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Journal of Orthopedics, Traumatology and Rehabilitation

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2014| May-August  | Volume 7 | Issue 2  

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Osteoporosis: Current review p. 101
Alok Chandra Agrawal, Roop Bhushan Kalia
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Osteoporotic pertrochanteric fractures (fragility fracture) p. 108
Sudhir S Babhulkar
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Fragility fractures of the distal radius p. 113
Roop Bhushan Kalia, Alok C Agarwal
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Hormone replacement therapy in prevention and treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis p. 119
Rajesh Hishikar, Manju Agrawal, Alok Chandra Agrawal
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Platelet-rich plasma in osteoporotic fractures: A review of literature p. 123
Ajai Singh, Sabir Ali, Rajeshwar N Srivastava
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Outcome of modified Bunnell's procedure in the management of leprotic claw hand deformity p. 139
Saurabh Jain, Sunil Rajan, Deepak Singal
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Pedicled latissimus dorsi flap for arm defects: A report of twenty-three cases p. 145
Nilamani Mohanty, Bibhuti Bhusan Nayak
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Results of nonvascular fibula grafting with osteosynthesis in neglected fracture neck of femur p. 150
Nirmal Chandra Mohapatra, Gunjar Jain, Tapas Kumar Panigrahi
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Management of type C distal humeral fracture using Von Gorder approach p. 157
Shah Waliullah, Narendra Singh Kushwaha, Ajai Singh, Ashish Kumar, Vineet Sharma
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Outcome analysis of limited open carpal tunnel release: A prospective study p. 161
Chandrashekara Chowdipalya Maliyappa, Mulamoottil Abraham George, Bader Said Khamis Al-Marboi
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Abductor hallucis causing painful flat foot p. 165
Hosein Ahmadzadeh Chabok
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"Neglected neck of femur fracture: Valgus intertrochanteric osteotomy, rigid internal fixation and cortical bone grafting": Forgotten but useful technique p. 168
Mohan K Puttaswamy, Mukkanna Kudapalli
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Isolated lesser tuberosity avulsion with rupture of long head of biceps p. 172
David Raju Seeli, Sasibhushan Rao Sasapu, Bala Aditya Somayaji Dhavala, Venkata Raja Sekhar Vaddiraju
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Amputation in a neonate due to an animal bite p. 176
Vaibhav M Aterkar, Tushar S Chaudhari, Dupalla Venkateswara Prasad
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McCune Albright syndrome: A case report with review of literature p. 179
Muhammad Haseeb, Azhar Maqbool Khan, Tariq Altaf, Firdous Ahmed
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Paraspinal desmoid tumor in an 18 year old female p. 184
Basharat Mubeen, Saheel Majid, Othman Salim Akhtar, Riyaz Ahmed Dar, Obaid Ashraf
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Bilateral growth plate fractures of the distal femur p. 187
Sergio Artur Lopes Figueiredo, Luis Miguel Leonardo Machado, António Manuel Azevedo Magalhaes, Antonio Eugenio Suarez Sa
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Polytrauma management in children p. 190
Shweta Bhandarkar, Atul Jindal
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