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Asian Journal of Transfusion Science

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2015| July-December  | Volume 9 | Issue 2  

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Platelet-rich plasma therapy: A novel application in regenerative medicine p. 113
Ashish Jain, Ravneet Kaur Bedi, Kshitija Mittal
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Hemolysis: A positive agglutination reaction while studying titration of anti A/B antibody for ABO-incompatible solid organ transplants p. 115
Satyam Arora, Veena Doda, Mitu Dogra, Urvershi Kotwal
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Current trends in platelet transfusions practice: The role of ABO-RhD and human leukocyte antigen incompatibility p. 117
Serena Valsami, Dimitrios Dimitroulis, Argyri Gialeraki, Maria Chimonidou, Marianna Politou
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Comprehensive analysis of changes in clinically significant divalent serum cation levels during automated plateletpheresis in healthy donors in a tertiary care center in North India p. 124
Archana Solanki, Prashant Agarwal
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Bombay blood group: Is prevalence decreasing with urbanization and the decreasing rate of consanguineous marriage p. 129
Sujata Mallick, Dhananjay S Kotasthane, Puskar S Chowdhury, Sonali Sarkar
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Frequencies of human neutrophil antigen-4 and human neutrophil antigen-5 among Thai blood donors p. 133
Onruedee Khantisitthiporn, Chollanot Kaset, Kamphon Intharanut, Nipapan Leetrakool, Oytip Nathalang
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Seroprevalence of hepatitis B virus infection and hepatitis B surface antibody status among laboratory health care workers in Isfahan, Iran p. 138
Parisa Shoaei, Somayeh Najafi, Noushin Lotfi, Bahareh Vakili, Behrooz Ataei, Majid Yaran, Rezvan Shafiei
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Unusual spontaneous cold auto-hemagglutination phenomenon in blood units stored under blood bank condition: A retrospective analysis p. 141
Sanmukh R Joshi, Rupal A Naik, Snehlata C Gupte
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Release of cytokines in stored whole blood and red cell concentrate: Effect of leukoreduction p. 145
Rinku Shukla, Tanvi Patel, Snehalata Gupte
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Alloimmunization due to red cell antibodies in Rhesus positive Omani Pregnant Women: Maternal and Perinatal outcome p. 150
Tamima Al-Dughaishi, Ikhlass S Al-Rubkhi, Maymoona Al-Duhli, Yusra Al-Harrasi, Vaidyanathan Gowri
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Platelet growth factors from allogeneic platelet-rich plasma for clinical improvement in split-thickness skin graft p. 155
Atul Sonker, Anju Dubey, Ankur Bhatnagar, Rajendra Chaudhary
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Efficacy of platelet-rich plasma in treatment of androgenic alopecia p. 159
Parul Singhal, Sachin Agarwal, Paramjeet Singh Dhot, Satish K Sayal
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Optimizing cord blood collections: Assessing the role of maternal and neonatal factors p. 163
Joseph Philip, Neerja Kushwaha, Tathagata Chatterjee, Rajiv Singh Mallhi
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Tranexamic acid reduces blood loss and need of blood transfusion in total knee arthroplasty: A prospective, randomized, double-blind study in Indian population p. 168
Abhishek Shinde, Anshul Sobti, Shriji Maniar, Amit Mishra, Raju Gite, Vivek Shetty
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Clinical and serological characterization of cold agglutinin syndrome in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Eastern India p. 173
Sudipta Sekhar Das, Soumya Bhattacharya, Shilpa Bhartia
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Dengue viremia in blood donors in Northern India: Challenges of emerging dengue outbreaks to blood transfusion safety p. 177
Sadhana Mangwana
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Clinico-serologic co-relation in bi-directional ABO incompatible hemopoietic stem cell transplantation p. 181
Sabita Basu, Supriya Dhar, Deepak Mishra, Mammen Chandy
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Establishing a sample-to cut-off ratio for lab-diagnosis of hepatitis C virus in Indian context p. 185
Aseem K Tiwari, Prashant K Pandey, Avinash Negi, Ruchika Bagga, Ajay Shanker, Usha Baveja, Raina Vimarsh, Richa Bhargava, Ravi C Dara, Ganesh Rawat
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A comprehensive serological and supplemental evaluation of hepatitis B "seroyield" blood donors: A cross-sectional study from a tertiary healthcare center in India p. 189
Prashant Pandey, Aseem K Tiwari, Ravi C Dara, Geet Aggarwal, Ganesh Rawat, Vimarsh Raina
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Evaluation of the pneumatic tube system for transportation of packed red cell units p. 195
Supriya Dhar, Sabita Basu, Subhosmito Chakraborty, Subir Sinha
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Individual donor-nucleic acid testing for human immunodeficiency virus-1, hepatitis C virus and hepatitis B virus and its role in blood safety p. 199
Rajesh Kumar, Sonia Gupta, Amarjit Kaur, Manvi Gupta
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Seroepidemiology of human T-cell lymphotropic virus type-I in blood donors of Northeastern Iran, Sabzevar p. 203
Mahtab Maghsudlu, Hamidreza Safabakhsh, Parastoo Jamili
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Successful use of the cell separator hemonetics multicomponent collection system+ for therapeutic thrombocytapheresis in a low body weight child of essential thrombocythemia p. 207
Abhay Singh, Soniya Nityanand, Atul Sonker, Sanjeev Kumar
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Anti-G antibody in alloimmunized pregnant women: Report of two cases p. 210
Raj Nath Makroo, Anita Kaul, Aakanksha Bhatia, Soma Agrawal, Chanchal Singh, Prashant Karna
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An acute hemolytic transfusion reaction due to the "anti-c" rhesus antibody: A case report emphasizing the role of transfusion medicine p. 213
Deepti Sachan, Rajeswari Jayakumar, Joy Varghese, Mohamed Rela
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An incident of incorrect blood component transfusion: The need for constant hemovigilance p. 216
Sheetal Malhotra, Hari Krishan Dhawan, Rati Ram Sharma, Neelam Marwaha
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CAPA analysis of clotted red cell unit detected during leukodepletion process: Importance of quality check on blood collection monitors p. 217
Ravi C Dara, Aseem Kumar Tiwari, Dinesh Arora, Ganesh Rawat, Vimarsh Raina
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Evidence for an influence of secretor status on levels of the ABO-isoantibodies in serum p. 218
Noor S Jaboob, Amour A Al Harthy, Sanmukh R Joshi
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