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Neural Regeneration Research

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2017| October  | Volume 12 | Issue 10  

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Correction: Structural and functional connectivity in traumatic brain injury p. 1562
Hui Xiao, Yang Yang, Ji-hui Xi, Zi-qian Chen
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Beta secretase activity in peripheral nerve regeneration p. 1565
Carolyn Tallon, Mohamed H Farah
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Embracing oligodendrocyte diversity in the context of perinatal injury p. 1575
Jessie Newville, Lauren L Jantzie, Lee Anna Cunningham
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On the road towards the global analysis of human synapses p. 1586
G Aleph Prieto, Carl W Cotman
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Non-invasive electrical brain stimulation: from acute to late-stage treatment of central nervous system damage p. 1590
Petra Henrich-Noack, Elena G Sergeeva, Bernhard A Sabel
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Using 3D bioprinting to produce mini-brain p. 1595
Hao-Wei Han, Shan-hui Hsu
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Matrix bound vesicles and miRNA cargoes are bioactive factors within extracellular matrix bioscaffolds p. 1597
Yolandi van der Merwe, Anne E Faust, Michael B Steketee
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Collagen 1 signaling at the central nervous system injury site and astrogliosis p. 1600
Sin Hui Neo, Bor Luen Tang
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Can we treat neurodegenerative diseases by preventing an age-related decline in microRNA expression? p. 1602
Ilya A Vinnikov, Andrii Domanskyi
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Soluble interleukin 23 receptor gene therapy with adeno-associated vectors for the treatment of multiple sclerosis p. 1605
Ángel Edo, Juan Francisco Espinosa-Parrilla
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Human induced pluripotent stem cell based in vitro models of the blood-brain barrier: the future standard? p. 1607
Winfried Neuhaus
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Mitochondrial malfunction in vanishing white matter disease: a disease of the cytosolic translation machinery p. 1610
Orna Elroy-Stein
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Electrical stimulation of cortical neurons promotes oligodendrocyte development and remyelination in the injured spinal cord p. 1613
Dan C Li, Qun Li
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Neuregulin-1: a novel regulator of glial response in spinal cord injury p. 1616
Hardeep Kataria, Soheila Karimi-Abdolrezaee
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Interactions of primary insult biomechanics and secondary cascades in spinal cord injury: implications for therapy p. 1618
Michael B Orr, John C Gensel
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Mechanisms of retinal neuroprotection of calcium dobesilate: therapeutic implications p. 1620
Olga Simó-Servat, Cristina Solà-Adell, Patricia Bogdanov, Cristina Hernández, Rafael Simó
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Pharmacological induced target temperature management after cardiac arrest: the capsaicinoids p. 1623
J Marc Simard, Xiaofeng Jia, Volodymyr Gerzanich
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Baicalin protects neonatal rat brains against hypoxic-ischemic injury by upregulating glutamate transporter 1 via the phosphoinositide 3-kinase/protein kinase B signaling pathway p. 1625
Zhi-qing Zhou, Yong-liang Li, Zhen-bo Ao, Zhi-li Wen, Qi-wen Chen, Zheng-gang Huang, Bing Xiao, Xiao-hua Yan
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The role of glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta in brain injury induced by myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury in a rat model of diabetes mellitus p. 1632
Bo Zhao, Wen-wei Gao, Ya-jing Liu, Meng Jiang, Lian Liu, Quan Yuan, Jia-bao Hou, Zhong-yuan Xia
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Age-related connectivity differences between attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder patients and typically developing subjects: a resting-state functional MRI study p. 1640
Jisu Hong, Bo-yong Park, Hwan-ho Cho, Hyunjin Park
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Toxic effect of acrylamide on the development of hippocampal neurons of weaning rats p. 1648
Sheng-min Lai, Zi-ting Gu, Meng-meng Zhao, Xi-xia Li, Yu-xin Ma, Li Luo, Jing Liu
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Effect of erythropoietin combined with hypothermia on serum tau protein levels and neurodevelopmental outcome in neonates with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy p. 1655
Hong-yan Lv, Su-jing Wu, Qiu-li Wang, Li-hong Yang, Peng-shun Ren, Bao-jun Qiao, Zhi-ying Wang, Jia-hong Li, Xiu-ling Gu, Lian-xiang Li
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Locomotor analysis identifies early compensatory changes during disease progression and subgroup classification in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis p. 1664
Melissa M Haulcomb, Rena M Meadows, Whitney M Miller, Kathryn P McMillan, MeKenzie J Hilsmeyer, Xuefu Wang, Wesley T Beaulieu, Stephanie L Dickinson, Todd J Brown, Virginia M Sanders, Kathryn J Jones
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Protective effects of Bushen Tiansui decoction on hippocampal synapses in a rat model of Alzheimer's disease p. 1680
Shan Hui, Yu Yang, Wei-jun Peng, Chen-xia Sheng, Wei Gong, Shuai Chen, Pan-pan Xu, Zhe Wang
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Nischarin-siRNA delivered by polyethylenimine-alginate nanoparticles accelerates motor function recovery after spinal cord injury p. 1687
Yue-min Ding, Yu-ying Li, Chu Wang, Hao Huang, Chen-chen Zheng, Shao-han Huang, Yang Xuan, Xiao-yi Sun, Xiong Zhang
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Central projections and connections of lumbar primary afferent fibers in adult rats: effectively revealed using Texas red-dextran amine tracing p. 1695
Shi-de Lin, Tao Tang, Ting-bao Zhao, Shao-jun Liu
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End-to-side neurorrhaphy repairs peripheral nerve injury: sensory nerve induces motor nerve regeneration p. 1703
Qing Yu, She-hong Zhang, Tao Wang, Feng Peng, Dong Han, Yu-dong Gu
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miR-30c promotes Schwann cell remyelination following peripheral nerve injury p. 1708
Sheng Yi, Qi-hui Wang, Li-li Zhao, Jing Qin, Ya-xian Wang, Bin Yu, Song-lin Zhou
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In vitro neuroprotective effects of ciliary neurotrophic factor on dorsal root ganglion neurons with glutamate-induced neurotoxicity p. 1716
Shu-yun Wen, Ai-min Li, Kuan-qing Mi, Rui-zheng Wang, Hao Li, Hua-xiang Liu, Yi Xing
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Effect of glial cells on remyelination after spinal cord injury p. 1724
Hai-feng Wang, Xing-kai Liu, Rui Li, Ping Zhang, Ze Chu, Chun-li Wang, Hua-rui Liu, Jun Qi, Guo-yue Lv, Guang-yi Wang, Bin Liu, Yan Li, Yuan-yi Wang
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Brain-derived neurotropic factor and GABAergic transmission in neurodegeneration and neuroregeneration p. 1733
Jinwook Kim, Sueun Lee, Sohi Kang, Sung-Ho Kim, Jong-Choon Kim, Miyoung Yang, Changjong Moon
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Diffusion tensor tractography studies on mechanisms of recovery of injured fornix p. 1742
Sung Ho Jang, Han Do Lee
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