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Indian Journal of Medical Research

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2014| January  | Volume 139 | Issue 1  

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Alzheimer's disease prevention & acetyl salicylic acid: a believable story p. 1
Massimiliano Pomponi, Massimo F.L Pomponi
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Approach to the diagnosis of developmental delay - The changing scenario p. 4
Neerja Gupta, Madhulika Kabra
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India can do more about intestinal worm infections p. 7
Nilanthi de Silva
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Role of gut pathogens in development of irritable bowel syndrome p. 11
Madhusudan Grover
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Probiotic foods: Can their increasing use in India ameliorate the burden of chronic lifestyle disorders? p. 19
Neerja Hajela, G Balakrish Nair, BS Ramakrishna, NK Ganguly
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Distribution of genetic polymorphisms of genes encoding drug metabolizing enzymes & drug transporters - a review with Indian perspective p. 27
Gurusamy Umamaheswaran, Dhakchinamoorthi Krishna Kumar, Chandrasekaran Adithan
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Clinical utility of multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification technique in identification of aetiology of unexplained mental retardation: A study in 203 Indian patients p. 66
Vijay R Boggula, Anju Shukla, Sumita Danda, Sankar V Hariharan, Sheela Nampoothiri, Rashmi Kumar, Shubha R Phadke
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Prevalence & risk factors for soil transmitted helminth infection among school children in south India p. 76
Deepthi Kattula, Rajiv Sarkar, Sitara Swarna Rao Ajjampur, Shantidani Minz, Bruno Levecke, Jayaprakash Muliyil, Gagandeep Kang
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Association between obstetric complications & previous pregnancy outcomes with current pregnancy outcomes in Uttar Pradesh, India p. 83
Deepti Singh, Srinivas Goli, Sulabha Parsuraman
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Endophthalmitis patients seen in a tertiary eye care centre in Odisha: A clinico-microbiological analysis p. 91
Savitri Sharma, Tapas R Padhi, Soumyava Basu, Sarita Kar, Arvind Roy, Taraprasad Das
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Prevalence of Graves' ophthalmopathy in patients with Graves' disease presenting to a referral centre in north India p. 99
Sagili Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy, Anu Jain, Subhash B Yadav, Kumudini Sharma, Eesh Bhatia
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Molecular genotyping of ABO blood groups in some population groups from India p. 105
Sabita Ray, Ajit C Gorakshakar, K Vasantha, Anita Nadkarni, Yazdi Italia, Kanjaksha Ghosh
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Efficacy & safety of continuous erythropoietin receptor activator (CERA) in treating renal anaemia in diabetic patients with chronic kidney disease not on dialysis p. 112
Sameer G Vankar, Pinaki Dutta, HS Kohli, Anil Bhansali
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Validity of SW982 synovial cell line for studying the drugs against rheumatoid arthritis in fluvastatin-induced apoptosis signaling model p. 117
Jae-Ho Chang, Kyu-Jae Lee, Soo-Ki Kim, Dae-Hyun Yoo, Tae-Young Kang
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Expressional regulation of genes linked to immunity & programmed development in human early placental villi p. 125
MA Khan, S Manna, N Malhotra, J Sengupta, D Ghosh
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Bio-medical waste management: situational analysis & predictors of performances in 25 districts across 20 Indian States p. 141
INCLEN Program Evaluation Network (IPEN) study group, New Delhi, India
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Clinical profile & predictors of poor outcome of adult HIV-tuberculosis patients in a tertiary care centre in north India p. 154
Surendra K Sharma, Manish Soneja, KT Prasad, Sanjay Ranjan
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Polymerase chain reaction targeting insertion sequence for the diagnosis of extrapulmonary tuberculosis p. 161
V Makeshkumar, Radha Madhavan, Sujatha Narayanan
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Survival of diurnally sub periodic Wuchereria bancrofti in Downsiomyia nivea (Diptera: Culicidae): a density dependent factor from Andaman & Nicobar Islands p. 167
AN Shriram, K Krishnamoorthy, P Vanamail
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Assessment of stress & related albuminuria in caregivers of severe mentally ill persons p. 174
Anirban Dalui, Prathama Guha, Angshuman De, Sandip Chakraborty, Indranil Chakraborty
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The relationship between the use of fluconazole & the incidence of fluconazole-resistant Candida species p. 178
Chia-Chang Kuo, Chien-Ming Chao
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Authors' response p. 178
JK Oberoi, C Wattal, N Goel, R Raveendran, S Datta, K Prasad
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Stewart-Treves syndrome p. 179
Marek Stanczyk, Magdalena Gewartowska
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A case of pycnodysostosis presented with pathological femoral shaft fracture p. 180
Shailendra Singh, Balaji Sambandam
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The evolving threat of antimicrobial resistance: Options for action p. 182
Arti Kapi
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WHO qualityRights tool kit: Assessing and improving quality and human rights in mental health and social care facilities p. 183
Debasish Basu
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Book Received p. 184
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