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Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice

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2015| September-October  | Volume 18 | Issue 5  

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The association between endometriosis and survival outcomes of ovarian cancer: Evidence-based on a meta-analysis p. 577
B Yang, D Wang, H Chen, F Yang
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Blood pressure values in healthy term newborns at a tertiary health facility in Enugu, Nigeria p. 584
IC Nwokoye, ND Uleanya, NS Ibeziako, AN Ikefuna, JC Eze, JC Ibe
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Biomechanical comparison of osteosynthesis with poly-L-lactic acid and titanium screw in intracapsular condylar fracture fixation: An experimental study p. 589
MM Omezli, D Torul, ME Polat, E Dayi
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A study of Staphylococcus aureusnasal carriage, antibacterial resistance and virulence factor encoding genes in a tertiary care hospital, Kayseri, Turkey p. 594
M Oguzkaya-Artan, C Artan, Z Baykan, C Sakalar, A Turan, H Aksu
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Evaluation of the permeability of five desensitizing agents using computerized fluid filtration p. 601
A Dundar, T Yavuz, H Orucoglu, L Daneshmehr, M Yalcin, A Sengun
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Effects of low-level laser therapy on osteoblastic bone formation and relapse in an experimental rapid maxillary expansion model p. 607
MH Aras, S Erkilic, T Demir, M Demirkol, DS Kaplan, U Yolcu
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Is there a relationship between Parkinson's disease and Chlamydia pneumoniae? p. 612
Y Turkel, E Dag, HN Gunes, T Apan, TK Yoldas
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Validity of the Demirjian method for dental age estimation for Southern Turkish children p. 616
O Erken Gungor, B Kale, M Celikoglu, AY Gungor, Z Sari
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The seroprevalence of brucellosis among undiagnosed family members of brucellosis positive patients p. 620
A Alim, M Oguzkaya-Artan, C Artan
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Lipoatrophy among patients on antiretroviral therapy in Lagos, Nigeria: Prevalence, pattern and association with cardiovascular risk factors p. 626
SO Iwuala, OA Lesi, MA Olamoyegun, AA Sabir, OA Fasanmade
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Important clinical and laboratory correlates of glomerular filtration rate in sickle cell anemia p. 633
AJ Madu, A Ubesie, S Ocheni, J Chinawa, KA Madu, OG Ibegbulam, C Nlemadim, A Eze
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Correlation of astrocyte elevated gene-1, basic-fibroblast growth factor, beta-catenin, Ki-67, tumor necrosis factor-alfa with prognostic parameters in ductal carcinomas and ductal intraepithelial neoplasms p. 638
H Erdem, B Gundogdu, H Ankarali, M Yasar, E Sener, M Oktay, A Bahadir, AK Uzunlar, N Gursan, I Ozaydin, C Sahiner
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A retrospective review of intensive care management of organophosphate insecticide poisoning: Single center experience p. 644
R Coskun, K Gundogan, GC Sezgin, US Topaloglu, G Hebbar, M Guven, M Sungur
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Effectiveness of trained community volunteers in improving knowledge and management of childhood malaria in a rural area of Rivers State, Nigeria p. 651
CI Tobin-West, NCT Briggs
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The clinical usefulness of initial serum procalcitonin as an aggravation predictor in a hepatobiliary tract infection at emergency department p. 659
WJ Jeong, BH So, HM Kim, JH Wee, JH Park, SP Choi, SH Woo
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Concerns about the knowledge and attitude of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis among health care workers and patients in Delta State, Nigeria p. 664
AR Isara, A Akpodiete
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Bad-breath: Perceptions and misconceptions of Nigerian adults p. 670
SO Nwhator, GI Isiekwe, MO Soroye, MO Agbaje
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Temperature increases on the external root surface during endodontic treatment using single file systems p. 676
I Özkoçak, MM Taşkan, H Göktürk, F Aytaç, E Şirin Karaarslan
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Epilepsy in primary intracranial tumors in a neurosurgical hospital in Enugu, South-East Nigeria p. 681
WC Mezue, CA Ndubuisi, MC Chikani, E Onyia, L Iroegbu, SC Ohaegbulam
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A case report on a nasolabial cyst presenting with a nasolacrimal sac cyst p. 687
AZ Zengin, Z Unal-Erzurumlu, R Karlı
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The triad of Iron deficiency anemia, hepatosplenomegaly and growth retardation with normal serum zinc levels in a 14-year-old boy p. 690
GM Rwegerera, DR Joel, C Bakilana, MP Maruza
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A thyrotropin-secreting macroadenoma with positive growth hormone and prolactin immunostaining: A case report and literature review p. 693
F Kuzu, T Bayraktaroğlu, F Zor, BD Gün, YS Salihoğlu, M Kalaycı
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Bronchial carcinoid tumors: A rare malignant tumor p. 698
OI Orakwe, FI Ukekwe, V Okwulehie, N Iloanusi, MAC Aghaji
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