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Neural Regeneration Research

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2016| April  | Volume 11 | Issue 4  

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A novel technique using hydrophilic polymers to promote axonal fusion p. 525
Ravinder Bamba, D Colton Riley, Nathaniel D Kelm, Mark D Does, Richard D Dortch, Wesley P Thayer
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Examining the properties and therapeutic potential of glial restricted precursors in spinal cord injury p. 529
Kazuo Hayakawa, Christopher Haas, Itzhak Fischer
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The choroid plexus-cerebrospinal fluid interface in Alzheimer's disease: more than just a barrier p. 534
Sriram Balusu, Marjana Brkic, Claude Libert, Roosmarijn E Vandenbroucke
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Physical interactions between activated microglia and injured axons: do all contacts lead to phagocytosis? p. 538
Audrey D Lafrenaye
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Repositioning again of zonisamide for nerve regeneration p. 541
Kinji Ohno, Hideki Yagi, Bisei Ohkawara
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Local translation of cell adhesion molecules in axons p. 543
Shruti Jain, Kristy Welshhans
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Counteraction of Nogo-A and axonal growth inhibitors by green tea polyphenols and other natural products p. 545
Tiffany K Fan, Usha Gundimeda, William J Mack, Rayudu Gopalakrishna
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Analysis of fluoxetine-induced plasticity mechanisms as a strategy for understanding plasticity related neural disorders p. 547
Francesco Mattia Rossi
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Role of pleiotrophin-protein tyrosine phosphatase receptor type Z signaling in myelination p. 549
Akihiro Fujikawa, Masaharu Noda
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Toll-like receptor-4 antagonism mediates benefits during neuroinflammation p. 552
Sagar Gaikwad, Challagundla Naveen, Reena Agrawal-Rajput
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Immunomodulatory approaches to CNS injury: extracellular matrix and exosomes from extracellular matrix conditioned macrophages p. 554
Yolandi van der Merwe, Michael B Steketee
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Laser therapy on points of acupuncture on nerve repair p. 557
Renata F de Oliveira, Patrícia M de Freitas
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Prevention and protection against cerebral ischemic injury using acupuncture p. 559
Philip V Peplow, Bridget Martinez
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Exploring a need for improved preclinical models of post-stroke depression p. 561
Nitish Mittal, Patricia D Hurn, Timothy Schallert
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Multi-watt near-infrared light therapy as a neuroregenerative treatment for traumatic brain injury p. 563
Theodore A Henderson
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Neuroprotective effect of antioxidant compounds p. 566
Rachid Skouta
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Autologous bone marrow mononuclear cells as neuroprotective treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis p. 568
Francisco José Ruiz-López, Miguel Blanquer
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Paracrine factors for neurodegenerative disorders: special emphasis on Parkinson's disease p. 570
Stefano Di Santo, Hans Rudolf Widmer
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Extrinsic and intrinsic mechanisms of axon regeneration: the need for spinal cord injury treatment strategies to address both p. 572
Christina Francisca Vogelaar
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Anatomical changes in the somatosensory system after large sensory loss predict strategies to promote functional recovery after spinal cord injury p. 575
Chia-Chi Liao, Jamie L Reed, Hui-Xin Qi
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Cell proliferation and apoptosis in optic nerve and brain integration centers of adult trout Oncorhynchus mykiss after optic nerve injury p. 578
Evgeniya V Pushchina, Sachin Shukla, Anatoly A Varaksin, Dmitry K Obukhov
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Nerve growth factor promotes in vitro proliferation of neural stem cells from tree shrews p. 591
Liu-lin Xiong, Zhi-wei Chen, Ting-hua Wang
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Denervated hippocampus provides a favorable microenvironment for neuronal differentiation of endogenous neural stem cells p. 597
Lei Zhang, Xiao Han, Xiang Cheng, Xue-feng Tan, He-yan Zhao, Xin-hua Zhang
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Electroacupuncture at Baihui (DU20) acupoint up-regulates mRNA expression of NeuroD molecules in the brains of newborn rats suffering in utero fetal distress p. 604
Lu Chen, Yan Liu, Qiao-mei Lin, Lan Xue, Wei Wang, Jian-wen Xu
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Moxibustion upregulates hippocampal progranulin expression p. 610
Tao Yi, Li Qi, Ji Li, Jing-jing Le, Lei Shao, Xin Du, Jing-cheng Dong
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Non-viral liposome-mediated transfer of brain-derived neurotrophic factor across the blood-brain barrier p. 617
Ying Xing, Chun-yan Wen, Song-tao Li, Zong-xin Xia
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Neuroprotective effect of Cerebralcare Granule after cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury p. 623
Xiao-xiao Zhang, Fen-fen He, Gui-lin Yan, Ha-ni Li, Dan Li, Yan-ling Ma, Fang Wang, Nan Xu, Fei Cao
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A mouse model of weight-drop closed head injury: emphasis on cognitive and neurological deficiency p. 630
Igor Khalin, Nor Laili Azua Jamari, Nadiawati Bt Abdul Razak, Zubaidah Bt Hasain, Mohd Asri bin Mohd Nor, Mohd Hakimi bin Ahmad Zainudin, Ainsah Bt Omar, Renad Alyautdin
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Anti-inflammatory properties of lipoxin A4 protect against diabetes mellitus complicated by focal cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury p. 636
Jiang-quan Han, Cheng-ling Liu, Zheng-yuan Wang, Ling Liu, Ling Cheng, Ya-dan Fan
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Ischemic postconditioning protects against ischemic brain injury by up-regulation of acid-sensing ion channel 2a p. 641
Wang-sheng Duanmu, Liu Cao, Jing-yu Chen, Hong-fei Ge, Rong Hu, Hua Feng
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Correction: Enhanced motor cortex excitability after spinal cord injury p. 645
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A cascade model of information processing and encoding for retinal prosthesis p. 646
Zhi-jun Pei, Guan-xin Gao, Bo Hao, Qing-li Qiao, Hui-jian Ai
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Human umbilical cord blood-derived stem cells and brain-derived neurotrophic factor protect injured optic nerve: viscoelasticity characterization p. 652
Xue-man Lv, Yan Liu, Fei Wu, Yi Yuan, Min Luo
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Senegenin inhibits neuronal apoptosis after spinal cord contusion injury p. 657
Shu-quan Zhang, Min-fei Wu, Rui Gu, Jia-bei Liu, Ye Li, Qing-san Zhu, Jin-lan Jiang
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Combined use of Y-tube conduits with human umbilical cord stem cells for repairing nerve bifurcation defects p. 664
Aikeremujiang Muheremu, Jun-gang Sun, Xi-yuan Wang, Fei Zhang, Qiang Ao, Jiang Peng
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Supplementary motor area deactivation impacts the recovery of hand function from severe peripheral nerve injury p. 670
Ye-chen Lu, Han-qiu Liu, Xu-yun Hua, Yun-dong Shen, Wen-dong Xu, Jian-guang Xu, Yu-dong Gu
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Electrical stimulation of dog pudendal nerve regulates the excitatory pudendal-to-bladder reflex p. 676
Yan-he Ju, Li-min Liao
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Complement components of nerve regeneration conditioned fluid influence the microenvironment of nerve regeneration p. 682
Guang-shuai Li, Qing-feng Li, Ming-min Dong, Tao Zan, Shuang Ding, Lin-bo Liu
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Gait deterioration due to neural degeneration of the corticoreticular pathway: a case report p. 687
Sung Ho Jang, Han Do Lee
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