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Saudi Journal of Kidney Diseases and Transplantation

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2014| May-June  | Volume 25 | Issue 3  

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Kidney transplantation: Ethical challenges in the Arab world p. 489
Hassan Chamsi-Pasha, Mohammed Ali Albar
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Infection control in hemodialysis units: A quick access to essential elements p. 496
Ayman Karkar, Betty Mandin Bouhaha, Mienalyn Lim Dammang
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Comparison between spousal donor transplantation treated with anti-thymocyte globulin induction therapy and, living related donor transplantation treated with standard immunosuppression p. 520
Erkan Demir, Saime Paydas, Ugur Erken
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QT dispersion in the electrocardiogram in hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients p. 524
Sadraddin Rasi Hashemi, Hamid Noshad, Iman Yazdaninia, Bahram Sohrabi, Ahmad Separham
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A comparative study of phosphate binders in patients with end stage kidney disease undergoing hemodialysis p. 530
Viken A Prajapati, Varsha J Galani, Pankaj R Shah
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Tubulo-reticular inclusions in lupus nephritis: Are they relevant? p. 539
Hala Kfoury
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Outcome of patients with acute kidney injury in severe sepsis and septic shock treated with early goal-directed therapy in an intensive care unit p. 544
Wasim Ahmed, Javed I Memon, Rifat Rehmani, Abdulmajeed Al Juhaiman
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Prevalence of anemia in patients with type II diabetes and mild to moderate chronic kidney disease and the impact of anti-RAS medications p. 552
Periklis Dousdampanis, Konstantina Trigka, Costas Fourtounas
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Azotemia protects the brain from osmotic demyelination on rapid correction of hyponatremia p. 558
Murtaza F Dhrolia, Syed F Akhtar, Ejaz Ahmed, Anwar Naqvi, Adeeb Rizvi
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Acute post-infectious glomerulonephritis in adults: A single center report p. 567
Mouna Hamouda, I Mrabet, N Ben Dhia, S Aloui, A Letaif, MA Frih, H Skhiri, M Elmay
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Correlation of carotid intimal-medial thickness with estimated glomerular filtration rate and cardiovascular risk factors in chronic kidney disease p. 572
Nitesh Chhajed, BJ Subhash Chandra, Manjunath S Shetty, Chandrashekhar Shetty
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Single nucleotide polymorphisms at erythropoietin, superoxide dismutase 1, splicing factor, arginine/serin-rich 15 and plasmacytoma variant translocation genes association with diabetic nephropathy p. 577
Maisaa Alwohhaib, Salah Alwaheeb, Nour Alyatama, Ali A Dashti, Amal Abdelghani, Naser Hussain
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Plasma neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL) and plasma cystatin C (CysC) as biomarker of acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery p. 582
Tarek A Ghonemy, Ghada M Amro
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Potential brain death organ donors - challenges and prospects: A single center retrospective review p. 589
Yousef Al-Maslamani, Ausama S Abdul Muhsin, Omar I Mohammed Ali, Riadh A Fadhil, Abdel Hadi R Abu Jeish
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Colorectal involvement by post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders: A review of 81 cases p. 597
Hossein Khedmat, Mohsen Amini, Mohammad Ebrahim Ghamar-Chehreh
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Can patients with schizophrenia undergo renal transplantation with success? p. 605
Saoussen Bouhlel
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BK virus-associated hemophagocytic syndrome in a renal transplant recipient p. 610
S Yaich, K Charfeddine, D Hsairi, S Zaghdane, K Kammoun, S Makni, T Boudawara, J Hachicha
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Central serous chorioretinopathy following kidney transplantation p. 615
Kianersi Farzan, Leila Rezaei, Heshmatollah Ghanbari, AliReza Dehghani
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Post-kidney transplant large bowel lymphoproliferative disorder p. 621
Neeraj Singh, Singh Samavedi, Amer Rajab
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Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome with tactile hallucinations secondary to dialysis disequilibrium syndrome p. 625
Abdulsalam Soomro, Raiya Al Bahri, Noor Alhassan, Fayez F Hejaili, Abdulla A Al Sayyari
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A family with five siblings affected with nephronophthisis p. 630
Jumana Albaramki, Kamal Akl, Radi Hamed, Ayman Wahbeh
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ANCA-mediated crescentic glomerulonephritis with linear deposition of IgG along the glomerular basement membrane p. 634
Wiroon Sangsiraprapha, Luan Truong, Sreedhar Mandayam
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Systemic lupus erythematosus in males: A case series p. 638
Krishna Kumar Agrawaal, Subodh Sagar Dhakal
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Rhabdomyolysis and acute kidney injury after acupuncture sessions p. 643
Marios Papasotiriou, Grigoria Betsi, Maria Tsironi, Georgios Assimakopoulos
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Mucinous cystadenocarcinoma of renal pelvis presenting as pyonephrosis p. 647
Rashmi D Patel, Aruna V Vanikar, Pranjal R Modi
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Multiple renal arteries in living donor kidney transplantation: Limits of recipient warm ischemia p. 651
Taqi T Khan, Basem Koshaji, Suhaib Kamal, Faheem Akhtar, Ebadur Rahman
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Author's reply p. 653
Behzad Einollahi
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Favorable survival rate after kidney transplantation in diabetic patients p. 655
Behzad Einollahi, Zohreh Rostami
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New-onset diabetes after transplantation and oral glucose tolerance test p. 657
Somsri Wiwanitkit, Viroj Wiwanitkit
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Authors reply p. 657
Manisha Sahay, Rakesh Kumar Sahay
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Statin-associated acute interstitial nephritis and rhabdomyolysis p. 659
Vidyashankar Panchangam
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Effect of cyclosporine a in the treatment of proteinuric patients with immunoglobulin a nephropathy p. 661
Shahrzad Ossareh, Bahareh Madadi, Rashin Joodat
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Henna leaf ingestion and intravascular hemolysis: the missing link p. 667
Subramanian Senthilkumaran, Suresh S David, Ritesh G Menezes, Ponniah Thirumalaikolundusubramanian
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Acute renal failure and intravascular hemolysis following henna ingestion p. 669
Mahmood Dhahir Al-Mendalawi
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Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis associated with psoriasis p. 670
Subal Kumar Pradhan, Siba Shankar Beriha
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Viral hepatitis C and B among dialysis patients at the Rabat University Hospital: Prevalence and risk factors p. 672
Zineb Lioussfi, Zineb Errami, Aicha Radoui, Hakima Rhou, Fatima Ezzaitouni, Naima Ouzeddoun, Rabea Bayahia, Loubna Benamar
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Spectrum of biopsy-proven kidney disease in children at a Jordanian Hospital p. 680
Reem Hadidi, May Hadidi, Ma'en alDabbas
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Distribution of pathological finding in the children with nephrotic syndrome from Guangxi p. 684
Tian-Biao Zhou, Na Lin, Yuan-Han Qin, Yun-Guang Liu
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Clinicopathologic spectrum of crescentic glomerulonephritis: A hospital-based study p. 689
Tauhidul Alam Choudhury, Rana Gopal Singh, Usha, Shivendra Singh, Takhellambam Brojen Singh, Surendra Singh Rathore, Prabhakar
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Epidemiology of end-stage renal disease in Iran: A review article p. 697
Seyed Seifollah Beladi Mousavi, Alireza Soleimani, Marzieh Beladi Mousavi
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Hospital Sharing in Organ Donation Program p. 703
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