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Indian Journal of Nephrology

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2012| July-August  | Volume 22 | Issue 4  

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Deflazacort in comparison to other steroids for nephrotic syndrome p. 239
KR Jat, A Khairwa
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Periodontal status in patients undergoing hemodialysis p. 246
SM Parkar, CG Ajithkrishnan
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A multicenter cross-sectional study of mental and physical health depression in MHD patients p. 251
RE Vettath, Y. N. V. Reddy, Y. N. V. Reddy, S Dutta, Z Singh, M Mathew, G Abraham
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Glomerular diseases in the Military Hospital of Morocco: Review of a single centre renal biopsy database on adults p. 257
T Aatif, O Maoujoud, DI Montasser, M Benyahia, Z Oualim
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Causes of death in renal transplant recipients with functioning allograft p. 264
J Prakash, B Ghosh, S Singh, A Soni, SS Rathore
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Holistic health assessment tool for patients on maintenance hemodialysis p. 269
PR Singhania, S Mandalika
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Is early removal of prophylactic ureteric stents beneficial in live donor renal transplantation? p. 275
KN Indu, G Lakshminarayana, M Anil, R Rajesh, K George, K Ginil, M Georgy, B Nair, S Sudhindran, T Appu, VN Unni, KV Sanjeevan
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Hyperuricemia beyond 1 year after kidney transplantation in pediatric patients: Prevalence and risk factors p. 280
B Einollahi, H Einollahi, Z Rostami
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The high prevalence of chronic kidney disease-mineral bone disorders: A hospital-based cross-sectional study p. 285
B Ghosh, T Brojen, S Banerjee, N Singh, S Singh, OP Sharma, J Prakash
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Acute renal failure due to bilateral ureteric necrosis following percutaneous chemical lumbar sympathectomy p. 292
P Ranjan, J Kumar, SS Chipde
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Polyarteritis nodosa presenting with spontaneous perirenal hematoma p. 295
P Mukhopadhyay, M Rathi, HS Kohli, V Jha, KL Gupta, V Sakhuja
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Hereditary ADAMTS 13 deficiency presenting as recurrent acute kidney injury p. 298
TE Jamale, NK Hase, M Kulkarni, AM Iqbal, E Rurali, MG Kulkarni, P Shetty, KJ Pradeep
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Postrenal transplant laryngeal and visceral leishmaniasis - A case report and review of the literature p. 301
PK Jha, M Vankalakunti, V Siddini, K Babu, SH Ballal
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Chronic tubulointerstitial nephritis in a solitary kidney of a child with Noonan syndrome p. 304
V Golay, R Pandey, A Roychowdhary
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Contrasting approaches to end of life and palliative care in end stage kidney disease p. 307
AN Koshy, R Mace, L Youl, S Challenor, R Bull, RG Fassett
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Catastrophic antiphospholipid antibody syndrome in a child with thrombotic microangiopathy p. 310
N Prasad, D Bhadauria, N Agarwal, A Gupta, P Gupta, M Jain, H Lal
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Reversible dialysis-dependent renal failure due to undiagnosed renovascular disease p. 314
R Jha, D Gude, G Narayan, SN Mandal, PC Gupta
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Succesfully treated Curvularia lunata peritonitis in a peritoneal dialysis patient p. 318
U Kalawat, GS Reddy, Y Sandeep, P Ram Naveen, Y Manjusha, A Chaudhury, V Siva Kumar
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How does KDQoL-36 questionnaire predict quality of life in Indian hemodialysis patients? p. 319
Z Rostami, B Einollahi
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Unusual association of a positive pANCA pauci-immune extracapillary glomerulonephritis in a lupus patient p. 320
W Fadili, NH Bassit, ZE Ghali, I Laouad
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