj Bhardwaj, Natanasabapathy Velmurugan, Sumitha , Suma Ballal
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Effects of multiple root canal usage on the surface topography and fracture of two different Ni-Ti rotary file systems p. 42
Jojo Kottoor, Natanasabapathy Velmurugan, Velayutham Gopikrishna, Jogikalmat Krithikadatta
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Precision of dimensional measurements of mandible in different positions on orthopantomogram p. 48
Honey Arora, Vibha Jain, Keerthilatha M Pai, Raman Kamboj
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Effects of tetracycline-containing gel and a mixture of tetracycline and citric acid-containing gel on non-surgical periodontal therapy p. 52
Renny Paul George, Saravana Kumar, T Ramakrishna, Pamela Emmadi, N Ambalavanan
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The influence of storage time and pH variation on water sorption by different composite resins p. 60
George Mário de Araújo Silva Gusmão, Thiago Vinícius Veras De Queiroz, Guilherme Ferrer Pompeu, Paulo Fonseca Menezes Filho, Cláudio Heliomar Vicente da Silva
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Association between dental caries and age-specific body mass index in preschool children of an Iranian population p. 66
Ali Bagherian, Mostafa Sadeghi
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Antibacterial effect of different concentrations of garlic (Allium sativum) extract on dental plaque bacteria p. 71
Behzad Houshmand, Faranak Mahjour, Omid Dianat
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Digital radiographic evaluation of the midpalatal suture in patients submitted to rapid maxillary expansion p. 76
Maria de Fátima Batista de Melo, Saulo Leonardo Sousa Melo, Tiago Gorgulho Zanet, Marlene Fenyo-Pereira
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In vitro cytotoxicity of indirect composite resins: Effect of storing in artificial saliva p. 81
Arzu Zeynep Yildirim-Bicer, Gulfem Ergun, Ferhan Egilmez, Hisam Demirkoprulu
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Effect of desensitizer application on shear bond strength of composite resin to bleached enamel p. 87
Maryam Khoroushi, Ali Ghazalgoo
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Stress pattern generated by different post and core material combinations: A photoelastic study p. 93
Shaista Afroz, Arvind Tripathi, Pooran Chand, Rama Shanker
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Effects of image enhancement on reliability of landmark identification in digital cephalometry p. 98
M Oshagh, SH Shahidi, SH Momeni Danaei
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Microtensile bond strength of enamel after bleaching p. 104
Andréa Dias Neves Lago, Narciso Garone-Netto
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Effect of periodontal therapy on metabolic control and levels of IL-6 in the gingival crevicular fluid in type 2 diabetes mellitus p. 110
Gabriela Alessandra da Cruz Galhardo Camargo, Meyriane de Andrade Lima, Tânia Vieira Fortes, Cristiane Salgado de Souza, Amélia Maria de Jesus, Roque Pacheco de Almeida
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Supernumerary teeth: Review of literature and decision support system p. 117
Deepti Amarlal, MS Muthu
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Endodontic retreatment - unusual anatomy of a maxillary second and mandibular first premolar: Report of two cases p. 123
Amarnath Shenoy, Nagesh Bolla, Sayesh Vemuri, Jacob Kurian
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Multiple internal resorption in permanent teeth associated with hyperparathyroidism p. 128
Eswar Nagaraj, Roopam Pal Kaur, PH Raghuram, P Suresh Kumar
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Orofacial digital syndrome p. 132
Kajal V Dave, Shilpa C Patel, Bhavin B Dudhia, Pritam Panja
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Repair of fractured abutment teeth under pre-existing crowns: An alternative approach p. 136
Kennedy Mascarenhas, Meena A Aras, Aquaviva S Fernandes
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A rare case of isolated idiopathic gingival fibromatosis p. 139
Ashish Saini, Meghna Singh, Saimbi C Singh
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Atypical oral manifestations in secondary syphilis p. 142
Puneeta Vohra Singh, Ranjit Patil
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Management of research in dental science p. 145
Samir Mallick
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Presurgical nasoalveolar molding for cleft lip and palate p. 145
Pravinkumar G Patil
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Effect of smoking on neutrophil apoptosis in chronic periodontitis: An immunohistochemical study p. 147
Sachin S Shivanaikar, Mohamed Faizuddin, Kishore Bhat
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Evaluation of marginal gap of Ni-Cr copings made with conventional and accelerated casting techniques p. 147
Pavan Kumar Tannamala, Nagarasampatti Sivaprakasam Azhagarasan, K Chitra Shankar
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Microleakage evaluation of Silorane-based composite and Methacrylate-based composite in class II box preparations using two different layering techniques: An in vitro study p. 148
Asha Joseph, Lekha Santhosh, Jayshree Hegde, Srinivas Panchajanya, Reshmi George
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A bullet in the maxillary antrum and infratemporal fossa p. 149
Saileswar Goswami
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Goldenhar syndrome p. 149
Neeraj Sharma, Sidhi Passi
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