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Indian Journal of Medical Research

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2011| July  | Volume 134 | Issue 1  

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World Hepatitis Day- new challenges p. 1
Premashis Kar
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Supreme Court judgment on polygraph, narco-analysis & brain-mapping: A boon or a bane p. 4
Suresh Bada Math
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Premature coronary heart disease risk factors & reducing the CHD burden in India p. 8
Dorairaj Prabhakaran, Kavita Singh
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Botulism : A diagnostic challenge p. 10
Rama Chaudhry
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Female genital tract tuberculosis: How long will it elude diagnosis? p. 13
Mridula Bose
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Optimal duration of anticoagulation in patients with venous thromboembolism p. 15
Paolo Prandoni, Chiara Piovella, Luca Spiezia, Fabio Dalla Valle, Raffaele Pesavento
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ICMR-DBT Guidelines for Evaluation of Probiotics in Food p. 22
NK Ganguly, SK Bhattacharya, B Sesikeran, GB Nair, BS Ramakrishna, H.P.S. Sachdev, VK Batish, AS Kanagasabapathy, Vasantha Muthuswamy, SC Kathuria, VM Katoch, K Satyanarayana, GS Toteja, Manju Rahi, Spriha Rao, MK Bhan, Rajesh Kapur, R Hemalatha
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Atherothrombotic risk factors & premature coronary heart disease in India: A case-control study p. 26
Raja Babu Panwar, Rajeev Gupta, Bal Kishan Gupta, Sadiq Raja, Jaishree Vaishnav, Meenakshi Khatri, Aachu Agrawal
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Development of immunodetection system for botulinum neurotoxin type B using synthetic gene based recombinant protein p. 33
Swati Jain, S Ponmariappan, Om Kumar
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Evaluating PCR, culture & histopathology in the diagnosis of female genital tuberculosis p. 40
R.B.P. Thangappah, CN Paramasivan, Sujatha Narayanan
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Assessment of nutritional status in Indian preschool children using WHO 2006 Growth Standards p. 47
Prema Ramachandran, Hema S Gopalan
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Fas receptor (CD95) & Fas ligand (CD178) expression in patients with tobacco-related intraoral squamous cell carcinoma p. 54
Satya N Das, Pratima Khare, Manoj K Singh, Suresh C Sharma
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Perceived stress, life events & coping among higher secondary students of Hyderabad, India: A pilot study p. 61
Little Flower Augustine, Shahnaz Vazir, Sylvia Fernandez Rao, M Vishnu Vardhana Rao, A Laxmaiah, K Madhavan Nair
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Comparison of oxidative stress & leukocyte activation in patients with severe sepsis & burn injury p. 69
Diana Mühl, Gábor Woth, Livia Drenkovics, Adrienn Varga, Subhamay Ghosh, Csaba Csontos, Lajos Bogár, György Wéber, János Lantos
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Acquired alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency in tropical pulmonary eosinophilia p. 79
Debidas Ray, S Harikrishna, Chandra Immanuel, Lalitha Victor, Sudha Subramanyam, V Kumaraswami
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Total antioxidant capacity in Eales' disease, uveitis & cataract p. 83
Radhakrishnan Selvi, Narayanasamy Angayarkanni, Jyotirmay Biswas, Sivaramakrishnan Ramakrishnan
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Prevalence of chronic cough, chronic phlegm & associated factors in Mysore, Karnataka, India p. 91
PA Mahesh, BS Jayaraj, AK Prabhakar, SK Chaya, R Vijayasimha
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Larvicidal activity of medicinal plant extracts against Anopheles subpictus & Culex tritaeniorhynchus p. 101
C Kamaraj, A Bagavan, G Elango, A Abduz Zahir, G Rajakumar, S Marimuthu, T Santhoshkumar, A Abdul Rahuman
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Preliminary studies on CD36 gene in type 2 diabetic patients from north India p. 107
Sunaina Gautam, CG Agrawal, Hemant Kumar Bid, Monisha Banerjee
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Event related potential (ERP) P300 after 6 months residence at 4115 meter p. 113
Lalan Thakur, Koushik Ray, JP Anand, Usha Panjwani
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A comparative study of the clinico-aetiological profile of hyponatremia at presentation with that developing in the hospital p. 118
S Mahavir Agarwal, Aparna Agrawal
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Seasonal variation & determinants in vitamin D deficiency in healthy breastfed term infants & their mothers in India p. 123
Subhash C Arya, Nirmala Agarwal
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Building ethical solidarity between public health & the press against HIV/AIDS-related stigma p. 124
Devaki Nambiar
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Stigma haunts persons with mental illness who seek relief as per Disability Act 1995 p. 128
Suresh Bada Math, Maria Christine Nirmala
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Dilemma of cultural determinants of health p. 131
Vikas Bajpai
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Biomedical research: From ideation to publication p. 132
Sita Naik
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Differential diagnosis in cytopathology p. 133
Arvind Rajwanshi
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Microbial - Host interaction: Tolerance versus Allergy p. 134
Ramnath Misra
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Books Received p. 136
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