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Journal of Emergencies, Trauma, and Shock

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2013| April-June  | Volume 6 | Issue 2  

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What's new in Emergencies, Trauma and Shock? Studying the clinical and biochemical correlates in methanol poisoning p. 71
Jahan Porhomayon
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Study of various clinical and laboratory parameters among 178 patients affected by hooch tragedy in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India): A single center experience p. 73
Bhavesh S Jarwani, Puja D Motiani, Sachin Sachdev
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Bioterrorism education effect on knowledge and attitudes of nurses p. 78
Nahid Aghaei, Masoumeh Bagheri Nesami
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Significance of urinary incontinence, age, and consciousness level on arrival among patients with stroke p. 83
Youichi Yanagawa, Tomoyuki Yoshihara, Hiroshi Kato, Toshiaki Iba, Hiroshi Tanaka
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Etiology of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest diagnosed via detailed examinations including perimortem computed tomography p. 87
Yoshihiro Moriwaki, Yoshio Tahara, Takayuki Kosuge, Noriyuki Suzuki
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Evaluating trauma center process performance in an integrated trauma system with registry data p. 95
Lynne Moore, André Lavoie, Marie-Josée Sirois, Rachid Amini, Amina Belcaïd, John S Sampalis
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Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for acute thoracic trauma p. 106
Michael Goodman, Jaime Lewis, Julian Guitron, Michael Reed, Timothy Pritts, Sandra Starnes
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Impact of road traffic "penalty points" on high energy pelvic trauma p. 110
Prasad Ellanti, Nikos Davarinos, Seamus Morris, John Paul McElwain
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Sternal fractures and their management p. 113
Al-achraf Khoriati, Ramyah Rajakulasingam, Rakhee Shah
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Combined tracheoesophageal transection after blunt neck trauma p. 117
Umar Imran Hamid, James Mark Jones
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Potential wrist ligament injury in rescuers performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation p. 123
Robert Curran, Sasha Sorr, Eva Aquino
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Different strokes for different folks p. 126
Asmita A Mehta, Darsana Viswam, Rajesh Venkitakrishnan, Manoj Padmanabhan
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Loose bodies in right elbow joint: Post traumatic? or post infective? p. 129
Hemlata Panwar, V Senthil Kumar, Vivek Trikha, Arulselvi Subramanian
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Cough-induced internal oblique hematoma p. 132
Koichi Kodama, Yasukazu Takase, Hiroki Yamamoto, Toru Noda
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Expectoration of a bullet after gunshot wound to the chest p. 135
Stancie C Rhodes, Surupa S Gupta
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The perils of sneezing: Bilateral spontaneous pneumothorax p. 138
Christina L Bourne
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Lisuride toxicity in a pediatric patient p. 140
Tahani A Alahmadi, Quais M Mujawar
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Early non-aneurysmal infectious aortitis: Cross-sectional imaging diagnosis p. 143
Massimo Tonolini, Luca Luigi Bazzi, Roberto Bianco
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Spontaneous pneumobilia revealing choledocho-duodenal fistula: A rare complication of peptic ulcer disease p. 146
Massimo Tonolini
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Takotsubo cardiomyopathy in an acute surgical patient p. 148
Ramyah Rajakulasingam, Charis Costopoulos, Maytham Omran
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Transcutaneous absorption of anti-lice shampoo presenting as diabetic ketoacidosis p. 149
Subramanian Senthilkumaran, Shah Sweni, Ritesh G Menezes, Ponniah Thirumalaikolundusubramanian
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The critical pregnant patient: A field of competence not only obstetric p. 150
Emilio Giugliano, Elisa Cagnazzo, Tarcisio Servello, Roberto Marci
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A case of Streptococcus pneumoniae inducing pneumonia in a patient whose chief complaint was gate disturbance caused by rhabdomyolysis p. 151
Youichi Yanagawa, Koichiro Aihara, Shuhei Yamamoto, Fumi Okuzumi
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