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International Journal of Academic Medicine

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2017| Jul-Dec  | Volume 3 | Issue 2  

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What's new in academic medicine? Can international medicine be an academic track? p. 211
Diane L Gorgas, Michael I Prats, David P Bahner
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The time is now for a comprehensive framework and value-based participation in Academic International Medicine: A perspective from the Indian academic community p. 215
Ajai Singh
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A comprehensive framework for international medical programs: A 2017 consensus statement from the American College of Academic International Medicine p. 217
Manish Garg, Gregory L Peck, Bonnie Arquilla, Andrew C Miller, Sari E Soghoian, Harry L Anderson, Christina Bloem, Michael S Firstenberg, Sagar C Galwankar, Weidun Alan Guo, Ricardo Izurieta, Elizabeth Krebs, Bhakti Hansoti, Sudip Nanda, Chinenye O Nwachuku, Benedict Nwomeh, Lorenzo Paladino, Thomas J Papadimos, Richard P Sharpe, Mamta Swaroop, Jorge E Tolosa, Stanislaw P Stawicki, On behalf of the ACAIM Consensus Group on International Medical Programs
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The american college of academic international medicine 2017 consensus statement on international medical programs: Establishing a system of objective valuation and quantitative metrics to facilitate the recognition and incorporation of academic international medical efforts into existing promotion and tenure paradigms p. 231
Gregory L Peck, Manish Garg, Bonnie Arquilla, Vicente H Gracias, Harry L Anderson, Andrew C Miller, Bhakti Hansoti, Paula Ferrada, Michael S Firstenberg, Sagar C Galwankar, Ramon E Gist, Donald Jeanmonod, Rebecca Jeanmonod, Elizabeth Krebs, Marian P McDonald, Benedict Nwomeh, James P Orlando, Lorenzo Paladino, Thomas J Papadimos, Robert L Ricca, Joseph V Sakran, Richard P Sharpe, Mamta Swaroop, Stanislaw P Stawicki, On behalf of the ACAIM Consensus Group on International Medical Programs
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Surgeon decision-making is consistent in trauma patients despite time of day and patient injury p. 243
Dale Coffey, M Chance Spalding, Blake V Conklin, John Kuckelman, Michael S O'Mara
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Workplace violence in the emergency department in India and the United States p. 248
Nicolas Grundmann, Yonatan Yohannes, Mark Silverberg, Jayaraj Mymbilly Balakrishnan, S Vimal Krishnan, Bonnie Arquilla
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Prophylactic antibiotics for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in critically-Ill adults p. 256
Omayma A Kishk, Kristen A Stafford, Mehrnaz Pajoumand, Carla P Williams, Kerri A Thom, Zachary N Kon, Daniel L Herr, Anthony Amoroso
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Point-of-care ultrasound training in Indian emergency medicine programs: A resident's perspective p. 263
Vimal Koshy Thomas, Siju Varghese Abraham, Jayaraj Mymbilliy Balakrishnan, S Vimal Krishnan, Ajay Amalakat, Babu Urumese Palatty
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Type I, II, and III statistical errors: A brief overview p. 268
Parampreet Kaur, Jill Stoltzfus
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Spontaneous esophageal rupture: A case of back pain p. 271
Luther K Fleury, Neal P Johnson, Michael I Silberman
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Chronic versus acute aneurysmal disease of the pancreaticoduodenal arcade: A case-based discussion p. 274
Jamie L Thomas, Ellen A Redstone, Brian Alan Warden
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Magnetic resonance imaging features of paraneoplastic limbic encephalitis p. 277
Reddy Ravikanth
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Primary intramural fibromatosis of the small bowel: An uncommon cause of intestinal obstruction p. 280
Maggie J Lin, Richard P Sharpe, Stanislaw P Stawicki, Santo Longo, Lisa Stoll
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Pancreatic mass in a 95-year-old male: A rare presentation of tuberculosis p. 285
Rodrigo Duarte-Chavez, Lauren E Stone, Mark W Fegley, Avani Amin, Ayaz Matin, Santo Longo, Sudip Nanda
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Gitelman syndrome: A case report of hypokalemic seizures in an adolescent male p. 291
Kristine Cornejo, Pritiben Patel, Swomya Bal, Pamela L Valenza
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The 2nd Annual Academic International Medicine Congress (AIM 2017) “Connecting Health with Care” in Clearwater Beach, Florida, July 28-30, 2017: Event highlights and scientific forum abstracts p. 295
Maryam Saeed, Mamta Swaroop, Bhakti Hansoti, Harry L Anderson, Bonnie Arquilla, Michael S Firstenberg, Manish Garg, Sagar C Galwankar, Elizabeth Krebs, Gregory L Peck, Joseph V Sakran, James Salway, Sherwin P Schrag, Ziad C Sifri, Tamara Worlton, Stanislaw P Stawicki
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An image of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma derived from complex epidermoid cyst in a 65-year-old male p. 325
Kristine V Cornejo, Roopa Anmolsingh, Najmus Liang, Ching-Huey Chu, Raymond S Buch
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An interesting case of esthesioneuroblastoma p. 328
Reddy Ravikanth
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Systematically designing a questionnaire to assess the knowledge levels of postgraduate students and faculty about competency-based medical education p. 331
Saurabh Ram Bihari Lal Shrivastava, Prateek Saurabh Shrivastava, Jegadeesh Ramasamy
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Quantum view of medicine and its implications p. 334
Padmanabhan Vijayaraghavan
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Idiopathic granulomatous mastitis: A diagnostic and therapeutic challenge p. 336
Samuel Schadt, Mark E Schadt, Thomas R Wojda, Franz S Yanagawa, Stanislaw P Stawicki
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