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Indian Journal of Medical Research

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2012| November  | Volume 136 | Issue 5  

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Diabetes prevention - the global hope on the horizon p. 719
Peter E.H. Schwarz
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Validity of self-reported morbidity p. 722
Shankar Prinja, Gursimer Jeet, Rajesh Kumar
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Intestinal absorption of folic acid - new physiologic & molecular aspects p. 725
Nils Milman
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Tropical endomyocardial fibrosis in India: A vanishing disease! p. 729
G Vijayaraghavan, S Sivasankaran
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Need for an efficient adult trap for the surveillance of dengue vectors p. 739
N Sivagnaname, K Gunasekaran
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Are self reported morbidities deceptive in measuring socio-economic inequalities p. 750
Kshipra Jain, Srinivas Goli, P Arokiasamy
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Mechanism of intestinal folate transport during folate deficiency in rodent model p. 758
Nissar Ahmad Wani, Shilpa Thakur, Jyotdeep Kaur
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Immunohistochemical validation of TLE1, a novel marker, for synovial sarcomas p. 766
Bharat Rekhi, Ranjan Basak, Sangeeta B Desai, Nirmala A Jambhekar
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A spatial statistical approach to analyze malaria situation at micro level for priority control in Ranchi district, Jharkhand p. 776
Rekha Saxena, BN Nagpal, MK Das, Aruna Srivastava, Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, Anil Kumar, AT Jeyaseelan, Vijay Kumar Baraik
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Efficacy of three formulations of diflubenzuron, an insect growth regulator, against Culex quinquefasciatus Say, the vector of Bancroftian filariasis in India p. 783
C Sadanandane, PS Boopathi Doss, P Jambulingam
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Molecular characterization of Chittoor (Batai) virus isolates from India p. 792
PD Yadav, AB Sudeep, AC Mishra, DT Mourya
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Use of recombinant purified protein derivative (PPD) antigens as specific skin test for tuberculosis p. 799
Henriette Stavri, Nadia Bucurenci, Irina Ulea, Adriana Costache, Loredana Popa, Mircea Ioan Popa
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Activity of 5-chloro-pyrazinamide in mice infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis or Mycobacterium bovis p. 808
Zahoor Ahmad, Sandeep Tyagi, Austin Minkowski, Deepak Almeida, Eric L Nuermberger, Kaitlin M Peck, John T Welch, Anthony D Baughn, Williams R Jacobs, Jr, Jacques H Grosset
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Modulatory effect of polyphenolic extracts of Ichnocarpus frutescens on oxidative stress in rats with experimentally induced diabetes p. 815
CT Kumarappan, E Thilagam, M Vijayakumar, Subhash C Mandal
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Antioxidant & anticancer activities of isatin (1H-indole-2,3-dione), isolated from the flowers of Couroupita guianensis Aubl p. 822
Mariappan Premanathan, Srinivasan Radhakrishnan, Kumarasamy Kulangiappar, Ganesan Singaravelu, Velayutham Thirumalaiarasu, Thangavel Sivakumar, Kandasamy Kathiresan
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Cost of medicines & their affordability in private pharmacies in Delhi (India) p. 827
Vandana Roy, Usha Gupta, Arun Kumar Agarwal
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All in the name of flavour, fragrance & freshness: Commonly used smokeless tobacco preparations in & around a tertiary hospital in India p. 836
Shridhar Dwivedi, Amitesh Aggarwal, Munish Dev
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Antibiotic resistance pattern among common bacterial uropathogens with a special reference to ciprofloxacin resistant Escherichia coli p. 842
Jharna Mandal, N Srinivas Acharya, D Buddhapriya, Subhash Chandra Parija
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Early diagnosis of typhoid fever by nested PCR for flagellin gene of Salmonella enterica serotype Typhi p. 850
S Khan, BN Harish, GA Menezes, NS Acharya, SC Parija
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Characterization of nasopharyngeal isolates of type b Haemophilus influenzae from Delhi p. 855
Kandarpa K Saikia, Bimal K Das, Ramesh K Bewal, Arti Kapil, NK Arora, Seema Sood
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Trend of dengue virus infection at Lucknow, north India (2008- 2010): A hospital based study p. 862
Nidhi Pandey, Rachna Nagar, Shikha Gupta, Omprakash , Danish Khan, Desh Deepak Singh, Gitika Mishra, Shantanu Prakash, KP Singh, Mastan Singh, Amita Jain
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User charges in health care: Evidence of effect on service utilization & equity from north India p. 868
Shankar Prinja, Arun Kumar Aggarwal, Rajesh Kumar, Panos Kanavos
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Streptococcus pseudopneumoniae: An emerging respiratory tract pathogen p. 877
J Sariya Mohammadi, B Dhanashree
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Vaccine vial monitors in adverse field environment p. 881
Subhash C Arya, Nirmala Agarwal
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Burkholderia cepacia complex in Indian cystic fibrosis patients p. 882
Vikas Gautam, Meenu Singh, Lipika Singhal, Mandeep Kaur, Ashok Kumar, Pallab Ray
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Pitfalls of interpreting ciprofloxacin minimum inhibitory concentrations in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi p. 884
Sadia Khan, V Anil Kumar
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Authors' response p. 884
R Thamizhmani, D Bhattacharya, AP Sugunan
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An outbreak of chikungunya in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand in 2011 p. 886
YK Gurav, V Gopalkrishna, PS Shah, DR Patil, M Mishra, MS Paingankar, A Singh, PS Sathe, AC Mishra
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Differential cyanosis between both hands p. 890
Yang Guang, Wang Jun
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Essentials of tuberculosis in children p. 891
NK Arora
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Helminth control in school-age children. A guide for managers of control programmes, 2 nd ed. p. 891
Shally Awasthi
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Some Forthcoming Scientific Events p. 894
[ABSTRACT]   Full Text not available  [PDF]
Chandipura: A new arbovirus isolated in India from patients with febrile illness p. 895
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Most Cited Article p. 909
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An epidemic of non-A non-B hepatitis in north India p. 911
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