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Journal of Pediatric Neurosciences

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2014| September-December  | Volume 9 | Issue 3  

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Management of raised intracranial pressure in children with traumatic brain injury p. 207
Vinay Kukreti, Hadi Mohseni-Bod, James Drake
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Outcome of supratentorial intraaxial extra ventricular primary pediatric brain tumors: A prospective study p. 216
Mohana Rao Patibandla, Suchanda Bhattacharjee, Megha S Uppin, Aniruddh Kumar Purohit
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The four square step test in children with Down syndrome: Reliability and concurrent validity p. 221
Ajai Verma, Asir John Samuel, Vencita Priyanka Aranha
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Is high prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency evidence for autism disorder?: In a highly endogamous population p. 227
Abdulbari Bener, Azhar O Khattab, Mohamad M Al-Dabbagh
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Spontaneous dense array gamma activity in children and adolescents with volatile solvent dependence p. 234
Sai Krishna Tikka, Nizamuddin Parvez, Arvind Nongpiur, Nishant Goyal, Vinod Kumar Sinha
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Epidemiology and treatment outcome of head injury in children: A prospective study p. 237
M. O. N. Nnadi, OB Bankole, BG Fente
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Secondary bicoronal synostosis after metopic craniosynostosis surgical reconstruction p. 242
Arash Esmaeli, Farideh Nejat, Zohreh Habibi, Mostafa El Khashab
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Silent neurenteric cyst with split cord malformation at conus medullaris: Case report and literature review p. 246
Hanuma Srinivas, Ashish Kumar
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Spondylocostal dysostosis with lipomyelomeningocele: Case report and review of the literature p. 249
Shailendra D Anjankar, Raju Subodh
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Galactosemia and phantom absence seizures p. 253
Zeynep Aydin-Özemir, Pinar Tektürk, Zehra Oya Uyguner, Betül Baykan
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Baraitser and Winter syndrome with growth hormone deficiency p. 257
Farida Chentli, Hadjer Zellagui
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Intravascular papillary endothelial hyperplasia (Masson's tumor) of the scalp with intracranial extension p. 260
Harshil C Shah, Divik H Mittal, Jaimin K Shah
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Scalp arteriovenous malformations in young p. 263
Rakesh Gupta, Akshat Kayal
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Transorbital penetrating brain injury to frontal lobe by a wheel spoke p. 267
Lubna Ijaz, Malik Muhammad Nadeem
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Stridor in children: Is airway always the cause? p. 270
Rohit Gupta, Aparna Williams, Murlidharan Vetrivel, Georgene Singh
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Periventricular nodular heterotopia, frontonasal encephalocele, corpus callosal dysgenesis and arachnoid cyst: A constellation of abnormalities in a child with epilepsy p. 273
Prasad Krishnan, Arijit Chattopadhyay, Manash Saha
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Idiopathic brachial neuritis in a child: A case report and review of the literature p. 276
Shikha Jain, Girish Chandra Bhatt, Nirendra Rai, Bhavna Dhingra Bhan
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Bilateral common peroneal nerve injury after pediatric cardiothoracic surgery: A case report and review of the literature p. 278
G Setty, R Saleem, P Harijan, A Khan, N Hussain
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Simple diagnosis of benign acute childhood myositis: Lessons from a case report p. 280
Vito Terlizzi, Federica Improta, Valeria Raia
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Antiretroviral treatment induced catatonia in 16-year-old boy p. 283
Anand Lingeswaran
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Percutaneous tapping for the treatment of sinusitis-related intracranial epidural abscess in children p. 286
Rumi Miyabe, Mami Niida, Toshio Obonai, Nobuhiko Aoki, Takaharu Okada
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Kocher-Debre- Semelaigne syndrome p. 289
Devendra Mishra, Monica Juneja
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A classical phenotype of Duchenne muscular dystrophy in a girl with X; autosome translocation p. 290
Tugce Aksu Uzunhan, Umut Altunoglu, Edibe Pembegul Yildiz, Nur Aydinli
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SIL1-negative Marinesco-Sjögren syndrome: First report of two sibs from India p. 291
Prashant Jauhari, Jitendra K Sahu, Andreas Roos, Jan Senderek, Sameer Vyas, Pratibha Singhi
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Benign external hydrocephalus p. 293
Dhaval Shukla
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Craniocervical cerebellar contusion in a child with Chiari malformation p. 294
Bodiabaduge A.P. Jayasekera, Erlick A.C. Pereira, Shailendra Magdum, Peter G Richards
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Concurrent intra-cranial tuberculoma and tuberculous abscesses: A rare combination p. 295
Satya Bhusan Senapati, Sudhansu Sekhar Mishra, Srikanta Das, Mani Charana Satpathy
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To what extent do environmental factors contribute to the occurrence of autism spectrum disorders? p. 297
Annio Posar, Paola Visconti
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Exaggerated lordosis and refusal to walk; don't forget the spine! p. 298
Manish Prasad, Krystyna Simpson, Zuher Lokhandwala
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Primary spinal extradural lipoblastoma: Rare occurrence p. 300
Sachin A Giri, Batuk Diyora, Deepali Giri, Alok Sharma
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Role of lorazepam challenge test in childhood catatonia p. 301
Chandra Madhur Sharma, Shivanand Jena, Deepti Sharma, Ravi Prakash Agrawal
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Alice in Wonderland syndrome: A rare neurological manifestation with microscopy in a 6-year-old child p. 303
Anne Weissenstein, Elisabeth Luchter, MA Stefan Bittmann
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