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Indian Journal of Ophthalmology

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2016| February  | Volume 64 | Issue 2  

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”FakeBooks” - predatory journals: The dark side of publishing p. 107
Sundaram Natarajan, Akshay Gopinathan Nair
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Detection of the early keratoconus based on corneal biomechanical properties in the refractive surgery candidates p. 109
Zofia Pniakowska, Piotr Jurowski
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Spectral analysis of intraocular pressure pulse wave in ocular hypertensive and primary open angle glaucoma patients p. 114
Marija M Bozic, Miroslav L Dukic, Milenko Z Stojkovic
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A retrospective survey of childhood glaucoma prevalence according to Childhood Glaucoma Research Network classification p. 118
Ambika Hoguet, Alana Grajewski, Elizabeth Hodapp, Ta Chen Peter Chang
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Ab-interno scleral suture loop fixation with cow-hitch knot in posterior chamber intraocular lens decentration p. 124
Ertugrul Can, Nurullah Koçak, Özlem Eski Yücel, Adem Gül, Hilal Eser Öztürk, Osman Sayin
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Brinzolamide/timolol versus dorzolamide/timolol fixed combinations: A hospital-based, prospective, randomized study p. 127
Mary S Galose, Heba M Elsaied, Tamer A Macky, Pakinam H Fouad
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Can higher end tonometers be used interchangeably in routine clinical practice? p. 132
Kunjan Jayantilal Patel, Saurabh P Jain, Priti R Kapadia, Nikunj V Patel, Saurabh Patel, Vikas Patel
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Anterior and posterior segment parameters measured with Fourier domain optical coherence tomography in photopic and scotopic conditions p. 136
Nishanee Rampersad, Rekha Hansraj
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Phototherapeutic keratectomy for recurrent granular dystrophy in postpenetrating keratoplasty eyes p. 140
Varsha M Rathi, Mukesh Taneja, Somasheila I Murthy, Bhupesh Bagga, Pravin Krishna Vaddavalli, Virender S Sangwan
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Systematic approach to managing vernal keratoconjunctivitis in clinical practice: Severity grading system and a treatment algorithm p. 145
Nikhil S Gokhale
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Syphilitic uveitis as the presenting feature of HIV p. 149
Ekta Rishi, Madanagopalan V Govindarajan, Jyotirmay Biswas, Mamta Agarwal, S Sudharshan, Pukhraj Rishi
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Lightning injury of posterior segment of the eye p. 151
Ekta Rishi, VP Indu, Pukhraj Rishi
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Multi-drug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa keratitis and its effective treatment with topical colistimethate p. 153
Samrat Chatterjee, Deepshikha Agrawal
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Bilateral macular hemorrhage due to megaloblastic anemia: A rare case report p. 157
Sree Kumar Vaggu, Preethi Bhogadi
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Hyaluronidase hypersensitivity: A rare complication of peribulbar block p. 160
AR Rajalakshmi, M Ashok Kumar
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Two cases of ultrathin Descemet stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty utilizing a graft that had undergone radial keratotomy p. 162
Yoav Nahum, Diego Ponzin, Massimo Busin
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Macular hole formation and spontaneous closure following neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet capsulotomy in a vitrectomized eye p. 165
Jongyeop Park, Yengwoo Son, Seungwoo Lee
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Comment on: Traumatic central serous chorioretinopathy p. 166
Brijesh Takkar, Shorya Azad
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A case of spontaneously resolved primary congenital glaucoma p. 167
Sujata Subbiah, Sophia Louis, Antony Arokiadass Baskaran, Philip A Thomas
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Author reply p. 168
Gaurav Sanghi, Gagandeep S Brar, Rajeev Gupta, Ashish Ahuja
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Management of Heavy Eyeball Syndrome - our experience p. 169
Javed H Farooqui, Huong Thu Tran, Ahmed Gomaa
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Traumatic central serous chorioretinopathy in the fellow eye p. 170
Seung-Young Yu, Yonguk Kim, Hyung-Woo Kwak, Moosang Kim
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Handheld spectral domain optical coherence tomography seems to be a must-have device for future treatment methods of hereditary maculopathies p. 171
Oktay Diner, Yakup Aksoy, Abdullah Kaya, Mehmet Koray Sevinç
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