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Journal of Conservative Dentistry

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2012| April-June  | Volume 15 | Issue 2  

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Regeneration potential of pulp-dentin complex: Systematic review p. 97
R Pramila, MS Muthu
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Prevalence of white spot lesion in a section of Indian population undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment: An in vivo assessment using the visual International Caries Detection and Assessment System II criteria p. 104
Nandikolla Sagarika, Sundaramoorthy Suchindran, SC Loganathan, Velayutham Gopikrishna
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Assessment of the wetting behavior of three different root canal sealers on root canal dentin p. 109
Muralidhar Tummala, Veeramachaneni Chandrasekhar, A Shashi Rashmi, M Kundabala, Vasudev Ballal
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Effect of the smear layer in the removal of calcium hydroxide from root canal walls p. 113
Hakan Arslan, H Sinan Topcuoglu, Ertugrul Karatas, Cagatay Barutcigil, Halit Aladag, K Meltem Topcu
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Manual sonic-air and ultrasonic instrumentation of root canal and irrigation with 5.25% sodium hypochlorite and 17% Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid: A scanning electron microscope study p. 118
Ferit Koçani, Blerim Kamberi, Edmond Dragusha
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Effects of curing mode of resin cements on the bond strength of a titanium post: An intraradicular study p. 123
Fazal Reza, Siau Peng Lim
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Detection of a secondary mesio-buccal canal in maxillary first molar: A comparative study p. 127
Noriyasu Hosoya, Takumasa Yoshida, Fumiaki Iino, Takashi Arai, Akira Mishima, Kaoru Kobayashi
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Effect of the regional variability of dentinal substrate and modes of application of adhesive systems on the mechanical properties of the adhesive layer p. 132
Yasmine Mendes Pupo, Milton Domingos Michél, Osnara Maria Mongruel Gomes, Carlos Maurício Lepienski, João Carlos Gomes
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Surface roughness of flowable resin composites eroded by acidic and alcoholic drinks p. 137
Claudio Poggio, Alberto Dagna, Marco Chiesa, Marco Colombo, Andrea Scribante
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Dissolving efficacy of different organic solvents on gutta-percha and resilon root canal obturating materials at different immersion time intervals p. 141
Mubashir Mushtaq, Riyaz Farooq, Mohammed Ibrahim, Fayiza Yaqoob Khan
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A comparison between three different pit and fissure sealants with regard to marginal integrity p. 146
Kristlee Sabrin Fernandes, Paul Chalakkal, Ida de Noronha de Ataide, Rajdeep Pavaskar, Precylia Philo Fernandes, Harleen Soni
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Morphological evaluation of new total etching and self etching adhesive system interfaces with dentin p. 151
Mithra N Hegde, Priyadarshini Hegde, C Ravi Chandra
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A clinical trial of cold lateral compaction with Obtura II technique in root canal obturation p. 156
Bilal Bakht Ansari, Fahad Umer, Farhan Raza Khan
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Comparative evaluation of residual monomer content and polymerization shrinkage of a packable composite and an ormocer p. 161
Shalini Sharma, Bhupinder Kaur Padda, Veena Choudhary
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Evaluation of gingival microleakage of class II resin composite restorations with fiber inserts: An in vitro study p. 166
RS Basavanna, Anish Garg, Ravi Kapur
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Effect of ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid, MTAD TM , and HEBP as a final rinse on the microhardness of root dentin p. 170
Mukura Kulasekaran Dineshkumar, Thilla Sekar Vinothkumar, Ganesh Arathi, Partheeban Shanthisree, Deivanayagam Kandaswamy
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Effect of intracoronal bleaching agents on ultrastructure and mineral content of dentin p. 174
Fatemeh Maleknejad, Hamideh Ameri, Iman Kianfar
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Comparison of accuracy of two electronic apex locators in the presence of various irrigants: An in vitro study p. 178
J Paras Mull, Vinutha Manjunath, MK Manjunath
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An ex vivo comparative study on the retention of custom and prefabricated posts p. 183
Abhinav Singh, Ajay Logani, Naseem Shah
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Management of congenitally missing second premolars in a growing child p. 187
Padmanabh Jha, Mesha Jha
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Forced orthodontic extrusion and use of CAD/CAM for reconstruction of grossly destructed crown: A multidisciplinary approach p. 191
Rahul Kumar, Suvarna Patil
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One-step apexification in immature tooth using grey mineral trioxide aggregate as an apical barrier and autologus platelet rich fibrin membrane as an internal matrix p. 196
Kavitarani B Rudagi, BM Rudagi
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