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Lung India

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2014| October-December  | Volume 31 | Issue 4  

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Palliation in metastatic non-small cell lung cancer: Early integration with standard oncological care is the key p. 317
Navneet Singh, Digambar Behera
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Laying the ground for research of interstitial lung disease in our country: ILD India registry p. 320
Virendra Singh, Bharat Bhushan Sharma
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Utility of FDG-PET-CT scanning in assessing the extent of disease activity and response to treatment in sarcoidosis p. 323
Randeep Guleria, Amudhan Jyothidasan, Karan Madan, Anant Mohan, Rakesh Kumar, Ashu Seith Bhalla, Arun Malhotra
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Utility of noninvasive ventilation in high-risk patients during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography p. 331
Miguel Angel Folgado, Carlos De la Serna, Alfonso Llorente, SJ Rodríguez, Carlos Ochoa, Salvador Díaz-Lobato
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Multidrug-resistant-tuberculosis treatment in the Indian private sector: Results from a tertiary referral private hospital in Mumbai p. 336
Zarir F Udwadia, Gautam Moharil
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Correlation of exhaled nitric oxide, nasal nitric oxide and atopic status: A cross-sectional study in bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis p. 342
Nitesh Gupta, Nitin Goel, Raj Kumar
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A comparative study of different dose fractionations schedule of thoracic radiotherapy for pain palliation and health-related quality of life in metastatic NSCLC p. 348
Sourav Sau, Saikat Sau, Premnath Dutta, Ganesh Chandra Gayen, Sanatan Banerjee, Avijit Basu
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Spectrum of diffuse parenchymal lung diseases with special reference to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and connective tissue disease: An eastern India experience p. 354
Somenath Kundu, Subhra Mitra, Joydeep Ganguly, Subhasis Mukherjee, Souvik Ray, Ritabrata Mitra
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Evaluation of the effect of pulmonary hydatid cyst location on the surgical technique approaches p. 361
Ali Sadrizadeh, Seyed Ziaollah Haghi, Seyed Hossein Fattahi Masuom, Reza Bagheri, Marziyeh Nouri Dalouee
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Ease-of-use, preference, confidence, and satisfaction with Revolizer ® , a novel dry powder inhaler, in an Indian population p. 366
Sujeet K Rajan, Jaideep A Gogtay
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Potential impact of fireworks on respiratory health p. 375
Caroline Gouder, Stephen Montefort
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Pleuro-peritoneal lymphomatosis with concurrent tonsillar involvement in T-cell nonHodgkin's lymphoma: Clinical presentation mimicking disseminated tuberculosis p. 380
Pavan Tiwari, Karan Madan, Deepali Jain, Rakesh Kumar, Anant Mohan, Randeep Guleria
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Superior vena caval syndrome and ipsilateral pleural effusion: A rare presentation of anterior mediastinal thymoma p. 383
Anirban Das, Sudipta Pandit, Sabyasachi Choudhury, Sibes K Das, Sumitra Basuthakur
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Surgical lung biopsy to diagnose Behcet's vasculitis with adult respiratory distress syndrome p. 387
Ravikanth Vydyula, Charles Allred, Mariana Huartado, Bushra Mina
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Bilateral pleural effusion with APLA positivity in a case of rhupus syndrome p. 390
Kaushik Saha, Arnab Saha, Mrinmoy Mitra, Prabodh Panchadhyayee
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Common variable immunodeficiency disorder - An uncommon cause for bronchiectasis p. 394
Manoj Kumar Panigrahi
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Granulomatosis with polyangitis with mononeuritis multiplex-immunosuppressives playing a double-edged sword p. 397
Subhasis Mukherjee, Debabani Biswas, Shabana Begum, Pulakesh Bhanja, Amartya Kumar Misra, Partha Chatterjee
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Endobronchial ultrasound guided needle aspiration of a paraspinal mass with prior failed multiple diagnostic interventions: A case report and literature review p. 401
Nishant Sinha, Vivek Padegal, Deepthi Jermely, Satish Satyanarayana, HK Santosh
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Primary amyloidoma of lung treated with radiation: A rare case report p. 404
Rakesh Kapoor, Tapesh Bhattacharyya, Amit Bahl, Ritesh Agarwal, Amanjit Bal, Ajay Gulati
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Shrinking lung syndrome in systemic lupus erythematosus-scleroderma overlap p. 407
Vivek S Guleria, Pradeep K Singh, Puneet Saxena, Shankar Subramanian
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Pulmonary tumor thrombotic microangiopathy in an unknown primary cancer p. 410
Gayathri P Amonkar, Kusum D Jashnani, Sandhya Pallewad
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An extremely unusual presentation of isolated extrathoracic sarcoidosis of submandibular lymph node in a child p. 413
Anand Agrawal, Kulwant Singh, Dheeraj Parihar, Chandermani
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Completely opaque hemithorax p. 416
Rakesh K Chawla, Arun Madan, Kamanasish Das, Aditya Chawla
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Tracheal compression due to anomalous innominate artery in an adult p. 419
Krishna B Gupta, Diksha Tyagi, Deepak Prajapat, Vipul Kumar
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Eventration of the right hemidiaphragm with multiple associations: A rare presentation p. 421
Ashok Kumar Mehrotra, Khyati Vaishnav, Prahlad Rai Gupta, Trilok Kumar Khublani, Anupam , Shridha Soni, Asif Feroz
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A case of recurrent massive right sided pleural effusion-an unusual presentation of carcinoma prostate p. 423
Pranay Ashok Bajpai, Prakash Joshi, Dolly Joseph, Ashok Bajpai
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Protecting ourselves from tuberculosis. Describing a historic poster printed in italy on 1937 p. 425
Francesco Inzirillo, Casimiro Giorgetta, Eugenio Ravalli, Simon Tiberi, Claudio Della Pona, Mario Robustellini
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An increasingly breathless patient p. 427
Richard S Bodington, Shoaib Faruqi
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Mobile vegetation leading to septic pulmonary embolism p. 429
Imran Haider, Raghav Gupta, Shuang Song
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Relationship between lung function and indoor air pollution p. 430
Sora Yasri, Viroj Wiwanitkit
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Author's reply p. 431
Victor Aniedi Umoh, Etete Petersa
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Bhang - beyond the purview of the narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances act p. 431
Yatan Balhara, Shachi Mathur
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Author's reply p. 433
Surender Kashyap, Kartikeya Kashyap
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Adenosine deaminase in exudative pleural effusions p. 433
Somsri Wiwanitkit, Viroj Wiwanitkit
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Author's reply p. 434
Asmita Anilkumar Mehta, Amit Satish Gupta, Subin Ahmed, Rajesh Venkitakrishnan
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Comments on non-utilising of rapid onsite evaluation with transbronchial needle aspiration p. 435
Girish Sindhwani, Rakhee Khanduri
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