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Pharmacognosy Research

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2017| January-March  | Volume 9 | Issue 1  

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Antihyperglycemic activity of the leaves from Annona cherimola miller and rutin on alloxan-induced diabetic rats p. 1
Fernando Calzada, Jesús Iván Solares-Pascasio, RM Ordoñez-Razo, Claudia Velazquez, Elizabeth Barbosa, Normand García-Hernández, David Mendez-Luna, José Correa-Basurto
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Methanol extract of Adansonia digitata leaf protects against sodium arsenite-induced toxicities in male wistar rats p. 7
Ayodeji Mathias Adegoke, Michael Adedapo Gbadegesin, Oyeronke Adunni Odunola
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The Influence of pluronic F68 and F127 nanocarrier on physicochemical properties, in vitro release, and antiproliferative activity of thymoquinone drug p. 12
Salwa Shaarani, Shahrul Sahul Hamid, Noor Haida Mohd Kaus
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Evaluation of cholesterol-lowering activity of standardized extract of Mangifera indica in albino Wistar rats p. 21
GM Gururaja, Deepak Mundkinajeddu, A Senthil Kumar, Shekhar Michael Dethe, J Joshua Allan, Amit Agarwal
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Chronic intake of green propolis negatively affecting the rat testis p. 27
Grasiela Dias de Campos Severi-Aguiar, Suellen Josine Pinto, Cristina Capucho, Camila Andrea Oliveira, Maria Aparecida Diamante, Renata Barbieri, Fabrícia Souza Predes, Heidi Dolder
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Analysis of soluble proteins in natural Cordyceps sinensis from different producing areas by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and two-dimensional electrophoresis p. 34
Chun-Hong Li, Hua-Li Zuo, Qian Zhang, Feng-Qin Wang, Yuan-Jia Hu, Zheng-Ming Qian, Wen-Jia Li, Zhi-Ning Xia, Feng-Qing Yang
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Cosmeceutical effects of galactomannan fraction from Arenga pinnata fruits in vitro p. 39
Yanti , Madriena , Soegianto Ali
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Cytotoxicity studies of the extracts, fractions, and isolated compound of Pseudocedrela kotschyi on cervical cancer (HeLa), breast cancer (MCF-7) and skeletal muscle cancer (RD) Cells p. 46
Taiwo O Elufioye, Abolaji A Abdul, Jone O Moody
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Insulin Plant (Costus pictus) extract restores thyroid hormone levels in experimental hypothyroidism p. 51
S Ashwini, Zachariah Bobby, MG Sridhar, CC Cleetus
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Pharmacognostic specifications and lawsone content of Lawsonia inermis leaves p. 60
Rawiwan Charoensup, Thidarat Duangyod, Chanida Palanuvej, Nijsiri Ruangrungsi
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New cytotoxic cembranoid from indonesian soft coral Sarcophyton sp. p. 65
Hedi Indra Januar, Neviaty Putri Zamani, Dedi Soedharma, Ekowati Chasanah
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Short-term effects of date palm extract (Phoenix dactylifera) on ischemia/reperfusion injury induced by testicular torsion/detorsion in rats p. 69
Alireza Raayat Jahromi, Rokhsana Rasooli, Younes Kamali, Nasrollah Ahmadi, Ehsan Sattari
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Growth inhibition and morphological alteration of Fusarium sporotrichioides by Mentha piperita essential oil p. 74
P Rachitha, K Krupashree, GV Jayashree, Natarajan Gopalan, Farhath Khanum
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Antidiabetic effects of aqueous and dichloromethane/methanol stem bark extracts of Pterocarpus soyauxii Taub (Papilionaceae) on streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats p. 80
Marie Claire Tchamadeu, Paul Désiré Djomeni Dzeufiet, Nelly Blaes, Jean-Pierre Girolami, Pierre Kamtchouing, Théophile Dimo
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The hydroalcoholic extract of Matricaria chamomilla suppresses migration and invasion of human breast cancer MDA-MB-468 and MCF-7 cell lines p. 87
Mohsen Nikseresht, Ali Mohammad Kamali, Hamid Reza Rahimi, Hamdollah Delaviz, Mehdi Akbartabar Toori, Iraj Ragerdi Kashani, Reza Mahmoudi
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Antifungal activity of hydroalcoholic extract of Chrysobalanus icaco against oral clinical isolates of Candida Species p. 96
Jo„o Paulo Bastos Silva, Ana Regina Maués Noronha Peres, Thiago Portal Paixão, Andressa Santa Brígida Silva, Ana Cristina Baetas, Wagner Luiz Ramos Barbosa, Marta Chagas Monteiro, Marcieni Ataíde Andrade
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Synergisms in alpha-glucosidase inhibition and antioxidant activity of Camellia sinensis L. Kuntze and Eugenia uniflora L. Ethanolic Extracts p. 101
Juliana Vinholes, Márcia Vizzotto
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Modulating effect of Hypnea musciformis (red seaweed) on lipid peroxidation, antioxidants and biotransforming enzymes in 7,12-dimethylbenz (a) anthracene induced mammary carcinogenesis in experimental animals p. 108
Mohan Balamurugan, Kathiresan Sivakumar, Arokia Vijaya Anand Mariadoss, Kathiresan Suresh
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Potential of cannabidiol for the treatment of viral hepatitis p. 116
Henry I. C. Lowe, Ngeh J Toyang, Wayne McLaughlin
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Erratum: Bioactivity of diterpens from the ethyl acetate extract of kingiodendron pinnatum rox. hams. p. 119
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