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Journal of Clinical Neonatology

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2016| January-March  | Volume 5 | Issue 1  

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Neonatal hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy: From bench to bedside p. 1
Sajjad ur Rahman, Kivilcim Gucuyener, Mohamed Tagin
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Delayed neuroprotection in the era of hypothermia: What can we add? p. 3
Alistair J Gunn, Floris Groenendaal
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Therapeutic hypothermia in neonatal intensive care unit: Challenges and practical points p. 8
Ebru Ergenekon
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Use of Amplitude-integrated electroencephalography in neonates with special emphasis on Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy and therapeutic hypothermia p. 18
Kivilcim Gucuyener
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Differences in the development of the processus vaginalis between children with undescended testis and inguinal hernia p. 31
Dimitrios Sfoungaris, Vassilios Mouravas, Triantafyllia Koletsa, Vassilios Lambropoulos, Ioannis Kostopoulos, Ioannis Spyridakis
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Fetal echocardiography for early detection of conotruncal anomalies in high risk pregnancies: One year follow-up p. 35
Hala Salah Hamza, Khaled Ramzy Gaber, Wessam Abdel Raouf, Ahmed Mohamed Dohain, Gaser Sayed Abdel Mohsen, Ahmed Nabil Abdd Elfattah, Sameh Mohammed Senousy, Heba E Abozid, Wael Ahmed Attia
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Written information may not improve factual recall after verbal counseling of mothers in premature labor – a randomized controlled trial p. 39
Jennifer C Kett, Mohamed A Mohamed, Susanne Bathgate, John W Larsen, Hany Aly
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Evaluation of breastfeeding and 30% glucose solution as analgesic measures in indigenous African term neonates p. 46
Andreas Chiabi, Eugene Odi Eloundou, Evelyn Mah, Séraphin Nguefack, Isabelle Nkwele Mekone, Elie Mbonda
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Primary hypertrophic osteoarthropathy (Touraine-Solente-Gole Syndrome) in newborn: A rare orthopedic condition seen in newborn p. 51
Deepak Sharma, Sunil Raj Pawar, Siluvery Bharathi, Sweta Shastri
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A rare case report of aphallia with Horse-shoe kidney p. 55
Kalane Shilpa, Joshi Rajan, Rajhans Arati
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Kasabach Merritt syndrome: Is there a role of surgery? p. 58
Priya Dhruv Dhandore, Narendra Narayan Hombalkar, Chandrakant Kamlesh Pancholi
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Hypothalamic pituitary axis dysfunction in a neonate with severe Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy p. 61
Dinesh Giri, Sanjeev Rath, Shri Babarao
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Neonatal sepsis and coagulopathy secondary to congenital transmission of Proteus mirabilis p. 64
Christopher M Daly, Nicholas R Carr, Thomas Raj, Ashley M Maranich
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Herniating mass in the Chest-Poland syndrome p. 67
Iyer Harohalli Venkatesh, Siddu Charki, SR Kumar
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Dispute on delayed cord clamping p. 69
Manas Pratim Roy, K Usha Rani, Ratan Gupta, Meenakshi Salhan
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Authors' reply p. 70
Lalitha Krishnan
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