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Indian Journal of Nephrology

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2016| May-June  | Volume 26 | Issue 3  

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Plasma cell-rich acute rejection: A morphologic archetype of combined cellular and humoral rejectione? p. 157
M Mubarak
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Th1, Th2 and Treg/T17 cytokines in two types of proliferative glomerulonephritis p. 159
M Stangou, C Bantis, M Skoularopoulou, L Korelidou, D Kouloukouriotou, M Scina, IT Labropoulou, NM Kouri, A Papagianni, G Efstratiadis
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Nephroprotective effect of estrogen and progesterone combination on cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in ovariectomized female rats p. 167
M Ghasemi, M Nematbakhsh, Z Pezeshki, N Soltani, M Moeini, A Talebi
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Expanding the antibody-mediated component of plasma cell-rich acute rejection: A case series p. 176
MS Uppin, S Gudithi, G Taduri, AK Prayaga, SB Raju
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Unmasking of complements using proteinase-K in formalin fixed paraffin embedded renal biopsies p. 182
R Nada, A Kumar, VG Kumar, KL Gupta, K Joshi
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A histopathological outlook on nephrotic syndrome: A pediatric perspective p. 188
MK Arif, M Arif, N Amjad
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Diabetes, hypertension, sanitation, and health education by high school students in Guyana, South America p. 192
RM Jindal, K Mehta, R Soni, A Doyle, TG Patel
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Frequency of kidney diseases and clinical indications of pediatric renal biopsy: A single center experience p. 199
S Imtiaz, K Nasir, MF Drohlia, B Salman, A Ahmad
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Acute kidney injury and disseminated intravascular coagulation due to mercuric chloride poisoning p. 206
J Dhanapriya, N Gopalakrishnan, V Arun, T Dineshkumar, R Sakthirajan, T Balasubramaniyan, M Haris
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Cerebral venous thrombosis in a patient with acute postinfectious glomerulonephritis p. 209
S Morkhandikar, PS Priyamvada, BH Srinivas, S Parameswaran
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Role of diffusion weighted imaging in diagnosis of post transplant lymphoproliferative disorders: Case reports and review of literature p. 212
A Singh, CJ Das, AK Gupta, S Bagchi
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Ledipasvir and sofosbuvir for treatment of post- renal transplant hepatitis C infection: A case report withreview of literature p. 216
R Jha, R Fatima, S Lakhtakia, A Jha, P Srikant, G Narayan
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A rare case of phaeohyphomycosis caused by Fonsecaea pedrosoi in a child with nephrotic syndrome p. 220
C Nayyar, N Gulati, BL Sherwal
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Dense renal medulla sign p. 223
B Sureka, K Bansal, A Arora
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Whole body calcification in a hemodialysis patient p. 225
M Yildirim, SB Acikgoz, B Solak, S Sipahi, Y Solak
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Bartter's syndrome in a geriatric patient p. 227
A.C.V. Kumar, M.H.K. Reddy, V Chaitanya, BS Lakshmi, R Ram, VS Kumar
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Chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology: Is time for prevention p. 228
S Senthilkumaran, V Karthikeyan, S Sasikumar, P Thirumalaikolundusubramanian
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Goodpasture's disease in a patient with Kartagener's syndrome: An unusual association p. 229
SB Mandarapu, KK Mukku, SB Raju, S Chandragiri
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Digital gangrene in a child with atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome associated with anti-factor H antibodies p. 231
KP Sathe, A Ohri, A Mishra, U Ali
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Crossed fused renal ectopia with Wolffian duct anomaly p. 232
P Wanjari, R Sharma, AK Dey, A Ray, K Mittal, H Thakkar
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Renal cortical necrosis: A life-threatening manifestation of primary antiphospholipid antibody syndrome p. 233
N Raveendran, KS Godara, RS Tanwar, P Beniwal, V Malhotra
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